My Special Ability is Perfect Replication
Chapter 50 - Ridiculing Ling Jiu, an Important Guest
My Special Ability is Perfect Replication
Author :Panda Reunion
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Chapter 50 - Ridiculing Ling Jiu, an Important Guest

Chapter 50: Ridiculing Ling Jiu, an Important Guest
The students were all aghast in admiration, with a trace of awe as they looked at Ai Jiacheng.
In this dangerous age, what was needed the most was none other than strength...
And Arcanists represented power!

With so many Arcanists belonging to the Ai family, it meant that the Ai family had power, which those consortiums with money and authority could scarcely even compare.
It was no exaggeration to call the Ai family the number one family in Changan Base City.
"Youre quite knowledgeable!"
Ai Jiacheng raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhang Lun with some surprise.
"Master Ai, you flatter me. One of my roommates is born with a silver spoon, so he knows quite a bit about this, and Ive learned about it from him as well," Zhang Lun humbly said.

Ai Jiacheng also gave his girlfriend plenty of face. "Everyone is Nanas classmate. If you come to Changan Base City in the future, do look for me!"
"Young Master Ai is a good person!"
"Look at Master Ai, and then at a certain someone, why is the gap between people so big?"
"Wu Na, your boyfriend is so nice..."
"These guys..."
Seeing Ai Jiacheng and Wu Na becoming the focus and the object of flattering, Li Kai felt down, and could not help but to snort in a low voice. "Isnt it just because he was born into a good family? Without that, hes not even worthy of picking up your shoes for you, Ol Ling!"
"Forget it, they are just a bunch of children, why be calculative with them!"
Ling Jiu was a grown man in his past life and had long seen through all of this. He patted Li Kai on the shoulder and smiled. "You guys continue chatting, Ill head in first."

"What bullshit are you talking about?"
Li Kai glared at the girls. "Who do you think you are that you have the right to ridicule Ol Ling? Why dont you take a piss and look at your damn reflections!"

"Dont believe me? Haha, you can go to Pangus official website to check!"
Li Kai sneered. "Oh, right, you dont seem to be able to enter the official site, as you lot cant even sign the lowest D-level contract with Pangu!"
Listening to Li Kais sarcasm, the girls faces turned pale and then green before the class monitor, Xu Gang quickly stood up to calm the tensions. "Lets just cut back on the barbs, everyones a former classmate, so give each other some face yeah?"
The girls took the opportunity and backed down as they all echoed in agreement. At this moment, Ai Jiacheng was surprised and said. "Uncle Wang, why are you here?"
"Uncle Wang?"
Everyone turned their heads around and saw Ai Jiacheng walking quickly towards a majestic-looking middle-aged man.
The middle-aged man was dressed in casual clothes and was followed by several black-clad bodyguards. All of them sharp-eyed and were extremely fearless, everyone who saw them knew they were not ordinary folks at first glance.
Wang Chao looked at Ai Jiacheng in surprise.
"Uncle Wang, its me!"
Ai Jiacheng smiled and said. "I came to Lantian Base City for fun this time. I actually planned to visit you tomorrow, but I did not expect to meet you here!"
"Oh, I see!"
Wang Chao chuckled: "The last time we met was a few years ago, right. I didnt expect you to grow up so fast. By the way, hows your dad?"
"Hes doing fine! He misses you all the time!"
Ai Jiacheng was very well-mannered. "He always mentioned the times when you two roamed the wilderness and hunted Direbeasts. He kept saying that if it werent for you, there would be no him today! When he learned I was visiting Lantian Base City, he specifically told me to pay you a visit no matter what!"
"Your dad is still the same!"
Wang Chao laughed and said. "Remember to come to my house tomorrow, I have an important guest today, so Ill head off first."
"Uncle Wang, please go ahead. Ill definitely go to your place tomorrow!" Ai Jiacheng nodded repeatedly.
Wang Chao left after speaking.
Looking at his back, Ai Jiacheng let out a long sigh as Wu Na asked in confusion. "Jiacheng, is he your elder?"
"Yeah, an old friend of my dad. When they were younger, they experienced the Direbeast Catastrophe together, so they had a friendship in life and blood.
Ai Jiacheng explained. "Later on, my father went home and inherited the family background, while Uncle Wang joined the army, and hes now the Chief of the Lantian Base City military district!"

"Hes the chief of the Lantian Base City military district?" Wu Na and the other classmates could not help but be surprised when they heard that.
The military bore many meanings throughout Lantian Base City, and while there were many Arcana organizations in the base city, but in the minds of the people, the military was undoubtedly the number one force of the base city.
Supreme Chief of the Military District!
What great character!
"So excited, I did not expect to see such a great person here!"
"A shame! I should have taken a picture just now!"
"Yeah, how could I forget this? If I managed to take a photo and share it to my Moments, itll sure look very good!"
The students were either excited, annoyed, or regretful, each with different expressions.
"Come, lets go in!"
The group entered Wanhua Plaza and came to the pre-booked room. When they walked past the room beside it, they saw a few black-clad bodyguards standing at the door of the box. All of them stood up straight, looking all tenacious and ruthless.
"Arent those bodyguards?"
"Seems like the Chief is having a meal in this private room!"
"The chief said that he wanted to meet an important guest. To be called an important guest, that person must be someone unusual!"
The students looked into the private room one after another. The people inside the room were ordering food, and the door was not closed, so they could see Wang Chao and his important guest inside the room.
"Ling Jiu?"
"F*ck, why is Ling Jiu inside?"
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