Im Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Author :Light Dance
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Chapter 35

Chapter 35: You Are Mo Yesis Wife
She could hear his deep, sexy voice in her ears. "Dont feel uneasy. You are Mo Yesis wife. You deserve this respect. You will soon realize that your status as Mrs. Mo will bring you many more good things.
"Soon, you will get used to being treated like this."
He inched closer to her.
So close that when he spoke, Qiao Mianmian could feel his soft and warm lips rubbing against her earlobe.
All she could smell was him, his rousing hormones.

She bit her lip as her eyes flickered and her earlobes reddened.
Mo Yesi was also shocked.
However, after he saw her red cheeks, a dark fire flashed across his eyes.
By the side.
The restaurant managers mouth was agape, shocked by what he had seen.
Oh my goodness.
Words were that Young Master Mo had purged himself of desires and was not attracted to women.
No matter how pretty or sexy the woman, he would not give her another look, nor show any interest.
Rumors were that there was once a hot female star who wanted to hook up with him. She managed to sneak into his hotel room.

Mrs. Mo was instead the one who was shyer and trying to avoid him.
He flirted with her so much her face went red.
Seems like Young Master Mo liked this sort of innocent student.
No wonder those sexy stars failed.
Qiao Mianmian was still blushing when they sat down.
Her heart beat faster whenever she recalled that unintentional "kiss".
Mo Yesi had his eyes on her. His eyes burned with passion and lust when looking at her.
Qiao Mianmian did not even dare to look back.
But even without her looking, she could feel his gaze on her.

The moment she saw this man, she got uneasy and anxious.
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