The First Order
Chapter 10 - Side quest
The First Order
Author :The Speaking Pork Trotter
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Chapter 10 - Side quest

Chapter 10: Side quest
Clang! The bone knife and the metal weapon collided with each other. The onlookers who were secretly watching were astonished when they saw the two knives break in half at the same time. They had only expected the bone knife to break!
In that instant, Ren Xiaosu threw the bone knife aside without hesitation as the man was caught by surprise. This action of throwing the knife away was done in a swift motion after the swing. It was as though Ren Xiaosu had expected it to break. It was obvious he had other plans from the start.
He grabbed the man 8217;s wrist and punched him hard with his other hand right in his?axillary nerve?1?.
The man tried to break free from his grasp but suddenly realized that the young man was much stronger than him!
How could this be? Wasn 8217;t his opponent young? This young man probably only stood as tall as his neck!
However, when the man noticed the tough muscles around Ren Xiaosu 8217;s neck, he realized that it was pure strength.
The axillary nerve ran about three centimeters around the upper arm and the armpit, but the punch did not need to land precisely because the size of the fist was enough to cover any deviation.

This area is one of the human body 8217;s weaknesses. When the axillary nerve receives?heavy trauma?1?,?neuropathy?2?can occur. Considering the nerve as an electrical cable, such a trauma can cause the axillary nerve to generate an uncontrolled release of electrical signals that can interfere with accurate signal transmission. When the brain gets overloaded by such signals, it will send out a pain signal. The signal overload also causes the limbs to receive a confused jumble of signals. The body then begins to secrete large amounts of calcium and potassium ions in reaction, and the resulting electrical overload is enough to paralyze the entire body for a second!
The man let out a scream as he fell to the ground, his limbs twitching uncontrollably. When he finally realized what was going on, he did not have any strength left to take on Ren Xiaosu.
Ren Xiaosu stood silently beside him and looked like he was thinking about something. The man panted for a while before begging for mercy. 8220;I won 8217;t bear a grudge. Please let me go. I 8217;ll forget about today 8217;s incident. 8221;
Any smart person would know that their life was in the hands of Ren Xiaosu. So he shouldn 8217;t hoot and holler rudely and unreasonably, but to leave it for later instead.
Ren Xiaosu looked at Xiaoyu. 8220;Who is he? 8221;
8220;He 8217;s a foreman of the coal mine. He was also the one who led the group that stabbed a person to death in town last night. Since he heard that man had a habit of saving money, he started getting ideas since he had gambling debts. 8221; Xiaoyu revealed what the man had told her last night when he boasted about the incident to her.
Ren Xiaosu walked over to the road and picked up the man 8217;s metal weapon. Then he walked back next to the man. As he stared down at him in contempt, he estimated there to be at most four to five seconds before the man would regain his mobility.
Suddenly, the voice from the palace that had been silent for a while intoned again. 8220;Quest: Set your foe free. 8221;

But just as the voice from the palace started trailing off, Ren Xiaosu crouched down and jabbed the metal weapon into the man 8217;s stomach. The sharp sound of the metal weapon tearing through leather and skin left every onlooker or anyone eavesdropping with a tingling sensation on their scalps. Then the man started bleeding profusely.

The onlookers who had some unscrupulous thoughts for Xiaoyu immediately dropped the idea.
In the town, this half of the bone knife now symbolized a certain someone 8217;s will. No one was willing to make any rash decisions and end up offending the ruthless Ren Xiaosu.
Ren Xiaosu turned around and said to Xiaoyu, 8220;But there 8217;s something I want to make clear. Although I 8217;m very handsome, although I 8217;m... It 8217;s impossible between us.... 8221;
Xiaoyu looked stunned. 8220;I 8217;ve only seen you as a little brother. 8221;
It was Ren Xiaosu 8217;s turn to be stunned. 8220;Hahahaha, this is so awkward. 8221;
Ren Xiaosu immediately led Yan Liuyuan back to their shack. He stared at Yan Liuyuan as they walked back. It 8217;s all your fault for always babbling nonsense about that to me!
Yan Liuyuan surreptitiously turned around and winked at Xiaoyu. When Xiaoyu saw Yan Liuyuan 8217;s face, she started laughing. All her unhappy feelings seemed to vanish into thin air.
She squatted on the ground and stared at that half of the bone knife for a long time before heading to sleep with a smile on her face.
Meanwhile, Ren Xiaosu closed his eyes and took a detailed observation of the inside of the palace. He also checked out what the typewriter had typed onto the leather parchment.
A side quest? How interesting!
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