The First Order
Chapter 49 - Stop here, ye who live
The First Order
Author :The Speaking Pork Trotter
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Chapter 49 - Stop here, ye who live

Chapter 49: Stop here, ye who live
Everyone looked at Ren Xiaosu. Although they had driven at a slower pace than jogging, they still covered a pretty long distance in three days. There was no reason for Ren Xiaosu to come to this place.
Ren Xiaosu stayed silent for a moment before saying, "Last year, I encountered a pack of wolves when I was at the Yuns. They pursued me until I reached this place."
This was also the truth.
"Youre bullshitting." Liu Bu retorted, "How could a kid like you survive an encounter with the wolves? Tell me, why did the wolves let you go?"
"I wasnt their target at the time. I just happened to be there. I ran into the woods in a hurry, thinking they would ignore me. I didnt expect them to chase me. As for how I survived... after I entered the Howling Canyon, they stopped chasing me. I hid in there for two days and only came out after they left. I dont know my way around the inside of the canyon since I havent gone that far in myself."
Everyone was stunned. Even the wolves stopped chasing when they reached this place? Could something terrible really lurk beyond this canyon?
Perhaps some kind person had gone in and discovered the secret of the Jing Mountains, so they left behind a mess on the canyons cliff wall to warn others not to proceed further.

Everyone believed Ren Xiaosus explanation, but he wasnt telling the full truth this time. Back then, he had indeed been pursued by the wolves, but the truth was that they continued chasing him instead of stopping here.
In fact, Ren Xiaosu also wasnt sure how he had survived. He had lost his consciousness shortly after the wolves caught up to him. When he woke up, he was injured all over but the wolves were nowhere to be seen.
He was at deaths door when he finally struggled back into town. It was only at that time that he realized the horror of the wolves. But it was also after this encounter with the wolves that the black mist started appearing in his mind.
Ren Xiaosu had spent the entire year thinking about whether there was any link between the black mist in his mind and him losing consciousness at that time. What exactly had happened while he was unconscious?
Someone suddenly said, "Do you guys know anything about those supernatural beings? Maybe the writing was left behind by one of them. Its not surprising since they can walk around freely in the wilderness. Some of these supernatural beings have long surpassed the realm of normal human beings."
The person who spoke was a soldier. However, Xu Xianchu looked at him in fury. "Thats a military secret."
"Why are you still pretending? Didnt the whole lot of us get sent here because were all ostracized? How much longer do you think you can stay an officer?" The soldier sneered and said, "Even if we can complete the mission, do you really think that Ma Xin will let you off when you return?"
Ren Xiaosu was stunned. The chain of command of the private army was such a mess that the enlisted confronted the officers as they wished? Unknowingly, Ren Xiaosus impression of the private army worsened. The schoolteacher, Mr. Zhang, had described that the armies from before The Cataclysm were well-disciplined, which in turn made them into a unified, strong unit.

Xu Xianchu looked at that soldier. "Even if he doesnt let me off, Ill make sure you get cast out before I do. Youd better shut your trap now. Otherwise, Im going to treat you as a deserter and punish you accordingly."
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