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Chapter 51: Stirred Up Fool

Chapter 51: Stirred Up Fool
Ling Xue felt very unhappy as she watched Leng Ao rush off to bother Lin Jiajia yet again. In the past, she was the only one in his heart. But now, Leng Ao was actually fixating his gaze on Lin Jiajia, that ant.
No matter what, this wasnt a good sign.
Ling Xue went to look for the other two princes. She currently had an urgent need for human vital energy and these two princes have always liked to follow her. Why should she reject sources of vital energy that sent themselves to her door?
On the other hand, Leng Ao had found Ning Shu. Ning Shu was currently doing her best to focus on her studies. Even though it was difficult, she was still trying her best to learn.
Leng Ao walked over quietly to kick over her desk, but just as he was extending his leg, Ning Shu kicked his knee.
Leng Ao inwardly gave a cold laugh. So she was already on guard. He immediately dodged Ning Shus attack. After suffering so many losses, did this woman really think he would fall for it again? She was looking down on him too much.
Lately, he had been working really hard to improve his hand-to-hand combat skills. There was no reason for him to lose again at a girls hands.
Ning Shu seized the opportunity and grabbed Leng Aos arm to throw him over her shoulder again. Leng Ao was furious as he lay on the ground. Was this woman a giant? How could she have such strength?
Ning Shu dusted off her hands as she looked down at Leng Ao. "Im telling you, dont provoke me."
Leng Ao took in the indifferent expression on Ning Shus face. He didnt seem to matter at all to her. In her eyes, he seemed of completely no consequence. Why was she so calm facing him? Her eyes completely lacked the adoration he would see in other girls eyes.
Leng Ao thought back to the past. Before, Lin Jiajia was always following him around with lingering love in her eyes. However, now there was nothing in her eyes.
Leng Ao didnt know what he was feeling. He could sense that this girl was very indifferent towards him. She was so indifferent that it chilled ones bones.
Ning Shu was too lazy to care about what Leng Ao was thinking. Even if she had known, all she would do was stick up her middle finger. All of these people were just morons, complete morons.
Leng Ao dusted himself off and lifted his chin arrogantly. "Ive said so before, dont bother Ling Xue or Ill make you pay."
Ning Shu: ...
He must be mentally ill, and quite severely ill at that. She didnt even have time to go harass Ling Xue. On the contrary, it was this Leng Ao that kept coming to bother her in order to redeem himself.
"The one who keeps hovering around me like a mosquito is you. It couldnt be that youve fallen in love with me? Thats why you keep coming here to bother me? Is it because its hard to confess, thats why youre using this method in order to get close to me?"
Ning Shu was simply blabbering some nonsense because she was seriously annoyed that Leng Ao kept coming to bother her. She really wanted to focus on her studies, alright?
Ace Academy seriously had a lot of courses and taught a lot of knowledge. Ning Shu was trying to soak up this knowledge like a sponge. Every little additional bit of knowledge was good. Even if she couldnt understand it now, she would be able to understand it in the future.
However, when Leng Ao heard what she said, he reacted as exaggeratedly as if he had gotten stung by a scorpion. He started laughing as if he heard something insulting and outrageous. His finger even trembled as he pointed at Ning Shu.
"I like you? How could I, to you? Look at you. What part of you could I possibly like? Your strength is even greater than that of men and youre this ugly. Lin Jiajia, youre seriously having a huge daydream. How could I possibly like you? Theres no way Id like you. Thered be a bigger chance of me falling in love with a dog than with you."
Ning Shu: What are you getting so stirred up for? Fool.
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