The First Order
Chapter 32 - Dreams are always the opposite of reality
The First Order
Author :The Speaking Pork Trotter
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Chapter 32 - Dreams are always the opposite of reality

Chapter 32: Dreams are always the opposite of reality

Yan Liuyuan felt trapped. He was obviously the last person who wanted Ren Xiaosu to make the class stay late!

The schoolteacher, Mr. Zhang, came in from outside with his hands behind his back. "Why are all of you crowding around each other? Get back to your seats and prepare for class."
All the students hurried back to their seats. Although Mr. Zhang looked quite kind and amiable after school, he was sterner than anyone else during lessons.
Wang Fuguis idiot son, Wang Dalong, sat down beside Yan Liuyuan. He was Yan Liuyuans deskmate.
Wang Dalong stole a glance at Yan Liuyuan. When he saw Yan Liuyuan still sulking, he tried to change the subject to resolve the awkwardness. "I had a dream yesterday that my father found me a stepmother. She mistreated me badly."
Yan Liuyuan glanced at him. "Its alright. Dreams are always the opposite of reality."
Wang Dalong beamed with joy at the words. "True that."
Yan Liuyuan thought for a moment before saying, "I think he might have found you a stepfather instead."

Wang Dalong was confused.
That evening, Ren Xiaosu and the others were having dinner. After dinner, he was planning to catch up on the lessons that Yan Liuyuan and his classmates had gone through at the school today. But at this moment, he saw an angry Wang Fugui leading a crying Wang Dalong into the clinic. "Ren Xiaosu, come out!"
Ren Xiaosu was stunned, holding a bowl of rice in his hand. "Whats going on?"
"Ask Liuyuan what he said to my son. The moment he got home, he started crying nonstop." Wang Fugui got even angrier when he recounted what his son had told him while crying.
Ren Xiaosu looked at Yan Liuyuan. Yan Liuyuan, who was sitting obediently in his chair, said. "I told him that Old Wang might have found him a stepfather."
Ren Xiaosu was confused.
With a loud wail, Wang Dalong cried even harder.

Ren Xiaosu looked at Yan Liuyuan. "Youre in the wrong this time, Liuyuan. How can you say something like that to someone?" He turned around and comforted Wang Dalong, "Dont worry, your father will find you a stepmother. Its impossible that hell find a stepfather for you."
Wang Dalong was stunned. He didnt want a stepmother either! He continued crying!
This made Wang Fugui so angry that he cursed, "I really have you to thank for explaining it for me!"
"Gratitude received from Wang Fugui, +1!"
At this moment, Ren Xiaosus eyes lit up. Although he felt that it was a strange way to gain a gratitude token, it was still a gratitude token!
For some reason, Ren Xiaosu felt that a magical door was slowly opening for him.
His gratitude tokens had accumulated to 11 just like that!
Wang Fugui suddenly seemed to remember something that caused his anger to subside. He cautioned Ren Xiaosu, "Our towns administrator, Chen Haidong, unintentionally let slip something yesterday. He said that something strange has been happening at the other strongholds and that the same thing also seems to be happening at Stronghold 113."
"What is it?" Ren Xiaosu asked in a serious tone.
"He didnt seem to know the details." Wang Fugui said, "Ill let you know if I have any news. Anyways, be extra careful. Its usually not good when there are strange occurrences happening these days."

After Wang Fugui left, Yan Liuyuan asked, "Why did Old Wang say that its usually not good when there are strange occurrences happening these days?"
Ren Xiaosu gave it some thought and said, "Maybe its because our definition of what is good is too limited. We only call things that are advantageous to us good."
"Are we wrong to think that?" Yan Liuyuan asked. To be honest, even though he went to school much more than Ren Xiaosu, he was not as hardworking as him.
Ren Xiaosu would always read the books that he borrowed from Mr. Zhang while Yan Liuyuan lazed around. Sometimes, Yan Liuyuan thought, Since Ren Xiaosu is already so capable, why would I need to work so hard?
Ren Xiaosu looked at Yan Liuyuan and said, "Remember this: Its not wrong to think of it that way. Whatever is beneficial to us is good. Theres nothing wrong with being selfish. But I want you to have a line you wont cross and to not be a doormat others walk over."
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