The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
Author :Mine
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Chapter 22

Chapter 22
x201C;They x2019;re here! x201D;
Ritz x2019;s voice rang out throughout the room .
The monsters that burst through the doors were regular goblins .
Although there weren x2019;t as many as earlier, when they were being chased down the corridors, there were still quite many them .
Plus, the ruins had recognized Loren and the others as intruders, so there was no way to know how many more goblins were on the way .
x201C;Damn it, fighting is the only chance we x2019;ve got! Quartz, move closer to the young lady! Nim, stay near them and support us with your arrows! Jack, can you move!? x201D;
x201C;Yeah, I got this, god damn it! x201D;
Although he was injured, Jack x2019;s voice rang out loud and strong .
Loren decided that he was fine and started swinging his great sword .
The room was large enough for him to swing it about with no problem .
The problem was that it wouldn x2019;t stay intact for much longer, but Loren decided not to think about it and jumped into the midst of the goblins, bashing the blade against them .
The great sword, which was more of a blunt weapon than a sharp blade, caught a few goblins that jumped towards him, and while some of them split into two pieces and spraying blood everywhere, others got their bones crushed and fell limp onto the ground .
Loren made sure to crush them with his foot, as they weren x2019;t completely dead yet, and looked for his next prey . He then saw a black mock-goblin enter the room from one of the other doorways .
x201C;Crap! It x2019;s here! x201D;
x201C;Leave that one to me . x201D;
The mock-goblin didn x2019;t have a weapon in its hands, and reached for Loren with its bare hands .
Loren raised his great sword high over his head and charged towards it .
He let out a yell and brought the sword down on the mock-goblin, which raised its left arm to try to block the strike . He cut right through its arm and the sword sunk deeply into its shoulder, all the way to its collarbone .
As blackened blood spewed out from the cut, Loren put his foot on the screaming mock-goblin and pulled his sword out . He used that momentum to raise it above his head again and swung it straight down onto its flank .
Luckily, he didn x2019;t hit any bones, and with the force behind the strike, cut the mock-goblin x2019;s stomach open . As soon as the great sword passed through, its intestines started dropping out onto the floor .
But the mock-goblin paid no attention to its injury and went straight for Loren, who had just finished the swing .
Loren was surprised at its toughness, but as he returned a backswing, it caught the mock-goblin right on the neck, and it sank to the ground gurgling blood .
x201C;That x2019;s incredible x2026;No matter how many times I see it . x201D;
x201C;If you x2019;ve got time to talk, use it to kill more goblins . x201D;
Warning Ritz, who was staring at him blankly, Loren looked down at the blade of his great sword .
The great sword, which was completely doused in the dark blood of the goblins, looked like it didn x2019;t take much damage, but to Loren, who was holding the blade aloft, knew that it wouldn x2019;t last much longer .
x201C;This isn x2019;t good . x201D;
He murmured to himself, as he swept his great sword across some goblins that neared him .
If it were just the regular goblins, he could use the great sword for a bit longer with no problem, but the large mock-goblins, whom were way tougher, drained the blade x2019;s durability much quicker .

The only thing he could do was pray that she would finish what she was doing, before his sword broke .
x201C;I x2019;m trying my best, you know? x201D;
Quartz was standing near Lapis, and Nim was near him, planting arrow after arrow into the goblins .
Every time she released an arrow, a goblin fell, but they kept on coming, wave after wave through the doorways .
x201C;My opponent is a system of the Ancient Kingdom ruins . There x2019;s no way it x2019;s going to fall that easily . x201D;
x201C;I don x2019;t need that kind of talk! I want to know how much longer it x2019;s going to take! x201D;
x201C;It x2019;ll take more than a few minutes, but it won x2019;t take an hour . x201D;
Loren was irritated at her ambiguous reply .
There was no way for him to tell time inside that room .
In cities, there was usually a magic item inside a clock tower that told the time, but once you left the city, there was no way to check time .
He knew there was no point in blaming Lapis, but he couldn x2019;t do anything about the irritation that was building up .
x201C;If only I had a magic spell left x2026; x201D;
x201C;That can x2019;t be helped . It can x2019;t be helped, but I x2019;m also about to run out of arrows . x201D;
Nim tried to comfort Quartz, who was regretting not being able to do anything, but her face became grim as she saw her supply of arrow slowly deplete .
If she could retrieve some of the arrows from the goblin corpses it would be a bit better, but fights were happening all around her, so she couldn x2019;t find an opening to do so .
x201C;There x2019;s no end to them! The bodies just keep piling up! x201D;
Silver adventurers like Jack and Ritz had no problem dealing with normal goblins, but the mock-goblins were a bit of a different story .
Goblin corpses were strewn all over the floor, and they soon started seeing goblins collecting the corpses .
x201C;They x2019;re not forgetting to retrieve the corpses, huh . x201D;
x201C;Yes, they x2019;re valuable materials and sources of information after all . x201D;
As Loren was taking care not to slip on the blood across the floor, he heard Lapis say something he couldn x2019;t ignore .
He swept his great sword and cut through a group of goblins, then turned his head toward Lapis .
x201C;What did you say just now? x201D;
x201C;Materials and source of information? x201D;
x201C;I understand material, but why source of information? x201D;
x201C;They should be using them as sources of information for enhancing goblins . The best way to get battle information and experience is through physical experience, after all . x201D;
Loren gulped and looked down at a goblin x2019;s corpse lying on the ground .
Apparently, the ruins were collecting corpses like these, and using the experience from its brain to create new goblins .
As Loren found out that killing the goblins meant that they were helping the ruins enhance the goblins, he planted his palm on his forehead .
x201C;Then that means, the more we fight them x2026; x201D;
x201C;The goblins get tougher and tougher . According to the manual, it takes a while for the ruins to make the physical bodies, but installing the experience only takes a few seconds . x201D;

x201C;After they gather enough information from normal goblins, the start inputting them into the enhanced goblins . x201D;
Lapis was flipping through the manual with her right hand, while her left hand was still working on the control panel .
If what the manual said was true, it meant that the experiences from the goblins they were fighting now were going to be used on the mock-goblins .
They were a threat already, and Loren didn x2019;t want to think about how strong they would get once they learned how to fight .
x201C;They aren x2019;t even at full power right now . If they start equipping themselves with weapons we x2019;re actually done for . x201D;
Before, the goblins didn x2019;t stand a chance against Loren x2019;s great sword, but the newer ones started to clash their weapons and shields against it .
Of course, that meant there was more pressure put on the blade, even though he wasn x2019;t facing the mock-goblins . There was already a very thin, but visible crack beginning to form on the blade .
Loren was worried at how much longer the great sword would last, as he kept feeling an unpleasant sensation while swinging it around .
But the goblins didn x2019;t care about Loren x2019;s worries at all and kept charging at him . Slowly, Loren started getting small cuts here and there as well .
x201C;The big one x2019;s here! x201D;
The bad news reached Loren x2019;s ears .
He looked to the doorway that Ritz was pointing at and saw the mock-goblin, but this one was carrying a giant wooden club in its right fist .
As soon as he saw that it was armed, he kicked off the floor and charged towards it .
He acted immediately because he knew that Ritz and Jack couldn x2019;t handle this one, but the mock-goblin didn x2019;t even act surprised, and raised its club against Loren x2019;s great sword .
After a loud clang erupted from the clash of iron against wood, Loren x2019;s strike was stopped .
Not only that, Loren seemed to have lost in terms of strength and force, and he got pushed back a few steps, almost falling over .
It immediately ran towards him, not missing a chance to retaliate, and brought down its club onto Loren .
Loren brought his great sword up and barely caught the strike, using all his strength to stop it .

x201C;You x2026; x201D;
He poured even more strength into his arms, trying to push it away, but its enhanced arms didn x2019;t move so easily . In the antagonized situation, the mock-goblin looked at Loren and seemed to laugh at him .
x201C;You x2026;You smiled just now, didn x2019;t you? x201D;
Loren didn x2019;t know if it understood what he was saying .
But as soon as he muttered those words, the mock-goblins smile seemed to widen .
It was most likely a ridiculing smile .
As soon as Loren had that thought, he felt something snap in the deepest corner of his mind .
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