108 Maidens of Destiny
Chapter 49
108 Maidens of Destiny
Author :She’s Cold As Ice
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Chapter 49

The Water Thunder was just like a splashing torrential downpour, sweeping across the entire Flower Dragon Hall. The High Grade Nebula Star Artifact Shark Scale Shield was immediately left in dire straits by the detonation of this Blooming Water Thunder, which carved deep gashes into it. If it had scored a direct hit, Su Xing did not dare imagine what the end of that would be.
Gong Caiweiapos;s steps were like rising smoke, using her excellent stance and footwork to avoid these Water Thunders. She did not forget to initiate an incantation while dodging, directing Tracing Snow to do its utmost in attacking the Blooming Water Dragon.
The Blooming Water Dragon suddenly soared into the air, its more than ten zhang body floating about the main hall, just like a real dragon would soar through clouds and mist. Unexpectedly, it had begun to fight the two flying swords.
quot;Sword Swiftly Rides the Wind! Go!quot;
Gong Caiwei and Su Xing did not dare to lower their guard, using this opportunity to activate the sole techniques of their artifacts. Tracing Snow turned into a cold light that pierced through the dragonapos;s body, but the Blooming Water Dragon floated around, extending two sharp claws that unexpectedly blocked Tracing Snow directly.
Su Xing cursed, forming hand seals, linking together the incantations inside his mouth.
quot;True Thunder Punishes Evil, Nothing Will Not Burn! Punishing Evil Divine Thunder!quot;
The Thunder Cry Sword transformed into a bolt of lightning, striking towards the Blooming Water Dragon. Although it had the words quot;Divine Thunder,quot; it fell short of true Divine Thunder by far. The Blooming Water Dragon opened its maw wide, spraying out a stream of water like a thunderclap, slamming into the Thunder Cry Sword with an explosion. The ancient Demon Beastapos;s Blooming Water Divine Thunder could not be compared with the Intermediate Grade Thunder Cry Sword.
Su Xing violently spat out a mouthful of blood. The Thunder Cry Sword was shockingly unable to do anything but be blown to pieces by the dragonapos;s Water Thunder, causing Su Xing distress.1
With a dragon incantation of the Nine Firmaments, the Blooming Water Dragon suddenly coiled its body, keeping a dim light in its mouth.
quot;Be careful, itapos;s Blooming Water Divine Thunder.quot; Gong Caiwei turned pale with fright, an artifact putting a barrier in front of her.
She had barely uttered those words before a long, deafening cry resounded. A thunderbolt then sprayed forth from the Blooming Water Dragonapos;s mouth. It was unlike those Water Thunders from before. The thunderbolt sprayed out this time turned into a straight line that concentrated all the Water Thunders into a single point. Its target was shockingly Su Xing.
The Blooming Water Divine Thunder speed was fast enough that it could pass by in the blink of an eye, and the Shark Scale Shield forcibly blocked this Water Thunder. As expected of an artifact that used a Shark Demon Beast in its construction to not shatter on the spot against this, but it did lose much of its spiritual power, falling to the ground. Su Xingapos;s heart sank. He had only just thought of raising his gun when the figure of the dim, dark blue light loomed over him. The Blooming Water Dragonapos;s pair of dragon pupils stared at Su Xing, its mouth full of sharp teeth.

Gong Caiwei hurried herself and flew in front Su Xing.
quot;Youapos;re still alive, right?quot; Gong Caiweiapos;s heart tightened. Getting scratched head on by the ancient Dragon Demon Beast, never mind a Nebula Stage Cultivator, even a Galaxy Stage Cultivator would necessarily perish without doubt.
Su Xing spat out several mouthfuls of foul blood. Raising himself up and tearing open his jacket, he revealed that underneath was a Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor. Though his complexion was unsightly, if he did not lean upon this Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor, he would have already been eviscerated and disemboweled by this dragon. The power of that one dragon claw was truly incomparably tyrannical. Even the top-notch artifact Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor had a slight crack torn in it.
They had only fought three bouts with this Demon Beast, but the Thunder Cry Sword was shattered, the Shark Scale Shield heavily weakened, and the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor was also showing a crack. Su Xing was gloomy from the bottom of his heart. quot;Gong Caiwei, couldnapos;t you have used this thing earlier?quot;
That Water Line already almost completely sealed the dragon. It seemed very exceptional if the ancient Demon Beast was unable to free itself.
quot;The apos;Ice Sealing Lineapos;4 is not capable of sustaining itself for very long. Right now, it was used far too early. For the Blooming Water Dragonapos;s power to be able to struggle this much;quot; Gong Caiwei complexion was grim, knowing in her heart that her own Supreme Grade Nebula Stage Artifact was seemingly about to be destroyed here. Although this ancient Demon Beast has entered its declining years, the imposing aura it could emit exceeded Gong Caiweiapos;s expectations.5 Tracing Snow returned to her hand. With its spiritual power suffering a great loss to the strike of the dragon claw, she could only return it to her Astral Bag.
quot;If you have any means to fight this, bring it out quickly. This Gong nearly cannot restrain the Demon Beast any longer.quot;
The Blooming Water Dragon spared no effort in its struggle, and the Ice Sealing Line was also starting to become undone.
Gong Caiwei leapt, her white fingers forming a complex series of orchid hand seals. Then, six Cold Smoke Jades flew out from her Astral Bag and added themselves to the one from before for a total of seven, laying out an array over Gong Caiweiapos;s whole body.

And it was at this time, that from beside her came comforting words.
quot;Honorable Daoist Receives Orders, Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fire, go!quot;
Su Xing chanted.
The wooden swordapos;s lightning turned into a brilliant red lightning that looked just like a threatening dragon which precisely struck the Blooming Water Dragonapos;s mouth. The lightning directly shot out of its chest, and the dim light in its mouth extinguished. The Blooming Water Dragonapos;s body shook violently, and it immediately loosed a miserable and mournful dragon cry.
TL Note: Now that we know what a Water Thunder is, remember how the Water and Land Assembly was supposed to pray for a Water Thunder? Does this seriously mean that people were praying to be bombed :/?

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