Abandoned Concubine
Chapter 50 - The Slow Change (2)
Abandoned Concubine
Author :Yu Fang
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Chapter 50 - The Slow Change (2)

Chapter 50 x2013; The Slow Change (2)
Among the skills to be mastered, Ye Zhen x2019;s archery would certainly be not a problem. Her nose buried in books and numbers, but Mister Shan made sure that she develop in areas where her strengths laid.
It really didn x2019;t matter whether she can pass or not in other fields of the exam, just as long she could showcase at least three excellent skills out of the six.
What x2019;s most important now is her successful admission in the college. In terms of the areas she x2019;s having a hard time with, Mister Shan could teach her in depth about those. He would train her until she finds her place inside the imperial palace which was every young woman x2019;s dream!
Ye Zhen worked with Mister Dan for half a day. Arithmetic was her weakest subject, but it won x2019;t be a hindrance in passing the exam.
x201C;Let x2019;s call it a day. Old Madam Lu x2019;s servant kept came several times to see if we x2019;re done. I think that the Old Madam craves your attention. x201D; Mister Shan said flatly, obviously having little understanding why the Old Madam liked the third miss among her granddaughters.
She was somewhat fond of Lu Yaoyao.
Ye Zhen felt a twinge of annoyance in her heart. She did not like to go to the Old Madam, she must feel resistance in liking her. But deep inside her, she had grown fond of the Old Madam far beyond her preference.
Most of all, she didn x2019;t want to cross roads with Lu Lingzhi! The tyrant was the Old Madam x2019;s favorite so Lu Lingzhi were usually latched on the Old Madam x2019;s side!
x201C;Sir, I must go to my chamber first. x201D; said Ye Zhen. She wasn x2019;t properly dressed to be at the presence of the Old Madam at the moment.
Although Ye Zhen didn x2019;t like to join the Old Madam, she deemed it necessary to please her. In doing so, she could move with ease in the Lu family by gaining everyone x2019;s favor.
It was almost past dinner time. Ye Zhen presumed that the Old Madam wanted her to join her in dinner so she dressed up quickly, not planning to make the Old Madam wait for much longer.
There was a raucous laughter inside the dining hall. Ye Zhen hardy reached the door when she heard the distinct voices of Second and Fourth Miss Lu. Aside from them, she also heard other unfamiliar voices.
Looks like she x2019;ll be in the company of visitors! Ye Zhen sucked a deep breath and moved forward with a heavy heart.
x201C;Third miss, come! x201D; The maid at the door casted the draperies aside, and welcomed Ye Zhen happily.
Ye Zhen gave her a shallow smile, but the maid was shocked at the third miss x2019; appearance!
She had a hard time distinguishing her a moment ago. How come that the wild girl who had just entered the dining hall became so beautiful?
x201C;Grandma, I x2019;m here x201D; Ye Zhen had changed into a charming and naughty look when she stepped into the room, and even raised a smile as bright as the sun.
When Ye Zhen came in, the people in the room became mute for a fleeting moment. They were mesmerized by the little girl x2019;s smile. She was so gorgeous and pure that everyone else in the room lost their luster!
When did the tan and thin wild girl became so beautiful?
Old Madam Lu smiled and squinted and waved Ye Zhen to her. x201C;Come dear! You must be very tired after a day of training! x201D;
Ye Zhen looked at all the people in the room. Besides Second and Fourth Miss Lu, there were two girls whom she x2019;d never seen before. They were sitting on the right hand side of the Old Madam.

With the transformation of Ye Zhen from day to day, she no longer looked like the sickly girl who arrived in the capital not long ago.
And with her continuous use of the miracle drops from her hand, she would gradually be more stunning.
x201C;Grandma, I could never be tired. What x2019;s the point of being tired now that the examination is coming near? x201D; Ye Zhen cleverly sat down and took the Old Madam x2019;s arm affectionately. x201C;As long as you leave me delicious food, my whole body will be full of strength. x201D;
Old Madam Lu was amused and laughed, x201C;I knew you wanted some food. x201D;
x201C;What can I do? Food are blessings. x201D; Ye Zhen said solemnly.
x201C;Indeed, a blessing which will kill us if we don x2019;t consume in moderation! x201D; jested the Old Madam Lu which brought out laughter from the people surrounding the grand table.
Clearing her throat, Old Madam Lu smiled gently towards the two girls in the room who had been looking at Ye Zhen. One finger she pointed at them and said, x201C;These two are your cousins visiting the capital for a few days. x201D;
Ye Zhen stood up and saluted. x201C;It x2019;s so nice to meet two cousins. This miss is glad that grandma is accompanied well. x201D;
The two girls also stood up at the same time and returned the gesture.
x201C;We x2019;ve heard of third sister a long time ago and we are honored to have met her today. x201D;
Before they arrived in the Lu mansion, they heard that there was a third miss who took residence inside the mansion. They x2019;d be lying if they say that the news of her origin reached their ears!
Truly, they didn x2019;t expect her to be a beauty considering the harsh conditions in the Border Town.
Fourth Miss Lu smiled and introduced the two girls to Ye Zhen, x201C;Third Sister, these are Cousin Qiuping and Cousin Liping. They are also students of the Women x2019;s college. x201D;

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