The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
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Chapter 40

Chapter 40
The clinic that Loren and the others ran into was in the middle of the shopping district, so there were a lot of different stores in the area .
After leaving Klaus to guard the clinic, he took Shayna and after walking around slowly for a while, he started going into the stores and examining its products .
x201C;The vegetables are wilted, but they aren x2019;t rotten . There x2019;s no trace of any fighting anywhere . There x2019;s some houses with their meals left unfinished and a bit messy, but no traces of an attack . x201D;
x201C;I wonder where everyone went? x201D;
Loren couldn x2019;t find the words to answer Shayna x2019;s question .
In fact, he himself wanted to ask the same question, and wished someone could pop up and explain what happened, but there was no way that things would be so convenient .
x201C;This place looks too alive to have been abandoned by a group of people . Most of their things are still here, including their valuables . x201D;
In the stores and houses that they went into, all the money and valuables were left there untouched .
A mercenary would have looted them with no hesitation, but Loren didn x2019;t touch any of the things he found .
Loren had looted enemy bodies on the battlefield before, but this wasn x2019;t a battlefield, and the owners weren x2019;t enemy soldiers .
In addition to that, taking things from people who disappeared for an unknown reason didn x2019;t appeal to him at all .
x201C;Shayna, do you know what the population of this city is?
x201C;Population? x201D;
Shayna asked him with a blank look on her face . Loren waved, telling her not to worry about it .
It looked like even though she knew about the city and the area around it by following her father around, she didn x2019;t know about things like the population .
x201C;Judging from the size of the city, I guess it would be around thirty to fifty thousand? No one would believe that this many people disappeared like smoke even if I reported it . x201D;
Whether they were able to return Shayna to her parents or not, once they returned to Kauffa, they had the responsibility to go to the adventurer x2019;s guild and report the deaths of the others who had joined them, as well as what happened to the city of Hanza .
But Loren sighed heavily as he guessed that even if he reported exactly as what happened and what he saw, the guild wouldn x2019;t believe him .
Loren knew for a fact that it was true because he was seeing it with his own eyes, but to someone who did not would scoff after listening to a report saying that the population of a whole city-state had disappeared .
That was how unreal the situation was .
x201C;There x2019;s no way a person could just disappear without a trace . If I could find traces of blood or dead bodies, then it would be a whole different story though . x201D;
x201C;Onii-san x2026; x201D;
Loren heard Shayna, who was walking beside him while holding onto the coat he was wearing, let out a worried cry, and became embarra . s . sed that he had been talking out loud the whole time .
Saying things like if he could find a dead body in front of a girl who was from this city was being very inconsiderate .
x201C;Sorry, I was irritated . x201D;
x201C;It x2019;s okay, I x2019;m fine . But x2026;I really wonder where father and everyone else went? x201D;
a . s . suming that Shayna x2019;s parents were okay and still in the city, Loren guessed that they would be in the central area .

They just had to go all the way down the main street .
Although Hanza had high walls, it seemed that it wasn x2019;t designed for street fights, as there was one large street that went straight to the center of the city .
Loren wondered if it was okay to build the capital city like that, even though it was a small city-state, but in the end it wasn x2019;t really his problem to worry about .
x201C;I wish I could go search the president x2019;s home as soon as possible . x201D;
He wasn x2019;t sure if there were survivors left in the city, but since it was so quiet inside, Loren guessed that it was most likely that they would be inside the president x2019;s home in the center of the city .
That was why he wanted to check to see if there were any survivors, and if there were, take them and say goodbye to this spooky city, but four out of the seven of them were in no shape to move, and figuring everything out among the remaining three was too dangerous .
x201C;It x2019;s best if we wait for the four of them to recover before we start moving, but do we really have that much time on our hands? x201D;
Whatever may be the reason for the city to become like this, if there was something or someone that willed this to happen, it was close enough to say that they did not have much time at all .
Loren x2019;s thoughts caused him to be unfocused on his surroundings, and noticed it a heartbeat later than Shayna .
x201C;Onii-san, someone x2019;s there . x201D;
It was after they had searched inside a number of houses .
They could not find anything so they were on the way to another house when Shayna strongly tugged on his clothes .
As he came back to reality at her words, Loren saw a woman looking at them from behind the corner of a nearby building, and called out to her .
x201C;Wait! We aren x2019;t suspicious people . x201D;
The thought that he was already a pretty suspicious character due to the fact that he intruded other people x2019;s homes and stores crossed his mind . But although the woman trembled for a moment, she didn x2019;t run away and instead just stood there, continuing to watch them .
x201C;I x2019;m really not someone suspicious . I x2019;m and adventurer that came here on a quest, but saw the state of the city and I x2019;m trying to figure out what happened x2026; x201D;
x201C;Are x2026;you here to help? x201D;
The woman that nervously asked him looked around twenty .
She had dark brown hair, with no other outstanding characteristic whatsoever .
x201C;Not exactly, but are you a resident of this city? x201D;
x201C;Yes . My name is Shutel . x201D;
x201C;What happened to this city? Where did everyone go? Why are you still here? x201D;
Loren asked question after question to the woman named Shutel .
Her eyes widened at all the sudden questions, but after a moment quietly shook her head .
x201C;I don x2019;t know . A few days earlier the people around me suddenly started going crazy x2026;I was scared so I hid in my bas . e . m . e . nt, and I just came out because I ran out of food . x201D;
x201C;Don x2019;t you have any family? x201D;
x201C;I x2019;m not married, and my parents have already pa . s . sed away . x201D;

Loren couldn x2019;t see anything that blocked the main street .
So he thought that she would be able to get there safely, but if there was something hiding in the area waiting for someone to pa . s . s by, and if that someone happened to be a woman, it would indeed be hard for her to run away .
x201C;Alright, I guess you can . Follow me . x201D;
Although he wasn x2019;t able to identify the enemy, Loren decided that finding a survivor made some progress, and headed back to the clinic where Lapis was waiting .
When they reached it, Klaus, who was guarding the clinic as he was told to, was about to reach for his sword at the sight of a woman he never saw before . But after Loren explained that she was a survivor, he went back to keeping guard .
Since Klaus at least did what he was told to do, Loren guessed that his pride and bad mouth came from the environment that he grew up in wasn x2019;t the best one, and decided he was somewhat likeable . They were about to go inside the clinic to head to the room Broas and the girls were being treated, but they b . u . mped into Lapis before they reached could .
x201C;I x2019;ve finished treating them but you shouldn x2019;t enter for a while . x201D;
Lapis didn x2019;t let them enter the clinic .
Although Loren thought it was a bit weird, but he went on to tell Lapis about Shutel and his speculations about how the survivors were most likely at the president x2019;s mansion in the center of the city . He also told her about the results of his exploration, how he couldn x2019;t find any enemies or any other survivor other than Shutel .
x201C;The sun x2019;s still high up, so right now would be the best time to move . What do you think? x201D;
x201C;That x2019;s true x2026;but x2026; x201D;
Lapis crossed her arms and thought about Loren x2019;s suggestion, but then started telling him about the conditions of the four people in the clinic .
x201C;The three with the unknown illness are fine . They will recover after some more rest . The problem is Ange . She lost too much blood from her injuries, and her organs are badly damaged as well, so I can x2019;t recommend moving her at all . x201D;

x201C;How long until we can? x201D;
x201C;She needs to rest for the rest of the day at least . Once Roll recovers, her divine arts should be available as well, so we should be able to move her tomorrow . x201D;
x201C;Accidentally killing her would leave a bad aftertaste, I guess . x201D;
But if they chose not to move, it meant that they would have to spend the night not knowing what exactly was out there .
At this point, there was no way to know for sure how dangerous that would be .
x201C;There x2019;s the option of leaving Klaus here to guard them while we go on our own . x201D;
x201C;Loren, that x2019;s a pretty cold as well as ruthless thought right there . x201D;
Loren let out a troubled laugh at Lapis x2019; calm response .
If spending the night here was indeed dangerous, Loren knew that leaving Klaus and the four injured was the same thing as leaving them to die .
Even for Loren and Lapis, it meant they had to guard Shayna and Shutel by themselves, and would increase the risk of danger for themselves as well .
x201C;What will you do? x201D;
x201C;We stay here for tonight . We go after everyone recovers . x201D;
Right now, the only ones who could fight were Loren, Lapis, and Klaus .
Loren decided that the three of them sticking together was a lot safer than splitting up and increased their chances of survival .
x201C;I understand . Then we x2019;ll have to set up camp . x201D;
x201C;If that x2019;s the case I x2019;ll help . x201D;
Lapis stopped Shutel with a raise of her hand .
x201C;There x2019;s no need for that . I x2019;ll have you and Shayna stay put in different rooms . x201D;
x201C;But x2026;at least let me take care of Shayna . x201D;
Shutel tried to argue, but Lapis bluntly refused .
x201C;If you wish to stay with us, you x2019;ll do as we say . If you cannot, we cannot take you with us . x201D;
x201C;Huh? What? x201D;
Shutel was confused at the sudden change in Lapis x2019; way of speaking .
Loren softly nudged Lapis x2019; side with his elbow, drawing her attention .
x2018;I x2019;m sorry . I the way I speak norm x2026;I mean the way I spoke during my days of training as a priest slipped out x2026;But we x2019;ll have you do as we say . Is that clear? x201D;
Lapis seemed to come to her senses at Loren x2019;s nudge, cleared her throat, and said to Shutel once more .
Shutel was still confused, but realized that Lapis wasn x2019;t going to change her mind so she nodded her head reluctantly .

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