Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Fiv
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Chapter 50 - Counterattack

Chapter 50: Counterattack
Mu Jingzhe hadnt expected Little Bei to be the one surrounded, criticized, and bullied.
Upon sensing that Little Bei was trembling, Mu Jingzhe was furious.
The parent in the high heels who had been kicked away felt like she had been kicked away by a powerful force. Her entire body hurt, and she couldnt get up for a moment.

The arrogant tone she had used previously was now filled with exasperation.
"This is absurd. How can she hit people like that!"
Everyone pointed at Mu Jingzhe. "Its her."
"Why are you kicking people around..."
"You are the one who started it. Plus, you were doing it to a child!"

"I believe you, Little Bei. Dont be afraid."
Mu Jingzhe stroked her head.
"Whats the point of believing her? Theres solid evidence..."
"Theres no conclusive evidence. You claim the evidence is conclusive just because you found it in her bag? Are you a police officer? Is whatever you say the law?"
Mu Jingzhe interrupted her. "What era is this? Why is there a need to use such a vulgar method? Isnt it shameful?"
"The thing was found in her bag!" High Heels insisted.
"She did not steal it!" Mu Jingzhe seemed angry. She hugged Little Bei and ran over to push the parent.
"What are you doing? If you keep doing this, Ill" Before High Heels could finish, Mu Jingzhe took a big step back and started shouting.
"Wheres my wallet? I lost my wallet!"

"Im just imitating you!"
Mu Jingzhe sneered. Yes, she had deliberately placed the wallet in the parents pocket while she was pushing her.
She was giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Mu Jingzhe looked at High Heels. "Ill give you one more chance. Do you want to apologize, or do you want to call the police?"
High Heels turned pale and couldnt speak.
"Scared? Afraid that the police will expose everything?" Mu Jingzhe scoffed. "If you dont want to call the police, explain this clearly. Apologize to Little Bei and clear her name!"
High Heels couldnt lift her head under everyones gazes. If she wanted her to admit that she had framed a little girl, she might as well kill her.
She wanted to leave, but Mu Jingzhe blocked her way.
Not daring to look at her daughter or her daughters classmates, she gritted her teeth. "Dont go overboard!"
"Youre the one whos gone overboard!" Mu Jingzhe pointed at her daughter. "Now you feel shame and dont dare say it. Are you afraid of facing your daughter?"
"Shut up!" High Heels couldnt take it and screamed.
She opened her mouth to make a scene, but the teacher suddenly exploded. "Enough!"
The teacher had been at a loss and hadnt been able to stop the woman, but if she didnt speak up now, even she would look down on herself.
She looked at High Heels and asked, "Did you frame Shao Bei because of the people from the TV station?"
High Heels words were stuck in her throat. She wanted to deny it, but the teacher wasnt listening. "You heard the news in advance and made preparations. However, the people from the broadcasting station only looked at Shao Bei and didnt spare your daughter a glance. Is that why you framed Shao Bei?"
The expression on High Heels face changed drastically.
Mu Jingzhes face fell. "So you didnt frame her for no reason?"
The teacher took a deep breath and nodded. "Looks like thats the reason. Im sorry, the school didnt do a good job."
She apologized to Mu Jingzhe.
The people who Mu Jingzhe had thought were the students parents turned out to be people from the broadcasting station. They were from the childrens channel and often needed little dancers and actors. They also needed them for galas or performances, so they had come to look for potential seedlings.

If Mu Jingzhe hadnt brought the kids to school today because of the rain, they would have missed this opportunity.
Instead of missing the opportunity, they had merely not been informed of this because of their late arrival.
However, the woman in the high heels who had framed Little Bei had known about it. She had known about the news in advance and even prepared for it. She had made her daughter dress up nicely because she wanted her to be the most eye-catching child.
In the end, she had still not been as eye-catching as the simply-dressed Little Bei.
Little Bei was the cutest and most eye-catching child. She had stolen the limelight from her daughter. High Heels felt wretched and indignant about it.
How could her daughter not compare to that little girl from the village?
Because she had been determined to win, because she was used to being high and mighty and felt that as long as Little Bei left, her daughter would no longer have any competitors and would definitely be chosen, High Heels had immediately made a move and placed the pocket watch in Little Beis bag when no one had been paying attention to frame her for stealing it.
The television station would definitely not want a thief.
High Heels plan was well-thought-out, so she hadnt been afraid at all. She felt that it didnt matter even if they found out she was behind all this.
Shao Beis family had no power or influence, and she was poorly dressed too. High Heels wasnt afraid at all, so she had deliberately bullied her.
However, something unexpected had happenedMu Jingzhe.
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