The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
Author :Mine
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Chapter 36

Chapter 36
After burying the revenants, they continued down the road .
The encounter with the undead gave some of them thoughts of going back to Kauffa, but since they accepted the quest knowing that there would be some sort of danger on the way, going back wasn x2019;t an option .
While preparing to bury the bodies, Loren checked their belongings, but none of them had anything peculiar, and the only things they had were wallets and jewelry, nothing to let him know who they were or where they came from .
But on the other hand, that itself told him that they were common folk from a nearby city .
They loaded the belongings into the caravans just in case .
If they had any relatives they needed to give them back to them, and even if they didn x2019;t it would serve as proof that they had defeated undead monsters . But still, carrying the belongings of the dead wasn x2019;t the happiest thing, and the party x2019;s morale sunk slightly .
Klaus and his party, who had defeated the group of revenants by themselves, was now acknowledged and had a high evaluation among the adventurers . But Loren continued to ignore him, as he kept on sending smug looks his way .
After a while, an incident that lowered the morale of the party even further happened .
The driver of the caravan Loren and Lapis were on had died .
Loren noticed that the caravan was moving unnaturally, even though they weren x2019;t getting attacked, and went over to the driver x2019;s seat . When he tapped the driver x2019;s shoulder, the driver suddenly fell off the caravan .
He panicked and grabbed the reins and stopped the caravan, but the driver was already dead .
The cause of his death was unknown .
Lapis immediately examined him, but all the injuries on the body were scratches and bruises from falling down from the caravan, and couldn x2019;t find anything that could x2019;ve been the cause of his death .
On top of that, the body was already halfway undead, so they had to cremate it on the spot .
x201C;What the h . e . l . l is happening? x201D;
Sitting next to Loren was Lapis, who was driving the caravan .
Apparently priests of the Knowledge G . o . d knew how to drive as well, and Loren thought that if the Knowledge G . o . d was such a handyman, maybe more people should start following him .
x201C;I wish I knew . x201D;
On Lapis x2019; other side, Shayna sat leaning onto Lapis, sleeping soundly .
She looked like she was sleeping peacefully, but Loren frowned slightly as he wondered what she was thinking inside about their current situation .
She hadn x2019;t eaten much since the day before .
She looked fine, so it seemed that she still had some strength in her, but not eating anything worried Loren .
Food was important no matter what you did .
Since she wasn x2019;t eating, Loren decided that she was must be stressed out mentally . As he continued to be alert on their surroundings, Lapis muttered to him .
x201C;It seems like there are a few in that direction . x201D;
She said it so suddenly that Loren couldn x2019;t understand what she was saying, and after a moment realized what she had meant and looked towards the direction she was facing .
He saw a large plain, but couldn x2019;t find anything of the sort Lapis had talked about .
He was relieved and thought that he must be worrying too much, but Lapis gave an additional blow .
x201C;They can x2019;t be seen by human eyes . x201D;

Leaving that aside, since her eyes were artificial, it wouldn x2019;t be surprising if there was some sort of special function built into them .
x201C;There are some over there as well . Around twenty of them . x201D;
x201C;What is wrong with this area? x201D;
Lapis tilted her head at Loren, who had given up trying to search the area and muttered with a lowered voice .
As the caravan was going slightly off track, Lapis fixed the pathing and whispered in a hushed voice .
They were both trying to be considerate of Shayna, who was still sleeping .
x201C;There are a bunch of undead roaming in broad daylight . That means there is a source somewhere . x201D;
x201C;That x2019;s a pretty depressing thought when it x2019;s going to be night time soon enough . x201D;
Undead were more active during the night than during the day .
They could see quite a few of them right now during the day, and Loren couldn x2019;t help but feel melancholic as he thought about how many there would be once the sun set .
x201C;In the case of an emergency, let x2019;s take Shayna and run away . It x2019;s okay, we x2019;ll definitely be able to reach Hanza . x201D;
x201C;Am I the only one that feels that there are more undead the closer we get to Hanza? x201D;
x201C;Hahaha . That x2019;s such an unpleasant thing to say . x201D;
x201C;It x2019;s not something to be laughing about, geez x2026; x201D;
Loren sighed, but their worries soon started to become a reality as night came .
As they were trying to find a place to spend the second night, many different kinds of undead became active and started attacking them .
x201C;d . a . m . n it! What is this!? There x2019;s no end to them! x201D;
Broas yelled, blood and flesh flying around him as he swung his axes . Around him were a large number of zombies, with their muscle and intestines showing beneath their rotting flesh .
If it were a few or even a decent sized group of them, they could x2019;ve dealt with them without any problems, but against a seemingly unending number of undead, even iron rank adventurers had a difficult time .
The adventurers would get tired and eventually be unable to move, but to the undead, such things didn x2019;t exist .
That meant no matter how much they were cut or pummeled, as long as a part of them could move, they would continue to attack .
To add on to that, there were revenants mixed in with the zombies every now and then .
Since they were higher ranking monsters than zombies, they were stronger and moved more smoothly than them, and didn x2019;t feel fatigue as well .
They joined the zombies, which were surrounding the adventurers, and started attacking as well .
x201C;S-stop! Get away from me! x201D;
x201C;Ow, it hurts, it hurts! Stop biting! Stop eating me! x201D;
The female adventurers that had been riding with Shayna and lost consciousness the first day were far from being completely healed, and tired faster than the others . The zombies knocked them down and started biting off the flesh that wasn x2019;t protected by their armor or clothes .

It was longer and thicker than the great sword that Loren used before, as well as slightly wider, and the grip was slightly shorter because of that . But after swinging it around a few times, Loren decided that there was no problem and he could use it just fine .
A long, thin strip of leather was wrapped around the grip to stop his grip from slipping, and the leather itself was pitch black as well .
x201C;It x2019;s called getting used to it . Anyways, what do we do about this? x201D;
Loren swung the sword around one more time with his hand and set it on his shoulder and patted Shayna, who was still clinging onto his waist, with his other hand to try to comfort her . He then asked Broas, who was able to run towards them thanks to the number of undead being reduced .
The number of undead attacking the camp didn x2019;t seem to falter no matter how many they killed .
In fact, it seemed like they were increasing in number as time went on .
Although the question of where all of them were coming from lingered, there was no time to be thinking about that, but instead if they didn x2019;t figure out a way to escape this situation, it was obvious that they would be overrun sooner or later .
x201C;Why are there so many of them? x201D;
As Loren took another swing with his great sword and mowed down a few of the undead, Lapis, who was dancing around dodging the zombies x2019; grasps, answered .
x201C;It must be because we are the only living beings in the area . To the undead, living beings are like bonfires . They swarm to it like moths to flame . x201D;
x201C;That x2019;s not a good sign . Broas, moving forward or heading back, which do you think is better? x201D;
Loren asked Broas which was the better decision, getting past the undead and continue on to Hanza is better or if going back to Kauffa .
At that point, almost all of the adventurers were wiped out, and it was difficult to continue on with the quest . Broas groaned at the two options he was given .
x201C;It x2019;s not like I x2019;m the leader of everyone here, you know . x201D;
x201C;Even so . I won x2019;t complain after . x201D;

Klaus returned a glare as they proceeded to walk towards it .
As Loren thought maybe they should x2019;ve left them behind, something behind the magician girl from Klaus x2019; party, who was the last one in line, caught his eye . When he saw what it was, he reflexively shouted in a loud voice .
x201C;Duck! x201D;
x201C;Huh? x201D;
Loren wasn x2019;t sure if the magician named Ange realized his warning was meant for her .
She looked at him with a bewildered expression and let out a small voice .
Immediately after, something caught her with a sideways swipe, s . n . a . t . c . hed her up, and held her high above the ground .

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