Wife is Fierce Dont Mess With Her!
Author :Gui Mushuang
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Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Why Wasnt She Scolded
In the meantime, the girls from the other dormitory rooms also poked their heads out of their rooms to watch the drama.
They were all from the same batch. As they watched the drama unfolding before their very eyes, they all gloated over Yu Baoer and Feng Meiyuns predicaments.
Amongst all the new recruits, no one could stand another. Especially when the prettiest Yu Baoer was also in the same dormitory room.
However, from Huo Yingchengs cold expression, everyone just continued to watch the drama from the gaps between the door.
In the dormitory buildings, because they often had sudden training or checking, they prohibited girls to do certain things during the day. It was to prevent the male instructors from entering an awkward situation whenever they came. That was why male instructors could enter the female dormitory buildings during the day as well. However, they would need to have a pass with them.
However, to Huo Yingcheng, who was the second-in-command, this rule didnt apply to him.

It was like that in the military.
When Gu Qingjiu told Chen Haoyang about it, she didnt exaggerate it nor hide anything. Hence, Chen Haoyang was able to briefly grasp the entire situation.
She returned to the dormitory building with Chen Haoyang. From afar, Gu Qingjiu could see Feng Meiyun and Yu Baoer standing under a large tree by the dormitory building. Jiang Yu was also standing beside them while Huo Yingcheng was standing at the side.
There were several people watching the drama.
Chen Haoyang walked over and saluted to Huo Yingcheng with a forehead covered in cold sweat. "Good afternoon, Commander Huo!"

However, knowing him didnt mean that he understood him.
He didnt know this newly-arrived Commander Huos temper at all.
So naturally, he felt a little guilty when his new recruits violated such a serious rule like fighting.
This had never happened ever since he took charge of new recruits, so he definitely felt a little anxious and guilty about it.
Huo Yingchengs eyes first brushed past Gu Qingjiu, then quickly narrowed down to Chen Haoyang before anyone noticed that he had glanced at Gu Qingjiu. "Hm, are you in charge of these three new recruits?"

Compared to the former punishment, this punishment was actually considered humane already.
Writing a reflection letter was nothing. However, Yu Baoer felt dizzy just by hearing the punishment of cleaning the toilet for a month. It was as if she had already smelled that outrageous stink before even stepping into the toilet.
She would rather die!
Instantly, she started to regret her violent impulse. She should have stopped when Qingjiu tried to earlier on!
At the thought of Qingjiu, Yu Baoer was afraid that she would be implicated. But when she looked up slightly, she saw Gu Qingjiu standing behind Chen Haoyang. She was different from Jiang Yu, who was stood next to them. It was as if Huo Yingcheng and Chen Haoyang didnt realize that Gu Qingjiu was from the same dormitory room as they were.
At the same time, Jiang Yu was also staring straight at Gu Qingjiu. She felt a little weird.
Why could Gu Qingjiu stand there like she wasnt involved?
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