I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 50 - The Challenge
I Have Infinite Skill Points
Author :Half-Fated Sir
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Chapter 50 - The Challenge

Chapter 50: The Challenge
A person who was ranked among the top Tier 3 Mages was instantly killed by a Tier 1 spell after using a Tier 3 spell.
Furthermore, the opponent was only a Tier 3 Mage.

The blood within had long been evaporated by the fire element magic!
As for the burly mans thought of dragging it out, with the appearance of this scene, it was dispelled.
After all, no one would be idle and drag it out. They would be beaten until one of their arms was crippled.
Fortunately, there was too much commotion here. A few teachers with healing elements were also present and acted quickly. Otherwise, this burly mans arm might not be able to be preserved.

"You also want to challenge?"
Lin Ming did not reply. With the teacher of the healing element around, the injury on this burly mans arm would not even leave a wound.
The person who spoke only let out a cold snort. He was also stunned. His eloquence was not bad, but if he really went on stage, he was really afraid that his body would be pierced through.
In the principals office.
"This kid is ruthless enough. He is also capable enough."
The principal looked at Lin Ming in the Magic Crystal Stone. The more he looked at him, the more he liked him.
One had to know that in every academys regular competition, it was not in the arena. Instead, they were transported to an extremely large arena to engage in actual combat!

In Green Academy, Mo Ran was definitely a hot-blooded figure!
"Even Senior Mo ran has made a move. This arrogant fellow, just wait for death."
"Lets bet that this Lin Ming can last a few rounds in Senior Mo Rans hands."
As Mo Ran entered the arena, some people actually started to bet!
"Senior Mo Ran, please sign the contract."
Lin Ming looked at Mo Ran who entered the arena and was still as calm as the wind and clouds.

He wanted to cripple Lin Ming so that he could take over the position of captain!
"Dont say that Im bullying you later!"
Mo Rans aura exploded, and everyone was shocked.
This Mo Ran was actually a Tier 4 Mage!
One had to know that there were many talented mages who could only reach Tier 4 after cultivating their entire lives!
There were even some people who only dreamed of becoming a Tier 4 Mage their entire lives.
And this Mo Ran had already become a Tier 4 Mage just by studying at Green Academy!
"No wonder hes so confident."
Lin Ming looked at Mo Ran and understood where Mo rans confidence lay.
After all, in a leapfrog battle, even if there was only a difference of one tier, it was as if one was bullying someone of a lower tier.

"Lin Ming, dont be careless!"
At this time, Reg, who was at the side, couldnt help but remind him.
He understood that this kid, Lin Ming, definitely had the ability to surpass his tier.
But facing a Tier 4 Mage, he still used the Fire Snake Spell. He couldnt help but be a little careless.
The Fire Snake Spells attack collided with Mo Rans Tier 4 attack spell, creating a scorching aftershock!
"This... This is impossible!"
Under everyones gazes, a scene that everyone couldnt believe happened!
The Tier 1 Fire Snake Spell and the Tier 4 attack spell actually canceled each other out!
This also meant that the Fire Snake Spell that Lin Ming cast was similar to the Tier 4 attack spell that Mo ran cast!
If they were both Tier 4 Mages, it would be easier for them to accept it. However, Lin Ming was only a Tier 1 Mage!
Moreover, he cast the beginner level magic attack that all of them knew!
Mo Ran stood rooted to the ground, completely stunned!
He was a hot shot, a prodigy, but...
All he had was disbelief and an indescribable sense of humiliation.
"This kid, hes simply..."
Even Reg, who was standing at the side, couldnt believe it at this moment.
One had to know that as a teacher, he didnt even dare to imagine such a battle result.
"I overestimated my magic cohesiveness."
Lin Ming sighed in his heart when he saw that the Fire Snake Spell didnt cause Mo Ran any strong effects.
However, if this thought was known by others, they would probably vomit blood out of anger.

"Senior Mo Ran, are you alright?"
Looking at Mo Ran who had suddenly become stunned, Lin Ming was sincerely concerned.
"You dont have to taunt me! I underestimated my opponent just now and you took advantage of it."
Lin Mings sincere concern turned into a huge taunt when it reached Mo Rans ears.
"Explosive Flame!"
Mo Ran opened his mouth and once again cast a Tier 4 attack spell.
This time, he used his strongest attack to drain all the magic power in his body and kill Lin Ming in one hit!
Lin Ming also felt the power coming from Mo Rans body, so he made a decision, and that was to use a Tier 2 spell to fight!
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