The First Order
Chapter 17 - Totally unexpected
The First Order
Author :The Speaking Pork Trotter
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Chapter 17 - Totally unexpected

Chapter 17: Totally unexpected
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"Bro," Yan Liuyuan asked Ren Xiaosu, "Did you really treat someone for free this afternoon? Thats so unlike you!"
"Dont ask. Kill yourself if you do," Ren Xiaosu said bitterly.
Honestly speaking, he really wanted to promote the black medicine to everyone. He would largely have to depend on this method to gain the gratitude of others. Moreover, this medicine was also the core of his plan to make money in the short term.
So Ren Xiaosu convinced himself that the beginning was always the most challenging as a consolation. People with big goals should not be hindered by trivialities. He would have to be generous as a person!
Ren Xiaosu was not stingy for the sake of it. He knew well what he had to do at the appropriate times. However, he couldnt help but feel the pinch.

Xiaoyu consoled with a smile, "Dont worry, youll definitely succeed."
After saying that, Xiaoyu returned to her shack and went to bed. In the past, she could not sleep all that well at night. But since moving here, she could always sleep soundly every day.
The next morning, the strongholds clock abruptly rang as though it were reminding everyone that it was time to go work at the factory.
Ren Xiaosu returned with the allocated amount of water that he was allowed to draw for the day. He estimated that it would take 12 hours for the wound to start scabbing over after the black medicine was applied, so he was not in a rush to see what the reactions of the people in town were.
Once everyone learned of the effectiveness of the medicine, people would naturally approach him with questions.
However, Ren Xiaosu did not expect that when he carried the bucket of water back, Wang Fugui would be there waiting at the entrance of the shack with a smile.
"Old Wang, what are you doing here so early? I havent been out to catch any sparrows lately," Ren Xiaosu said unhurriedly as he put the bucket on the ground. He glanced into the shack. Quick-witted Yan Liuyuan had already raised his bone knife to guard against Old Wang. It was only after he saw Ren Xiaosu that he finally lowered the bone knife.

When Wang Fugui saw Ren Xiaosu, his eyes shimmered. "Oh, Xiaosu, youre finally back! I came over this early in the morning just to look for you!"
"Why?" Ren Xiaosu felt that something was amiss. What could make Old Wang that happy? He examined Old Wang closely and said, "Have you been drinking?"
Wang Fugui immediately looked annoyed. "What do you mean by drinking? Dont you know that alcohol is prohibited now? Whod be brave enough to drink when everyone does not even have enough food to spare?"
"I remember smelling something particular on you the previous time..."
Wang Fuguis expression became thunderous in reaction to Ren Xiaosus words He quickly interrupted him and said, "Dont you spout nonsense!"
"Alright, alright, I wont. Why are you looking for me?" Ren Xiaosu asked.
"Did you treat Iron Heads wound yesterday? The one who lives on the east side of town?" Wang Fugui said as he winked at him.

"Oh, so hes called Iron Head.... His head doesnt feel that hard to me, so why does he have that name?" Ren Xiaosu wondered.
Ren Xiaosu mulled it over. "Thats not an easy requirement."
Wang Fugui was annoyed. "Are we close?" Wang Fugui said with a dark expression, "Im one of the richest people in town anyway, so why wouldnt a women take a liking to me?"
Ren Xiaosu sighed, a little melancholic. "One of the richest people in our town is a grocery store owner. Why does that sound a little shameful...."
"Who are you to criticize me? Cut the crap. Do you want to sell it or not?!"
"Yes!" Ren Xiaosu gave it some thought before saying, "You get the special acquaintance discount, 600 yuan!"
"Highway robbery!" Wang Fugui said angrily.
For now, the amount of black medicine that Ren Xiaosu had left was only enough for a one-time treatment of wounds. However, based on Old Wangs description of the medicine being effective with just one lick, the remaining portion should still be enough for quite a few more licks.
However, the sought-after effects of this medicine when taken orally were not driven by necessity, so he could not sell it for too much.
"Do you want to buy it or not?" Ren Xiaosu snorted at Wang Fugui.
"Yes!" Wang Fugui then counted out 600 yuan and paid it to Ren Xiaosu. He did not even try to haggle over the price!
Ren Xiaosu could never have expected that the market for his black medicine would get opened in such a manner.
His initial plan was to become a doctor so that he could "practice medicine to help the people." He never thought he would become an aphrodisiacs supplier instead.
Wang Fugui spun around and said to Ren Xiaosu, "Thank you for this!"
"Gratitude received from Wang Fugui, +1!"
Ren Xiaosu was speechless
He finally had four gratitude tokens again, although this gratitude token was earned a little differently from how Ren Xiaosu had expected.
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