The First Order
Chapter 27 - Giving in to temptation
The First Order
Author :The Speaking Pork Trotter
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Chapter 27 - Giving in to temptation

Chapter 27: Giving in to temptation

Such word of mouth had come from nowhere and puzzled Ren Xiaosu greatly.

At noon, Xiaoyu went to town with her basket to buy some groceries. During this recent period, they could afford the better things in life as their savings reached 3,400 yuan. As such, they could also get better raw ingredients from the towns market.
Xiaoyu would even buy some fine salt and pigskin occasionally. The texture of fine salt in the mouth was quite different from that of coarse salt, while oil from the pigskin was extracted to be used for frying.
There were pig farms located outside of this town. Domesticated pigs had also evolved after The Cataclysm, but as long as they were neutered while they were young, they would grow up to be very docile animals.
Without a doubt, humans were the most adaptable species and were good at utilizing the environment around them. No other species came close.
Usually, the good meat from these pigs was shipped into the stronghold for consumption. Only a tiny quantity of the remainder would remain in town for sale.
In the past, Yan Liuyuan dreamed of getting into the stronghold as one of his biggest wishes was to eat meat.
Xiaoyu returned to the clinic with a basketful of vegetables. The moment she came in, she beamed and said, "My, oh, my, Xiaosu, do you know that the townspeople are praising you to the high heavens?"

Ren Xiaosu was a little surprised. "Really?"
"Yeah." Xiaoyu smiled and started cutting up the vegetables. "Our Xiaosu has become a doctor now, so your future wife will surely be the best possible candidate in town. When you get married and have children, Ill help you take care of them."
Ren Xiaosu grew uncomfortable. "Ive never thought about that before."
Xiaoyu got upset. "How old do you think you are? Its time you started thinking about it. Oh, I also bought some peanuts today. I wonder where the townspeople dug them up from. Ill cook some for both of you in a bit."
At this moment, Yan Liuyuan came back from school. Nowadays, he could also eat lunch when he returned home at noon just like the other students. He used to bring two potatoes with him to school every morning and eat them for lunch.
After coming through the door, he spotted some peanuts in the basket and immediately picked one up. But before he could shell it, Xiaoyu slapped it out of his hand. "Dont you eat that. Theres still dirt on it."
Yan Liuyuan angrily banged on the table. "Why is a person as beautiful as you stopping me from having peanuts!"
Sister Xiaoyu broke into a smile again and said, "Alright, alright, you can eat them."

While shelling the peanuts, Yan Liuyuan told Ren Xiaosu, "Bro, a lot of people gathered outside the school today. During our classes, Mr. Zhang wouldnt allow any of them in. But as soon as classes finished, all of them rushed in. I dont even know what happened. Do you want to go and have a look?"
"Ah?" Ren Xiaosu was stunned for a moment. Then an ominous feeling rose inside him.
A familiar figure angrily made his way in. It was the schoolteacher, Mr. Zhang Jinglin.
Ren Xiaosus eyes lit up. "Mr. Zhang, youre here? Would you like to join us for lunch?"
"Lunch? My ass!" Zhang Jinglin said angrily, "If you cant treat the illness, then dont do it! Why did you have to direct everyone to go and look for me!"

Ren Xiaosu had said to the couple, "If you dont believe me, you can check with Mr. Zhang or borrow some books from him on how to prevent a miscarriage."
As Ren Xiaosu felt that this method was pretty useful, he gave the same advice to every patient who consulted him during the morning.
Zhang Jinglin said resentfully, "If they were just normal illnesses, I could have let it slide. But you even referred someone with athletes foot to me! You dont know just how bad it smelled when that guy took off his shoes! Fortunately, I was able to escape in time!"
Ren Xiaosu was embarrassed. He smiled apologetically. "Thats only because I think youre knowledgeable and learnd."
Zhang Jinglin was on the verge of a breakdown. "Im just a teacher. If you cant treat the illness, do you think I can treat it? If you push any more patients onto me in the future, I will make sure to give Yan Liuyuan endless homework to do!"
Yan Liuyuan was still shelling peanuts and was confused. Why are you dragging me into your conflict!
Ren Xiaosu grabbed some peanuts and stuffed them into Zhang Jinglins hands. "Dont worry, I wont do that anymore. I really wont, I promise!"
Zhang Jinglin thought for a while before returning to the school while shelling and munching on the peanuts.
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