Im Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl
Chapter 50 – Excluding Body Weigh
Im Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl
Author :Scrap Iron Walker
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Chapter 50 – Excluding Body Weigh

x201C;What are you doing? x201D;
I subconsciously ducked, thinking that Xiao Qin would throw herself into my arms.
But Xiao Qin just walked over to the bed, smiled and pointed at the wall behind me.
I turned my head and found that the wall behind me was shining.
The star stickers Xiao Qin pasted on the wall gave off a pale blue glow.
With the dark backdrop of the bedroom, these stars that went up to the ceiling was like the real Milky Way, giving people a feeling of sudden intoxication.
x201C;How is it? I cut it out with fluorescent paper, isn x2019;t it beautiful? x201D;
Xiao Qin smugly sat next to me, holding the bedside and swinging her legs back and forth.
Xiao Qin had a dream-like beauty under the fluorescent light.
Under the cold blue light, it was like Xiao Qin and I became virtual lifeforms in a video game, communicating in a way where no one would understand.
Just by adjusting the lighting in the room, the atmosphere between us completely changed.
This was definitely a magic that I couldn x2019;t understand.
I suddenly felt that extra weight was added to my left shoulder.
Xiao Qin x2019;s weight.
She leaned against my left shoulder all cute and helpless-looking.
Closed eyes, not speaking, we were so close that I could hear her fine breathing sounds.
Even her heartbeat was vaguely visible.
It seemed to be very comfortable, very reassuring, like the cat who used to sleep on my lap in my grandmother x2019;s house.
I suddenly wanted to reach out and pat her head, or touch her soft bangs.
Just like petting a cat.
But Xiao Qin was not a cat.
She was a viper.
I almost got fooled again.
She must have realized that her strong offensive would only be met with strong resistance, so she changed to be more mild.
She was not in a hurry to let me promise to be her boyfriend, but to slowly and unconsciously improve our intimacy until one day I x2019;ll realize that I was already used to this relationship and could no longer live without her.
This theory was called x201C;Boiling a frog in warm water x201D;, the language teacher has even assigned it as an essay topic previously.
Thinking of this, I suddenly got up, Xiao Qin lost her support and fell onto the bed like a sack.
x201C;o(gt;_lt;) o Don x2019;t go~ Ye Lin classmate~ x201D;
I sat back on the study chair again, it was really uncomfortable to sit on the worn out chair.
Fortunately, my eyes have adapted to the surrounding darkness and I could clearly see what was on the desk.
x201C;There x2019;s nothing else for me here! I x2019;m going home! x201D;
Xiao Qin showed a disappointed and frustrated expression, she was lying on the bed and watched me pack my USB and school bag.
x201C;Is Ye Lin classmate going to take brother Optimus Prime brother away as well? x201D;
A pitiful tone, as if I was the one who snatched her things.
x201C;No shit! Of course! x201D;
I answered her in a bad mood.
x201C;Are you only going to bring brother Optimus Prime, aren x2019;t you going to bring me back as well? x201D;
Looking at Xiao Qin x2019;s eager expression, like she couldn x2019;t wait to get into my bag.
I was seething with anger.
x201C;Who the hell will take you home! What the hell am I going to say to my dad if I take you home! x201D;
x201C;Just, just say that you picked me up on the road, a poor homeless female classmate is just fine! Uncle Ye is kindhearted, he will definitely take me in! x201D;

She may have felt that it was inconvenient for me to pack things in the dark, so Xiao Qin turned on the ceiling lamp in the bedroom.
The room was once again lit up.
Xiao Qin hugged the down pillow between her hands and her legs. A lonely expression because I wouldn x2019;t let her lean on me.
x201C;Can Ye Lin classmate finish dinner first and then leave? I x2019;ll cook delicious foods for you to eat! x201D;
Half of her face was hidden behind the pillow and she spoke like she was a national level chef.
I don x2019;t believe that she can cook, even if she could barely cook something, it must be a dark dish that can poison someone to death.
I x2019;ll continue to pack my bags.
Seeing that I didn x2019;t look forward to the dinner at all, Xiao Qin asked me if I wanted to eat pineapple, if I wanted to eat cherries, if I wanted to eat dried fish and if I wanted to eat chocolate x2026;
x201C;Do you think I x2019;m a foodie like you! And stay just because you have good food? Stop dreaming! x201D;
Xiao Qin finally surrendered.
x201C;Ye Lin classmate, if you really want to go, I won x2019;t stop you. x201D;
I waited to see what else she had to say.
x201C;However, I still have some computer problems that I don x2019;t understand. Can you spend some time teaching me? x201D;
Xiao Qin had a humble tone seeking advice.
Dad once said to me that x201C;the human problem lies in liking to lecture others x201D;, which meant that regardless of whether the person is an idiot or not, he would still like to explain to other people and hope to be someone else x2019;s teacher.
When you x2019;re someone else x2019;s teacher, you can point out their shortcomings and deficiencies to highlight your own superiority.
I may also have this bad habit.
Xiao Qin was indeed really poor at using a computer, I felt that I had an obligation to help her improve.
If her computer skills improved, she probably won x2019;t come to me for help to fix her computer anymore, right?
With this in mind, I settled on the study chair.
x201C;What computer knowledge do you want to learn, let x2019;s talk about it, but I will only stay until 5 o x2019;clock at the latest! x201D;
Xiao Qin graciously expressed her acknowledgement.
In the following hour, I patiently answered many of Xiao Qin x2019;s childish questions.
In terms of hardware, like how the keypad area of a notebook can only be used with a hotkey, and how you have to put batteries into a wireless mouse. I can x2019;t believe she has never heard of it.
The software aspect was also a complete mess, she didn x2019;t even know how to switch between Chinese simplified and traditional inputs.
While teaching her knowledge and calling her newbie and stupid, I had a sense of superiority.
In order to show off, I also downloaded x201C;Plants vs. Zombies x201D; online to show her how to play.
Xiao Qin hugged the pillow and was watching with great fascination.

Xiao Qin nodded.
x201C;You and the class leader x2026; didn x2019;t have any altercations, right? x201D;
Xiao Qin shook her head.
I felt that Xiao Qin looked very foolish while nodding and shaking her head.
x201C;Hey, do you not know how to talk? What do you actually think about the class leader? Are you sure you x2019;re not pretending to be friendly, but actually want to stab her in the back? x201D;
I was really worried about that happening. Xiao Qin x2019;s real combat power even somewhat scared me. The class leader wouldn x2019;t last a second in front of her.
She might even cover her face and ambush the class leader on the way out of school, suddenly rushing out from the street and breaking the class leader x2019;s arm!
It was even possible that she would kill her.
x201C;Haha, Ye Lin classmate x2019;s thoughts are really strange! How could I do anything bad to the class leader? x201D;
Xiao Qin held a pillow with a stupid and naive look.
x201C;You won x2019;t? Why do I feel like it x2019;s something you x2019;re capable of doing? x201D;
x201C;Of course not! If you want to know why, it is because I am very slow-witted! x201D;
I don x2019;t understand the internal connection of her being slow-witted and not doing anything to the class leader.

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