The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
Author :Mine
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Chapter 26

Chapter 26
x201C;You chose quite the safe job, collecting herbs . x201D;
After the one-sided sc . r . a . p at the bar, Loren went to the quest board, chose a quest at random, and walked out, wanting to avoid the commotion .
The quest that he picked was x201C;gathering herbs in a nearby forest x201D; .
Since there weren x2019;t any strong monsters living there, the difficulty was the lowest, and the guild bought the herbs at two copper coins apiece .
It seemed like selling resources and ingredients rather than a quest, but to the guild, which had adventurers getting injured all year long, the more they could get their hands on the better . This is why this quest was always on the quest board .
x201C;There x2019;s no monsters there so I don x2019;t need to have a weapon . x201D;
To Loren, who didn x2019;t have a weapon, this quest was perfect for him, but when he thought about how cheap the herbs were, he didn x2019;t feel like doing it .
The amount of money he needed to compensate for the chair, table, and the wall that broke when Loren punched the iron rank adventurer was four silver coins .
The wall costed three silver coins and the table and chair costed one, so no Loren x2019;s total debt was fourteen silver coins and ten copper coins .
x201C;You x2019;re going to need seven hundred and fifty herbs to pay off your debt . x201D;
x201C;Don x2019;t say something so discouraging . There x2019;s no way there x2019;s that many of them in this forest . x201D;
The forest they were heading towards wasn x2019;t that large .
That x2019;s why there weren x2019;t dangerous monsters, but there was no way such a small forest would have the number of herbs that Lapis pointed out .
It took an hour to get to the forest .
Loren wasn x2019;t sure how it worked, but he did know that the day was split into twelve parts, and an hour was one out of the twelve . In large cities, the bell rang at every hour to tell the time .
As soon as they reached the forest an hour later, Loren walked in and started looking for herbs .
Herbs had helped Loren a lot back when he was a mercenary, so he knew a lot about them .
They had slightly pointed leaves and was hard to mistake for a different plant .
x201C;This is so dull . x201D;
Lapis, who was following Loren, stopped to pick a stalk .
She raised it up in front of her eyes and stared at it . She then threw it into the sack she was carrying .
x201C;Why are you collecting herbs too? x201D;
x201C;I need to earn some money too . I won x2019;t look good if I don x2019;t have any money to lend you when you need it . x201D;
Loren thought that she didn x2019;t need to do such a dull quest, as she seemed to have enough money already to lend him some, and drooped his head with a limp expression .
He figured lending him money was the reason why Lapis, who had enough money for herself, was taking part in the quest .
x201C;Anyways Loren, you x2019;re missing quite a lot of them . x201D;
x201C;Ugh x2026;I x2019;m not good at these kinds of things . x201D;
Loren had found quite a bit and put them into his sack, but he couldn x2019;t help but overlook some .
Lapis was gathering the herbs that Loren missed, but the sizes of their sacks were roughly the same, showing Loren how much he was overlooking .
x201C;If there was a battle or two going on, repaying you would be so much easier . x201D;

x201C;Even if there was a battle, you don x2019;t have any equipment . Or do you want to try signing up as a soldier and get equipment that way? x201D;
x201C;That x2019;s something I x2019;d rather not do . x201D;
In Loren x2019;s eyes, the equipment given to ordinary people gathered by the recruiting office or who were drafted was miserable things .
Although the country readied funds to purchase good equipment for soldiers, but the money would pa . s . s through the hands of a few people, and the large sum of money would disappear .
Even though the funds get smaller, the amount of equipment they need doesn x2019;t change .
Of course, the leftover funds reflect the quality of the equipment, and the soldiers were given spears that snapped after one jab, leather armor that would crumble just by wearing it, and other things that seemed like a joke .
This wasn x2019;t known among ordinary soldiers, but the member who oversaw the group x2019;s finances told Loren that this was why the soldiers they faced in battle were so weak .
x201C;We x2019;re really not finding much . x201D;
After some time pa . s . sed since they started gathering herbs, Loren and Lapis reached the far end of the forest .
Which meant they managed to cross the whole forest while gathering herbs .
Even after walking this distance, Loren x2019;s sack that contained the herbs that he gathered was only half full .
The number of herbs that he managed to gather was around twenty .
x201C;It can x2019;t be helped . This quest is always open, so someone is always coming here to gather herbs . x201D;
The sack of herbs that Lapis had was the same size as Loren x2019;s .
There was enough time until sundown, but considering the time it x2019;ll take them to get back to the city, they needed to start heading back now .
Loren didn x2019;t want to risk sleeping outside without a weapon, and wanted to sleep in a bed if he could .
x201C;I guess we should head back . x201D;
x201C;We x2019;re at a slight loss, though . x201D;
Loren gave Lapis a nervous look, but Lapis continued with a cool face .
x201C;The inn that the guild recommends costs thirty copper coins a night . Food would cost between five to seven copper coins . If you decide to have a drink, a gla . s . s costs two copper coins . In total, a day x2019;s living expenses range from forty-five to fifty-three copper coins . x201D;
Loren gloomily did the calculations and figured out that the money he would get from the herbs wasn x2019;t enough to cover all of that .
He had to face the reality that if this continued, there was no way he was going to be able to pay Lapis back .
x201C;I would like to suggest making up your mind about borrowing money from me to get some good equipment . x201D;
x201C;I x2019;m going to have to start thinking about that . Wait, how are other copper rank adventurers living? Don x2019;t tell me x2026; x201D;
Loren thought that maybe they were covered in debt as well, and Lapis answered as she tied her sack tightly .

Lapis realized that Loren felt something, held her tongue, and hugged the sack that Loren had thrown her in her chest along with her own .
x201C;This way . Something x2019;s here . x201D;
Loren picked up a scent of beasts within the green smell of the forest .
He heard a low growl and stepped off the path in the direction which the sound came from .
x201C;If something x2019;s there shouldn x2019;t we run? x201D;
x201C;That x2019;s true, but I x2019;ve got a bad feeling . x201D;
Although Loren agreed that what Lapis said was reasonable, he followed his intuition and ran through the forest .
The bad feeling Loren felt soon became a reality in front of their eyes .
x201C;Loren! A young girl is lying unconscious! x201D;
They reached a small clearing, and lying in the middle was a young girl wearing a white dress, her blonde hair all over the place .
Lapis was focused on her, but Loren found the source of the scent of beasts hiding in the trees around them .
x201C;Something x2019;s here! x201D;
x201C;Forest wolves! x201D;
Lapis realized that they were surrounded as Loren warning rang out, and immediately said the name of the beasts .
The wolves lived in forests and weren x2019;t that large, but they moved in packs and hunted in packs, which made them somewhat dangerous .
Alone, they weren x2019;t that dangerous, but their danger level rose exponentially, and were the were the causes of death for a great number of adventurers in the forest .
x201C;We x2019;re going to save her! You have no objections, right? x201D;
x201C;I don x2019;t, but Loren you don x2019;t have a weapon! x201D;
x201C;This is enough to handle these dogs . x201D;
Loren swung his fist lightly and charged .
The forest wolves saw Loren charge and some of them broke off the pack and rushed to intercept him .
One of the wolves jumped from tree to tree and lunged at Loren, but got hammered straight in the face with a fist .
It flew backwards, spinning, with a broken nose and teeth and crashed into a tree . While it died without a sound, another wolf got its neck crushed, thrown onto the ground, and its head crushed .

Another wolf tried to bite onto Loren x2019;s boots but couldn x2019;t bite through the thick leather, was grabbed and swung straight into a tree, and its back broke .
The last one, which tried to slip past Loren and attack Lapis, got its tail grabbed at the last second . It tried to bite Loren but was swung around and got its neck snapped .
All of this happened within a short moment and the forest wolves, which just lost four of their members, became wary of Loren .
x201C;Can you eat them? x201D;
x201C;Their meat isn x2019;t meant for eating, but their pelts are worth some money . Loren, do you know how to skin animals? I don x2019;t know how . x201D;
x201C;We don x2019;t have a knife either, so I guess we x2019;ll have to give up on that . x201D;
Both came to gather herbs, and didn x2019;t have anything to help them carry four wolves .
Although he regretted not being able to take the wolves, but he knew there was no other choice since they had no way of bringing them back . Loren left the corpses on the ground and took a step forward . The rest of the forest wolves understood that they didn x2019;t stand a chance and ran off .
Loren wasn x2019;t one who liked chasing beasts that won x2019;t attack, and continued to brace himself for a while longer, making sure that they didn x2019;t come back . After he saw that they weren x2019;t coming back, he relaxed and slowly walked back to the fallen girl .
The girl looked like she was around ten years old .
Loren thought maybe it was a trap, but couldn x2019;t think of anyone who would want to set a trap for him using a young girl as bait, and couldn x2019;t find anything of the sort nearby .
x201C;I x2019;ll keep guard, so can you check on her? x201D;
x201C;Yes, of course . x201D;
They were dealing with a young girl .
Loren decided that Lapis, who was a girl as well, would be better suited to check on her . Lapis crouched next to the girl and checked her pulse, then checked her clothes and body .
Loren, watching her at the corner of his eye, looked around him .
Although the forest wolves backed off, there was still a chance that they would attack again .
x201C;This girl sure is lucky . x201D;
The girl, lying on the ground, had dirt and fallen leaves stuck in her hair .
Lapis seemed to feel sorry for her and started dusting off her face and body .
x201C;Lucky? Even though she was about to get attacked by wolves? x201D;
x201C;Yes, because we found her before she could get eaten . Plus, while Loren was dealing with four of them, the others didn x2019;t attack her . If you don x2019;t call this luck, I don x2019;t know what you would call it . x201D;
x201C;That x2019;s x2026;Since there x2019;s people with bad luck, I guess there are people with good luck as well . x201D;
x201C;This world is made so well . By the way, do you have any idea of who the unlucky people are? x201D;
Lapis lifted the unconscious girl and smiled at Loren .
Loren quickly averted his eyes from that smile .

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