The Mech Touch
Chapter 2: Mech Designer System
The Mech Touch
Author :Exlor
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Chapter 2: Mech Designer System

quot;It was.. the data chip!quot;

Ves tried to find the data chip that dropped him like a log. After a quick search, he only came across a fried piece of metals and other melted bits. The chip self-destructed after following its programming. He bewilderingly turned his gaze to his wrist communicator, which was still in pristine condition.

quot;Thatapos;s strange. Anything that could have fried this chip should have melted my comm in the process. How could the chip have melted itself without transferring all that heat to my comm unit?quot;

Cautiously, Ves activated his comm, expecting it to malfunction. Instead, it turned online without a problem. After browsing the menu, he found that nothing changed except for the addition of one new program.

The Mech Designer System.

The name already sounded boastful. The act of designing mechs was an intricate discipline that required years of study in the fields of mechanics, physics, material science and more. Even after graduating from college, you merely got your foot through the door.

It took more than experience and brilliance for a mech designer to achieve true success. Just the thought of having a single app whip up a simple design in a matter of minutes rankled Ves. The mere thought of such a software devalued the five years he spent on becoming a mech designer.

Still... his father left him this apos;Systemapos; for a reason. Ves had no idea where Ryncol got his hands on this mysterious app. Since he couldnapos;t get anymore answers, Ves decided to run the app.

[Welcome to the Mech Designer System. Please design your new mech.]

The message ended there, leaving nothing for Ves to follow up. quot;Thatapos;s it?quot;

[Deep scan complete. Registering new user Ves Larkinson. Welcome package granted.]

quot;Uh, you got anything more than that?quot;

[Please inspect your Status. To display this page, say Status.]



Name: Ves Larkinson

Profession: Novice Mech Designer

Specializations: None

Design Points: 0


Strength: 0.6

Dexterity: 0.7

Endurance: 0.6

Intelligence: 1.2

Creativity: 0.3

Concentration: 0.9

Neural Aptitude: F


[Assembly]: Novice

[Business]: Apprentice

[Computer Science]: Incompetent

[Mathematics]: Incompetent

[Mechanics]: Apprentice

[Metallurgy]: Apprentice

[Physics]: Novice

Evaluation: Good-for-nothing loser.

quot;Hey, who are you calling a loser!?quot;

[User Ves Larksinson is a qualified loser for having spent half of your life wasting away your life. Your frequent diversions have left you ill-prepared for the future. Your inability to pay off your debt is a direct consequence of your ineptitude.]

Ves had to suppress the urge to raise his middle finger. Instead, he challenged this stupid System. quot;I admit, I used to be a stupid kid, but I cleaned up my act. Iapos;m a mech designer now!quot;

[It is your lucky day! The Mech Designer System is the ultimate tool in this galaxy to design any machine that falls under the category of mechs. Any authorized user is allowed to use this Systemapos;s many tools to design any mech imaginable with no conceivable limits.]
[Congratulations, you have received 10 Design Points. Please spend them well.]

quot;Just ten measly Design Points?quot; Ves exasperatingly questioned.

From browsing the previous menus, he learned that 10 Design Points was only worth peanuts to the System. With this amount, he could neither afford to increase his attributes or upgrade any skills. The paltry amount only afforded him enough to purchase a soda.

He then clicked the next silhouette which revealed three copper lottery tickets. It allowed him to draw three prizes from the systemapos;s lowest-ranked lottery draw.

When Ves activated a ticket, the Lottery page projected a prize wheel. After staring at the wheel in doubt, he spun the large object by heaving a lever with his arm.

[You have failed to draw a prize from your copper lottery ticket. Please draw again.]

[You have failed to draw a prize from your copper lottery ticket. Please draw again.]

[You have failed to draw a prize from your copper lottery ticket. Please draw again.]

quot;Really, even the lottery tickets from the convenience store arenapos;t so stingy.quot;
These questions were so far above Vesapos; tiny head that he simply set them aside for the moment. He had more immediate concerns.

quot;This cat is kind of cute.quot; Ves remarked as he scratched the mechanical creatureapos;s head. quot;Is it supposed to do something more than beg for scratches and hugs?quot;

[Concentrate on the gem cat in order to call up its Status.]

[Pet Status]

Name: None

Owner: Ves Larkinson

Rank: Gold [Exclusive]

Level: 1


[Gem Excretion I]

quot;What kind of a skill is Gem Excretion?quot;

quot;Concentrate on the skill to see further details.quot;

[Gem Excretion]

The ability to convert low value materials into rare gemstones of a higher value through manual absorption, digestion and excretion. These gemstones provide random benefits helpful to any mech that incorporates them into their design. Certain raw materials have a higher emphasis on the benefits that the resulting gemstones can express.

It took half a minute for the description to sink in with Ves. From what he could understand, this cat ate minerals digested it into gems. These gems ought to be quite valuable depending on their effects. He might be able to earn some quick cash if he sold these shiny gems.

[Do not overestimate the gem cat. At level 1, the pet can only excrete one gem per week.]

Ves sighed in disappointment. The cat booped his nose with its soft paw.

quot;Well Iapos;m better off now than before, so Iapos;ve got no grounds to complain. As for you, let me call you Lucky, since Iapos;m counting on you to be my lucky charm.quot;

The mech cat adorably meowed in response, indicating that its artificial intelligence possessed at least some form of low sentience.
Ves searched the cabinets of his workshop and scrounged up a pile of loose ore. The random materials were likely left by the previous owner that his father didnapos;t bother to tidy up when he bought them second-hand.

Ves took a head-sized chunk and the small cat somehow managed to gobble up the entire thing in a clear violation of the laws of physics. There was no way a normal mechanical cat could fit so much material in its cat-sized belly.

quot;Okay, this is clearly another freaky thing in a long list of impossibilities. No use cracking my head over these miracles. Iapos;ve to take care of my money problem first.quot;

Ves dropped the cat and left it to explore the workshop alone. he approached his desk and turned on the computer terminal in order to do some research.

He briefly went over the manuals of the machines in his workshop. He found that they were basic but reliable models, and didnapos;t differ much from what he used during his studies.

He then checked the prices of mechs, parts and raw materials at the public markets. Cloudy Curtain was just a regular boring residential planet, famed for its colorful clouds rather than any industry, so its mech market was anemic.

If Ves wanted to sell his products to a viable market, then he needed access to the bigger trading nodes nestled in the heart of the Bright Republic. Not anyone qualified to do so. Ves lacked both reputation and a track record. Even if he did gain access, he lacked the capital to acquire the raw resources needed to fabricate a mech.

quot;It takes money to to make money.quot;

That was one of the most important lesson he learned in college. Surprisingly, he did quite well in his business classes. Ves owed this achievement due to his aspirations. It also helped that the classes only involved simple math.
Reward: A random 1-star virtual mech license. A random 1-star virtual component license.

quot;This sounds doable. Can I ask how youapos;re able to reward me with those virtual licenses?quot;

[Nothing is impossible to the Mech Designer System. With enough Design Points, the user may even be able to achieve immortality. Please increase your mech designer rank for a more detailed answer.]

Yeah right. Ves guessed the System had some way of hacking into Iron Spiritapos;s servers. In order to preserve his sanity, Ves stopped his inquiry and instead turned his attention to the Designer mode.

It wasnapos;t until Ves saw what kind of licenses he had to work with that he practically spat out blood.

quot;This is impossible!quot;

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