Im Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Author :Light Dance
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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: In Marrying Him, Im the One Who Has to Gain
"Sister, what exactly is going on? Was this some speed-dating going on?"
He was worried that Qiao Mianmian had casually married another man in the spur of the moment because shed been triggered by Su Zes betrayal.
That brother-in-law of his didnt seem like someone whod easily agree to something so important.
"Chen Chen, you dont have to worry about all these. What matters most to me now is that you can be treated. Your brother-in-law... hes a cerebrovascular specialist. With him performing surgery on you, your chances of recovery are a lot higher."

Outside the ward.
The siblings did not know that somebody had sent Mo Yesi their conversation.
At the Mo Firm.
Mo Yesi had just commenced an important meeting.
Cell phones had to be on silent mode during meetings. When vibration was heard, everybody in the meeting room exchanged glances and tried to locate its source.
A few seconds later, they saw the President picking up his cell phone to read a message.
Everyone was speechless.
Wasnt it against the rule to be reading messages during meetings?

He replied with one word: [Yup.]
Lu Rao immediately replied: [Yup? What does yup mean? You really made her sign the certificate in exchange for the surgery?]
Mo Yesi: [Im better than her ex.]
Lu Rao: [...]
A few moments later, Lu Rao sent another message: [Youre really married?]
Mo Yesi: [How can anyone lie about marriage?]

The chauffeur was extremely polite. Upon seeing Qiao Mianmian, he courteously greeted. "Young Madam."

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