Im Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Author :Light Dance
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Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Mianmian Was Eating Here Too?
Qiao Anxin exited the washroom just as Qiao Mianmian and Mo Yesi took their leave.
She caught a brief glance of their back views as Qiao Mianmian and Mo Yesi turned a corner.
Although it was only a fleeting glance, she could be sure that the man with his arm around Qiao Mianmian was definitely not some fat, short, old fogey.
He was a tall man with a good physique, and his dressing was presentable too.
She didnt manage to see how he looked, but his back view was enough to get Qiao Anxins heart racing.

Qiao Anxin took in every slight change in Su Zes reaction. Her eyes glinted eerily before she furrowed her brows and continued, "Mm, I saw Sister with a man. They looked... really intimate."
"Brother Ah Ze, Sister has only just broken up with you a while ago, shes found another person so soon?"
Qiao Anxins words obviously had an underlying subtext.
As she guessed, Su Zes expression went awful upon hearing that.
He clenched his fists. "Are you sure you saw her?"
"Im sure," Qiao Anxin said with conviction. "I bumped into Sister in the washroom and even said hi to her. Shes still blamed me for all of it and refused to forgive me. Her hatred for me runs deep, and she even threatened me."
At this point, Qiao Anxin bit her lip, as if feeling hurt.
"Threatened you? What did she threaten you with?"
Qiao Anxin feigned a pitiful look. "I wanted to offer her some job openings to ease her financial burden, but she rejected them. She wants us to stay out of her business. She even said that I love collecting rubbish and that I picked up the man she discarded."

Su Ze was evidently upset. "She really said that?"
"Brother Ah Ze, why would I lie to you? Given Sisters tone, it seems like shes been planning to break up with you for a while now."
"Brother Ah Ze..."
Qiao Anxin grabbed Su Zes arm. With an apprehensive look, she gently asked, "Could Sister have found someone powerful and outstanding? What if shes using that mans power to take revenge on us because she feels that weve betrayed her?"
Su Zes expression darkened even more as a cloud of fog veiled his face.
His eyes were burning with fury as if Qiao Mianmian had made him a cuckold.
Although he and Qiao Mianmian had already renounced their engagement, he still felt that she was his woman.
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