Dragonborn Saga
Chapter 50 - Lets Visit Winterhold
Dragonborn Saga
Author :El_Don
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Chapter 50 - Lets Visit Winterhold

34;Hey did you hear that? A 39;Student 39; in today 39;s exam scored higher than the end score. 34;
34;A boy who answered in a very academic manner, all the teachers are flocking around him. 34;
34;We don 39;t know, maybe he 39;s someone from Summerset or something. 34;
34;Rumors that he won the king 39;s tournament and eliminated the team of the College. 34;
34;By the eight! A Nord! How can a Nord has a brain for Magic, let alone the Magic knowledge. 34;
Rumors, conversations, secret notes, the first half of the Rank Up exam drew a lot of attention.
The scores paper was:
Jon Dare: 60/40
Laemoth: 30/40
Nilyana: 30/40
Moskar: 29/40
I think I wrote a bit too much.
When I ran for Faralda to ask her about what happened she said that my third answer contained a number of events argued about in the history and my second answer is considered a Scholar level knowledge.
In my last answer where I wrote about the practices of magic, I also added some small notes about the Thu 39;um, Necromancy, and Shehai (The Sword-Singing).
I think I overdid it.
Anyway, I found myself being asked about many stuff from all the scholars around.
What saved me was Faralda glares at them.
Now I was sitting away trying not to do anything weird, only to hear people talking and talking about me more and more.
The three who came behind me in the score were sitting together and giving me cold glares. An Altmer boy, a Bosmer girl and a Khajiit boy. Not like I even care. 34;
For some reason, another faces started to appear as if they came to watch.
34;The casting exam will start now. 34;
Teacher Mirabelle announced the next exam! Okay! Let 39;s not make a scene this time.
34;Jon Dare. 34;
Dammit! Why am I the first!
34;Stand there and cast what you are told to cast. 34;
Faralda is the one testing me.
34;First, a Ward! 34;
I cast the normal 39;Steadfast Ward 39;. Faralda casts a 39;Fire Bolt 39; at me and my Ward negates it.
34;A channeling Destruction spell. 34;
I cast 39;Sparks 39; this time and Faralda received it easily.
34;A bolt Restoration spell. 34;
That 39;s easy, 39;Sun Fire 39; is the spell I need.
34;Conjure to your limits. 34;
Now, wait a minute! This will be scary.
Faralda looks at me and says it again. I conjured five 39;Familiars 39;, all cats.
34;You pass! 34; Tolfdir claps and ends my dilemma saying that.
I think I was going to look scary if I was asked to make a Blast spell or higher.
I walked away from the stage for the others to get tested.
After filling the form I had to do for my Ranking up, I received a new key and a new 39;Apprentice 39; robes exchanging it with the old one. Now let 39;s head out directly to Nurina 39;s.
34;Not so fast! 34; A voice called for me at after the gate of the tower.
34;A problem? 34; I didn 39;t like the voice or the Altmer who spoke.
34;Not at all, I don 39;t know who are you or where do you came from but good to see a new face around! 34; The Altmer boy said, 34;I am Orthorn, my team is a research team which can be called the best team in the college, if you... 34;
34;The best team, huh? 34;
Before I retort someone else did. A Breton girl it seemed.
34;I can call your team a bunch of thieves and you won 39;t even retort to the fact. 34;

Some people may think that Conjuration is a space magic or a something similar. But the reality is tough. It 39;s all about making a guide for a daedric being and relying on its initial ability to warp the void between realms while bounding it to the caster.
As the mark was put, the void started to warp and a being of fire emerged from it.
For the void to disperse, it is a no long wait. But the anticipation made it seem longer.
The head appeared followed by the rest of the body.
34;My oh my! 34;
Nurina who was ready to cast the 39;Banish Daedra 39; spell anytime exclaimed at what she saw.
What I was wracking my brain around these past days was that form. I wanted to create a more beautiful horse than the ones around Skyrim.
The horses here are hateful in my opinion. I really hate how bulky and ugly they are.
I know that they fit the climate and the nature of Skyrim and all of that. But look at this, this is how a horse should look like ladies and gentlemen.
Finely svelte body structure, concave profile, arched neck, comparatively level croup, high-carried tail. Even the horns of the normal Atronach took a nice form over the head.
The body is made of fire and volcanic stones that formed into a nice pattern of curves and shapes only added to the overall beauty of the horse.
What more can I say? It made any other horses around here look like a bunch of sad potatoes.
You might ask, is that immersive?!
Why would I care? It 39;s a beauty.
34;What kind of horse is that? 34; Laaneth asked.
34;Something from my past life. 34;
34;Past what now? 34;
34;Ignore that part! 34; Nurina 39;s and Jull 39;s voices overlapped.
34;Do you have a saddle around here? 34;
34;Why would I have one? Also, you need a saddle that can resist fire. 34; Nurina said, 34;Just try commanding it around for now. 34;
That was easy, the room was vast so making it move was no problem.
The behavior resemblance of a real horse was installed by the process of the spell, but it had no temperament of a real horse.
Still, I want to test the speed, but that will be for later.
After a while, Laaneth conjured a Storm Atronach Bear. It looked fearsome compared to the beauty of my horse.
It had a big body that reassembled a real bear but its shape was a bit too alien.
Storm Atronachs are made of grey stones with lightning power putting them together into a humanoid shape, sometimes it has legs and sometimes it hovers with no legs.
The Atronach Bear looks like that. It looks as if someone put some stones together until it resembled a bear and linked them with lightning.
Unlike my horse that was made mainly for riding, the bear can fight and cast spells.
Finally, Nurina conjured the Frost Atronachs with normal hands, it resembled the one from 39;TESIV: Oblivion 39;.
Practicing was not easy as we had to 39;Banish 39; them then 39;Conjure 39; them back. I also added the Frost Atronach to my arsenal and learned how to conjure it.
Still, I am proud of the fire horse.
I think I can ride it with no saddle if I used 39;Fireskin 39; spell, a variation of 39;Stoneskin 39; that protects mainly against fire.
Okay! Let 39;s do that then!
34;I am going to Winterhold. 34;
Back at the entrance again after a week of crossing the college 39;s bridge. I kinda hate that bridge. Some sort of a trauma I had since my first try of the game.

After a while, the soul gem 39;s color started to dim and it broke.
This meant success.
Using the 39;Detect 39; spell confirmed my success.
After that, I repeated the process with the saddle. Nothing out of the norm happened.
This is going to be fun.
After packing everything back, I called the tavern girl.
34;May I bring you someth.... 34;
Hallucinations after a long day of work are normal but that 39;s so vivid.
Isn 39;t that Elishka?
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