The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
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Chapter 46

Chapter 46
Ch . 46: Starting Battle
Shayna x2019;s body floated above the altar, with the hem of her dress swaying .
Her shining golden hair that was full of youth earlier before, lost its glow and was now looked cold and lackl . u . s . ter .
Her half-opened eyes were vacant and unfocused, and from her small, weakly open mouth sounded an unpleasant moaning that would make one plug his or her ears .
White mist continued to seep out of her pale, sickly looking skin, and it flowed along Shayna x2019;s body and onto the altar, then to the ground .
The object on her chest that had been releasing a blinding light was now emitting a faint, hazy glow, which gave Loren a bubbly sensation on his skin .
x201C;Ahh x2026;this, this is the work of my master x2026;unmistakably, the true king of the dead x2026; x201D;
Shutel x2019;s voice quivered, most likely due to her joy .
Since she was already undead, she couldn x2019;t feel what Loren, who was still living, was feeling from Shayna .
x201C;This is the worst . Yes, definitely the worst . x201D;
As Lapis took a step back, like she was getting pushed back by Shayna x2019;s presence, grinding her teeth, Shutel announced triumphantly with her voice still quivering from her joy .
x201C;This is the end! The time has come, when everything will bow down to the great works of my master! x201D;
x201C;You x2019;re making it sound like a single gt; is going to end the world x2026;Well, if something like this is ma . s . s produced, maybe that might happen, but there is a flaw in your thinking . x201D;
Shayna, who was now a No Life King, didn x2019;t look like she was going to start moving anytime soon .
Lapis raised a finger and pointed it at Shutel while standing a few steps behind Loren, who had his great sword raised and facing Shayna despite being a . s . saulted by a chill that sent shivers down his spine .
x201C;Flaw? What are you even x2026;? x201D;
x201C;That x2019;s! x201D;
Lapis lowered her finger as she raised her voice and interrupted Shutel .
As Shutel stopped talking unthinkingly at Lapis x2019; loud voice, Lapis took the opening to point out the fact to her .
x201C;The existence that appeared here is definitely a gt; . But about this gt; . Is this a being that is controllable in any way? x201D;
x201C;What? x201D;
Looking at Shutel, who responded with confusion, Lapis became certain of one fact .
But it was a useless fact for them, and at the same time a very crucial problem for Shutel .
x201C;Please don x2019;t tell me that you summoned a gt; in an uncontrollable state . x201D;
x201C;T-that x2019;s x2026;No, but the gt; should only target living beings like you! I x2019;m already undead so x2026; x201D;
x201C;Oh ok . I got it . You x2019;re a braindead idiot! x201D;
Shutel x2019;s face turned blank at Lapis x2019; sudden cursing, even forgetting to get mad .
Lapis then followed up in an even louder voice and pointed at Shayna .
x201C;That over there is a gt;! It is the highest ranking undead that drags everything in this world into death and reigns over it as its king! There x2019;s no way an undead with free will like you will be allowed to exist! x201D;
x201C;Whahh!? x201D;
In dismay, Shutel took two, three steps back from the No Life King floating next to her and glanced up at Shayna .
Coincidently, her gaze met the hollow eyes of Shayna .

As soon as Shayna x2019;s attention focused on Shutel, something that looked like white flames erupted from Shutel x2019;s feet and then engulfed her body .
When the flames disappeared, Shutel had a blank expression that was void of any will at all .
She was bowing down, as if she were a subject bowing before the authority of a king, and from her mouth was a growl that sounded nothing like words . The yellow fog around her body disappeared, and she stopped emitting it as well .
x201C;Unbelievable . She drained the wight x2019;s power and turned it into an ordinary zombie . x201D;
x201C;What can we even do about that thing x2026;wait, does that mean I have to kill Shayna? x201D;
Loren understood that his opponent was the highest ranking undead gt; .
But it still looked like Shayna, and when he asked himself if he could raise his sword against it, he was at a loss of words .
x201C;If you could cut it down, I would like for you to do it, but our opponent is a gt; you know? It has multiple layers of magic and physical defenses and has a constant energy drain field around its body . If you can manage to kill it x2026;uh, wait, umm? x201D;
Lapis stopped talking and started thinking, but before she could finish, the zombie that was Shutel sensed them and climbed over the altar towards them .
In the situation that an enemy came towards them and was trying to grab onto them, Loren swung his great sword and cut it into two, slantwise from its shoulder .
x201C;c . r . a . p! It faced this way! x201D;
His action caught the attention of Shayna and her hollow gaze was now facing Loren, and raised her palm, as she did with Shutel moments before .
Loren guessed that if he got hit with the white flames, he would turn into a zombie as well, so he quickly dashed towards the side to dodge what was coming .
At the same time Lapis darted in the opposite direction of Loren to try to throw off Shayna x2019;s aim .
x201C;gt; x201D;
White flames burst from the ground that Loren stood on a heartbeat before .
Seeing that the flames disappeared without catching Loren, Shayna, still above the altar, slowly turned and started chasing after Loren with her gaze .
Loren understood that as soon as he stopped the flames would come for him again, so he continued to run, stepping to the left and right, trying not to run in a straight line . Shayna seemed have found out Loren x2019;s motive, as she moved her lips to form a different word .
x201C;gt; x201D;
She lightly waved her hand and flames erupted from it, flying towards Loren in the shape of a fan .
Loren dodged it by leaping backwards in a hurry, but by doing so he lost all the distance he had slowly been gaining on her .
x201C;I can x2019;t get close! Being able to cut her down or not isn x2019;t even the problem here! x201D;
x201C;Don x2019;t you have any knives left!? x201D;
x201C;I used them all up on the zombies! x201D;
x201C;Nuuu x2026;Lost ones, return to where you belong . gt; x201D;
Lapis groaned and then used an exorcism spell . Shayna x2019;s body glowed for a moment, but immediately disappeared, and it didn x2019;t look like she took any damage at all . She didn x2019;t even try to face Lapis, but instead was focused on Loren, who was zig zagging his way towards her .

As Shayna slowly raised her palm towards Lapis, Lapis stood still and looked straight back at her with a sly smile .
x201C;Are you sure? That it x2019;s okay to look away from him? x201D;
The moment that her attention moved away from him .
There was no way Loren would miss such an opportunity .
Shayna was in the middle of launching an attack on Lapis as well, so he dashed straight towards her, knowing that this was his only chance to close in .
x201C;You can hate me for this! x201D;
Loren brought his great sword down from over his head, straight onto Shayna x2019;s forehead, but the blade couldn x2019;t capture her .
It was because Shayna sensed Loren x2019;s attack and leaped down from the altar, whilst casting gt; at Lapis . Loren x2019;s attack caught the hem of her dress and crashed down onto the altar, destroying it .
x201C;Lapis! x201D;
Loren continued with a scooping stroke from under, but Shayna dodged it again .
But Loren was determined to stick close to her and went in for another strike, but he saw Lapis being engulfed in white flames, and shouted in surprise .
x201C;I x2019;m fine! One hit won x2019;t do anything to me . x201D;
When the flames died, although she was breathing heavily, Lapis wasn x2019;t turned into an undead .
It was an attack that even a wight succ . u . mbed to, but if she was able to withstand it, didn x2019;t that mean Lapis was tougher than a wight? The thought crossed through Loren x2019;s mind for a moment, but his body was still moving to keep within attacking range of Shayna, launching strike after strike with his great sword .
x201C;Loren be careful! What she x2019;s using isn x2019;t magic so there x2019;s no need for her to chant spells! The attacks will come suddenly! x201D;
x201C;Isn x2019;t that impossible to be careful of? x201D;
Currently Shayna was raising her palm before she attacked, but according to Lapis that wasn x2019;t a necessary action, so if she stopped doing that, there was no way for Loren to know that an attack was coming .
Rather than that, Loren thought bitterly .
It was hard to believe that Shayna had battle experience, but Loren was astonished at the fact that she evaded all his blows .

He guessed that since she was a gt; her physical abilities would be considerable, but her dodging his every attack whilst floating made it feel like he was fighting against smoke or a heat haze, and although he was keeping her down, Loren felt panic slowly rising inside .
x201C;Loren! Aim here! x201D;
Lapis x2019; voice reached his ears .
While continuing his attack, Loren faced Lapis and saw that she was pointing at her chest .
x201C;The place where it x2019;s glowing! Normal gt; don x2019;t have anything like that! I x2019;m not sure what will happen, but it x2019;s worth a shot! x201D;
It was where the gt; had been .
Although it was feeble, there was a light coming from Shayna x2019;s chest, and Loren wondered whether he should do as Lapis said, but when the No Life King heard what Lapis said, it reflexively covered its chest with its hand . Seeing that, Loren decided what to do .
x201C;You x2019;ve seen a regular gt; before x2026;? Well, seems that Lapis is right and aiming for it is worth a shot . x201D;
Of course, there was no response from the No Life King .
Instead, still covering the glowing part with its arm, faced Loren with its hollow gaze and let out a sharp screech .
It was loud enough to make Loren want to cover his ears, but if he did it would mean that he would have to stop attacking and would give the No Life King an opening to recover .
Loren decided that he should endure it and keep attacking, but then he felt a strange sensation in his arms and legs, making them heavy and sluggish, slowing him down and slowing his attacks as well .
x201C;Loren! The gt; strengthened its energy drain! If we don x2019;t hurry it will overcome the protection that I cast on you! x201D;
x201C;So, we x2019;re running out of time x2026; x201D;
He had to strike the chest of an opponent that he couldn x2019;t even land a single blow on until now, so Loren didn x2019;t have time to consider his options .
He decided that he didn x2019;t care if he blacked out later, and he heard a click in the corner of his mind, like a piece fitting into place .

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