The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
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Chapter 34

Chapter 34
Another difficulty arose the next morning, just as they were about to depart .
The adventurers that were riding with Shayna the day before refused to ride in the same caravan as her .
Minus the two that died, the remaining five adventurers had all regained consciousness before morning and were able to move around on their own . But all of them explained that they weren x2019;t sure when and how they went unconscious, and absolutely refused to ride with Shayna for the second day .
Everyone understood that it couldn x2019;t be helped that they felt that way .
Two of them had already died just by riding in there .
There was no guarantee that it wouldn x2019;t happen again, and it was natural to think that you might be the next victim .
But that didn x2019;t mean it was okay to leave the client all alone in the caravan .
Since the quest was to escort her safely, they were supposed to protect her immediately if something were to happen, so it was out of the question not to have anyone around her .
x201C;This isn x2019;t good . x201D;
Broas grumbled but didn x2019;t look like he wanted to ride there himself .
As Loren thought that it was an obvious way of thinking, Lapis spoke up like she just thought of it .
x201C;Then what if we ride with her? x201D;
x201C;That x2019;s x2026; x201D;
Lapis clapped her hands together as if it was a good idea .
Loren was fine with it if Lapis didn x2019;t mind, but he still had some worries in the back of his mind .
It seemed that Lapis understood what he was thinking, but she said to Loren enthusiastically .
x201C;We were fine last night . x201D;
The night before, Loren had invited Shayna over to their tents for dinner .
He couldn x2019;t stand watching Shayna being alone, and also didn x2019;t like the idea of a ten-year-old girl sleeping alone, even if it was in the middle of camp, and after discussing it with Broas, moved their tents near Shayna x2019;s .
Although Shayna said she didn x2019;t feel like eating and didn x2019;t eat much, it seemed like she was delighted by Loren x2019;s consideration, and was even more delighted when Loren and Lapis had moved closer to her tent . But the fact that she didn x2019;t feel like eating anything told Loren that she was quite strained mentally, so he did his best to continue to talk to her .
Even after spending a whole night with her, there was no sign of him losing consciousness or feeling ill at all .
That was why Lapis suggested that it would be okay for them to ride in the caravan, but Loren couldn x2019;t make up his mind .
x201C;Are you saying that Shayna should stay inside a swaying caravan all alone? x201D;
x201C;Of x2026;course not . x201D;
When she put it like that, Loren had to think again .
Leaving a young girl like Shayna, who must be very anxious at this point, all alone in the caravan wasn x2019;t something Loren wanted to do, and wanted to avoid doing that at all costs if it could be avoided .
He had learned how hard it was to be alone the hard way when his mercenary group disbanded .
x201C;Then I think this is where you should speak up . x201D;
After Lapis told him that, he walked over to Broas and suggested that the two of them ride with Shayna .
x201C;You guys okay with that? x201D;
x201C;Yeah . There x2019;s nothing wrong with us even after spending a night near her . I don x2019;t think there x2019;s a problem with Shayna herself . x201D;

x201C;No one wants to ride in that one, so they x2019;ll have to endure being cramped . Rather than that, if anything happens, call me immediately, okay? It x2019;s going to be a lot more troublesome if something happens to you two . x201D;
Loren x2019;s suggestion was accepted quite easily .
It was mostly because no one else wanted to ride with Shayna .
x201C;Ah, Onii-san x2026; x201D;
As Loren and Lapis climbed up into the caravan, Shayna looked at them with a mixture of surprise and delight .
Loren waved his hand as he climbed in, trying not to let her feel uneasy, but soon left her in Lapis x2019; care, sat behind the driver, and started keeping watch over the driver and the inside of the caravan .
Although the driver was feeling a lot better than the day before, he still didn x2019;t look too well and it would be a problem if he couldn x2019;t drive properly . Along with that, it was a good position to call for help if something happened, but to the others it looked like a male adventurer who was thinking he shouldn x2019;t sit close to a girl of high status, so no one said anything .
Soon enough, they cleaned up camp and started on towards Hanza .
x201C;Hey, we got to be careful from here on out! x201D;
There was a good reason for Broas to shout out to everyone .
All the messengers that the guild had sent out to Hanza had disappeared on the second day .
That meant there was a high chance that they would encounter it during that day, so it was obvious that everyone was on high alert .
x201C;Is everything, going to be okay? x201D;
The tension and anxiousness seemed to have reached Shayna as well, so Lapis gave her a smile and told her .
x201C;It x2019;s going to be fine . We x2019;ve got an incredible mercenary on our side . x201D;
x201C;Is that supposed to be me? x201D;
x201C;Who else would there be, mister Slaying Wind? x201D;
x201C;Sorry to disappoint you, but that x2019;s not me, you know? x201D;
Lapis x2019; smile turned into a grin as she called him by that t . i . tle, but Loren denied that it was his .
Loren scratched his head and continued awkwardly as Lapis gave him a blank look .
x201C;I get that a lot, though . But there x2019;s no way someone like me would have such an extravagant t . i . tle . x201D;
x201C;So does that mean you haven x2019;t met Slaying Wind before? x201D;
x201C;Of course not . If I did I wouldn x2019;t be alive right now . x201D;
As Loren shrugged, Lapis pressed her finger against her chin and thought for a moment, then asked Loren with a searching gaze .
x201C;By the way Loren, do people every call you dense? x201D;
x201C;Quite often, why? x201D;
x201C;Ah, so you x2019;re dense . I see . x201D;
Shayna watched Lapis with wonder as she nodded her head like Loren x2019;s reply solved everything .
Loren wasn x2019;t sure what Lapis had found out, but didn x2019;t dig any deeper into the matter . Instead, he focused his attention outside the caravan while listening to Lapis and Shayna x2019;s idle chatter .
x201C;It x2019;s so peaceful, it x2019;s quite anticlimactic . x201D;

x201C;Hey, who are you guys and why are you here? x201D;
x201C;Don x2019;t you see that you x2019;re in the way? x201D;
A few of the adventurers got off and walked to the people on the road .
Usually, people would run if they see multiple armed adventurers that were shouting, but the silhouettes on the road didn x2019;t even flinch .
Loren left Shayna in Lapis x2019; care, got out of the caravan, and walked towards Broas .
x201C;Looks like something x2019;s wrong . x201D;
Broas put his hand on his forehead to block the sunlight and spoke to Loren . Loren nodded and squinted towards the same direction Broas was facing and tilted his head .
x201C;I can see that, but what are they? x201D;
The figures in the road ahead of them looked like regular townsfolk .
They weren x2019;t armed and were just standing there, so Loren thought maybe they weren x2019;t dangerous, but soon changed his mind .
It was because they weren x2019;t inside a town or a city, nor close to one .
But the figures in front were dressed like ordinary people living in towns .
The way they were dressed didn x2019;t match up where they currently were, and that b . u . mped Loren x2019;s level of caution towards them .
x201C;That x2019;s x2026; x201D;
It was right when Loren was about to tell Broas .
A few of the figures noticed the adventurers nearing them turned around at an impossible speed, opened their mouths so wide it seemed like their jaws had unhinged, bent their fingers like talons, and started walking towards them at a slow pace .
x201C;Broas! x201D;
x201C;The h . e . l . l x2026;Hey you guys, get back! x201D;
The adventurers that went to check on the figures saw their sudden reaction and knew something was wrong .
They immediately drew back in order to avoid unnecessary battle .
The figures chased after them towards Loren and the others .
x201C;Whoa whoa, what x2019;s going on? Aren x2019;t they from a nearby town? x201D;
If they were monsters, the adventurers would x2019;ve drawn their weapons and attacked them .
But although the figures that were coming towards them were weird, they were dressed just like ordinary townsfolk, and made them hesitate to draw their weapons .

Meanwhile the priestess Roll, who just got off the caravan with the other adventurers, shouted and got everyone x2019;s attention .
x201C;Everyone, be careful! Those are undead! x201D;
x201C;What? Undead in broad daylight? x201D;
There were a few adventurers that shouted in surprise, but Loren calmly observed the undead monsters that were coming closer .
He wasn x2019;t an expert on them, but it wasn x2019;t the first time he x2019;d seen them .
Since many in battle died with regrets, there were times when the bodies weren x2019;t taken care of fast enough and became undead .
Of course, things like ghosts never showed during the day, but kinds like zombies, which were undead monsters with physical bodies, sometimes wandered in the battlefield during the day .
x201C;So does that mean those are zombies? x201D;
As Loren muttered out loud, a group of people rushed past him .
It was a party that consisted of a red haired boy in the front, followed by a female knight and magician, and a priestess in the back .
Klaus and his party drew their weapons and rushed towards the nearing undead .
x201C;d . a . m . n it those guys, they just went off x2026; x201D;
Broas let out a disgusted sigh, but Loren thought that it wasn x2019;t an incorrect action to make .
If it were just a few zombies, four iron rank adventurers should be enough to deal with them, and
Loren realized that this was a good chance for him to see what Klaus and his party could do, so he looked ahead with interest .

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