Emergency and non-emergency towing

Mishaps are a significant occurrence to many and minor to some in their day to day activities. Motorists experience malfunctions on their vehicles once in a while. The vehicle’s mechanical failure can be complicated for the car owner to fix thus requiring further assistance from an experienced mechanic. Moving the locomotive to the nearest preferred destination can prove to be a hectic task but thanks to towing companies like Richmond Hill Towing all your hauling difficulties are resolved. Towing companies have their tugging vehicles stationed at almost every main center in different highways and are always quick to reach. All you need is to dial their emergency hotlines, and they will be there to attend to you in the shortest time possible.

Different types of tow trucks are assigned to various breakdowns depending on the sort of vehicle. Heavy duty vehicles require their type of tow trucks while the light automobiles have their type too. Trucks used to tug heavy duty vehicles have more shafts for additional firmness which guarantees its effectiveness on such vehicles. Chained tow trucks with a hooked pulley are the most common. Mostly used in accident scenes, they are well known for towing crashed vehicles although they are not highly recommended for hauling vehicles in perfect condition because of the extra damage they may impose. Towing service companies respond to different calls depending on your type of urgency requirements. There two types of urgencies are emergency and non-emergency as described below.


 Emergency towing

You can experience a breakdown on an ordinary day in traffic and inconvenience other road users.002 As a result, you can be penalized by the relevant authorities for a failure to take quick action and also disrupting the free flow of traffic. You should ring your towing service provider fast before the relevant authorities bring in their own and escort your car to their station. People suffer from illnesses which deny them their opportunity to drive.

While some hit the road, they may experience illnesses like seizure which require urgent medical attention. Police can employ the services of a towing company to pull your car away and clear the road. Gangsters who use vehicles to conduct their heinous activities may be cornered and involved in a shootout and get overpowered by the police. In the end, police order for a towing truck to drag the car used by the criminals from the crime scene. Emergency situations involving automobiles may require road aside assistance, and that’s the need for emergency towing.


Non-emergency towing

003Some motorists are fond of committing careless mistakes like negligent parking. Parking officials can not warn you but instead, take action and drag your car away from the spot. This may result in serious consequences like parting away with a huge penalty. Purchasing a car from an overseas dealer can be a great deal considering the amount you pay for it, but one is always worried how it will reach them. You may call for the services of a towing company which will make sure your car gets to you direct from the port. Few instances require non-emergency towing since most of them are anticipated situations if not careless.…