The First Order
Chapter 22 - Guns!
The First Order
Author :The Speaking Pork Trotter
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Chapter 22 - Guns!

Chapter 22: Guns!

All of a sudden, Ren Xiaosu realized something was off. All of the corpses looked like they had been running in the same direction when they were alive, as though something was guiding them towards it.
What would attract people to run towards the same place at such a crucial time?

Ren Xiaosu came to a conclusion. That place would either be the location of the weapons storage or a hiding place.
He followed this path all the way until he ended up in the basement. Was this... the emergency shelter?
The more he walked forward, the more corpses there were. Ren Xiaosu could imagine what the scene looked like when everyone was trying to escape in panic from the wolves. They wanted to escape to a safe place, but they were not fast enough to outrun the wolves.
Ren Xiaosu arrived at an iron door. Indeed, everyone was escaping towards this place because they wanted to get in. No matter how much the wolves had evolved, they were still only flesh and blood. It would still be rather difficult to break through an iron door several inches thick.
Ren Xiaosu wondered if anyone was still behind the iron door. He hesitated for quite a while before he raised his fist and knocked on the blast door three times.
Someone behind the iron door shouted happily, "Is that the private army? Youve finally come to rescue me. Ill open the door right away!"
The rhythm of the knocking was obvious and could not have been made by a wild animal. As such, the person on the inside mistook Ren Xiaosu as a soldier from the private army that had been sent to rescue him.

With a loud grinding sound, the iron door burst open and revealed a middle-aged man on the inside. He had a leg wound, and his pants were stained red with blood. Even as he opened the door, he was standing on just one leg.
However, the moment the door opened, both parties took action. Ren Xiaosu bent low and prepared to rush him. When the middle-aged man saw that the person in front of him was not a soldier, his first reaction was to raise his pistol!
The atmosphere grew tense. Ren Xiaosu stopped in front of the middle-aged man because the black muzzle of the pistol was pointed right at his forehead.
"Hehe," the middle-aged man laughed. "So its a little burglar who wants to take advantage of the situation, eh? I recognize you; youre Ren Xiaosu from town."
Ren Xiaosu also recognized him. The middle-aged man was the factory manager, Wang Dongyang.
"I recognize you too," Ren Xiaosu said as he straightened up as though nothing had happened. "Why are you the only person in there? No... you were the first person who fled here, and you closed the door immediately while keeping everyone else outside!"
Ren Xiaosu felt a sudden chill pass through him. No wonder there were bloody handprints all over the outside of the iron dor. So it turned out that it was because of the refugees crazy thumping on it. When the iron door was closed from the inside, it was impossible to open it via normal means from the outside.
Wang Dongyang laughed and said, "You dont need to bother yourself with such matters. If you carry me back to town now, Ill spare your life."

"And what if I refuse to carry you back?" Ren Xiaosu started laughing as well.
"Then I will just kill you with one shot. After that, Ill lock the door again and continue to wait for the army to come and rescue me. Im a resident of the stronghold, so they will definitely come and save me," Wang Dongyang said.

"You must be afraid that Ill tell everyone how you sold out everyone here and left them for dead, right?" Ren Xiaosu continued to laugh and say.
Wang Dongyang sneered at him. As the pistol gave him tremendous courage, he had no fear at all. "How do you know that?"
Ren Xiaosu pondered for a moment. "The father knows his son the best."
Wang Dongyang was confused. Then factory manager grew infuriated. "Do you think I wont kill you?"
"I also know another thing," Ren Xiaosu said calmly.
"What?" Wang Dongyang had a bad feeling about it.
"I know you didnt disengage the safety on the gun, and its too late for you to do so now."
Wang Dongyangs pupils suddenly contracted. He had originally thought that it was the private army who came, so he didnt really think too much of it. But when he saw that it was Ren Xiaosu, and Ren Xiaosu had rushed in so decisively, he did not have enough time to disengage the safety.
He had thought that he could easily frighten Ren Xiaosu because he felt that a refugee like him would not have seen a gun before or know how it worked. He thought that he would only feel fear with one pointed at him.
However, Ren Xiaosu knew more about guns than the majority of people in Stronghold 113!
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