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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Use of the Jade Token

Fu Zhong sighed and paused for a while before continuing.

8220;Little brother, I won 8217;t hide it from you. In those sects, top-grade spiritual roots can directly enter the inner sect. As for the outer sect, the treatment of high-grade spiritual root disciples is often much better than medium-grade spiritual root disciples. 8221;
8220;How about this, Little Brother Jiang Li? I, Fu Zhong, only feel pity for you. If you can convince your friends to stay in the Immortal Ascension Pavilion, I will make the decision to give you the treatment of a high-grade spiritual root disciple. How about it? 8221;

Jiang Li was stunned, and then he glanced at Yan Hong before he cupped his hands and bowed to Fu Zhong.

8220;Thank you for your offer, Senior Fu... I 8217;ll try my best. 8221; He lowered his voice as he spoke the second half of his sentence, as if he really wanted to persuade Yan Hong to stay.

Fu Zhong was obviously very satisfied. His already small eyes narrowed into thin lines.

Jiang Li glanced at the wooden sign hanging on his body and smiled before Yan Hong stood together.

From the Scaled Demon incident, he could see that the Immortal Ascension Pavilion was most likely involved in human trafficking.

He and the other soon-to-be cultivators were similar to the Scaled Demons. They were products that could bring these people benefits.

However, this Fu Zhong 8217;s genuine attitude made him feel much more at ease.

It could be seen that Spiritual Roots above the medium-grade were attractive to the Immortal Ascension Pavilion and other sects.

However, even though he was in their territory, the other party did not force these newbies with potential to join him. Instead, he used such a tactful method to persuade them.

This meant that there must be some kind of rule restricting them, preventing them from doing whatever they wanted to the helpless kids.

The greatest possibility was the other sects in this region.

These cultivators were all elites who had lived for hundreds or thousands of years.

Even if it was just for convenience, the job of finding and recruiting Immortal Cultivators was handed over to the more professional Immortal Ascension Pavilion.

It was impossible for them to not set sufficient restrictions. Otherwise, every time they recruited disciples, the best disciples would be taken away by the Immortal Ascension Pavilion. In less than a hundred years, the entire cultivation world would be ruled by the Immortal Ascension Pavilion.

Very quickly, half an hour had passed. The Spirit Testing Array had exhausted its energy and was extinguished. Among the remaining eight people, not a single one was able to fill up the Spirit Testing Bead.

What was worth mentioning was that among the eight people, Yan Fengyue, who was also the woman responsible for the original Jiang Li 8217;s death due to his peeping, had a lonely expression on her delicate mixed-blood face. The assistant beside her casually hung a wooden sign with a low-grade spiritual root.
8216;Could it be... 8217;?Jiang Li and Yan Hong looked at each other, both having some guesses.

8220;I 8217;ll go ask. 8221;

Yan Hong seemed to have suddenly thought of something. After saying that, he went to Fu Zhong, who was walking at the front, and said something.

Both of them had round and chubby faces. When put together, it was strangely interesting.

It was probably because of Yan Hong 8217;s high-grade spiritual root that Fu Zhong told him many things. He only left after bringing them into a lounge.

It was said that they would have to take another form of transportation to the venue of the Immortal Ascension Assembly. They would also have to wait for the people from the other carriages to test their spiritual roots before they set off together.

Fortunately, there was a large amount of exquisite food placed in the lounge. Everyone had been exhausted from the long journey, and after arriving, they had been tested for several hours in a row. Now, they were tired and hungry. They cheered and ate.

The few people with high-grade spiritual roots had a tacit understanding and sat separately at several long tables. The others chose the dining table to sit at based on their own considerations. To them, this showed which person they chose to join.

However, there was a small problem with Jiang Li and Yan Hong.

8220;Brother, I know the details behind the jade token now. 8221;

8220;Tell me about it. 8221;

Although Jiang Li already had his own guesses, it was naturally best if he could obtain confirmation.

8220;At that time, the cultivator who tested us for Spiritual Roots told us that no matter which sect we went to, this jade token would allow us to be exempted from two years of labor. This saying is neither correct nor accurate enough. 8221;

8220;This is just an ordinary jade token. It will be useless in any other sect! 8221;

8220;To be precise, this jade token can exempt you from two years of labor if you join the Immortal Ascension Pavilion! 8221;

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