The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
Author :Mine
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Chapter 44

Chapter 44
Chapter 44: Moving On and Using Magic
Loren and Lapis ran through the dark city .
It was bright around the clinic because they made sure to secure vision, but since they were getting far away from it, the only source of light they had were the moon and stars .
While they were running at almost full speed, they exterminated zombies that popped up occasionally .
x201C;My eyes are infused with mana so they x2019;re fine, but x201D;
Lapis said while running ahead of Loren, in a slightly impressed manner .
x201C;I x2019;ve noticed since before that you can see in the dark quite well . x201D;
Loren had carried Lapis on his back and ran through a pitch-dark tunnel in one of the earlier jobs they were on .
x201C;Things like these are all about getting used to . x201D;
Loren x2019;s opinion was that anything can happen on a battlefield .
Ambushes and night raids were common, so seeing in the dark was something you needed to survive, and Loren wasn x2019;t an exception, so since he was young, he had trained himself to be able to move around in the dark .
x201C;But the problem is that undead have nothing that indicates where they are . It x2019;s so hard to sense them . x201D;
x201C;Well, your senses are unbelievable, since you x2019;re still able to cut them down . x201D;
Unlike people, undead aren x2019;t alive .
That is why it is very difficult to sense them .
Loren was very anxious because things almost undetectable kept suddenly jumping at him .
Although he could see them when they moved, and the fact that they were slow was helping him defeat them, it was a situation where he could be dealt a fatal blow any time, so he couldn x2019;t let his guard down .
x201C;I can x2019;t keep this up, dammit . x201D;
Loren cursed as he swung his great sword again and sliced a zombie that flew at him into half .
He heard something splatter onto the street, but it was too dark to see what flew how much, and Loren was a bit thankful that it was night time, as he didn x2019;t have to see the unpleasant objects and colors .
x201C;Can x2019;t you conjure light using magic? x201D;
x201C;Running around with a light in a lightless city like this will basically be shouting out our location . x201D;
x201C;Who x2019;s going to care about that? x201D;
Loren felt that there were no living humans in the city .
If there were, there was no way it would be overflowing with undead .
The feeling that they were being focused onto him and Lapis was one reason .
If there were other survivors, the undead should be going to them as well .
x201C;At least Shutel would care, don x2019;t you think? x201D;
If the only undead were zombies and revenants, Lapis wouldn x2019;t have cared too much about showing off their location .
But their opponent was a wight, which has the same amount of intelligence as a human .
In addition to that, the wight was the cause, or in a position that led to the situation they were currently in .
x201C;Having more zombies sent over is going to be annoying, but it x2019;s going to be a problem if she sends over something like a bone dragon . x201D;
x201C;If that happens the only course of action is to run as fast as we can . x201D;
x201C;Leaving Shayna behind? x201D;
Loren was stuck on an answer .
If he thought like a mercenary, the only option was to leave Shayna and retreat .

It cut their conversation, so Loren continued what they were talking about earlier .
x201C;This whole situation, do you think it will be resolved if we defeat Shutel? x201D;
x201C;I don x2019;t think so . x201D;
The response to his question was very simple yet very cruel .
As Loren took a sharp breath without realizing, Lapis started explaining like it was nothing .
x201C;There is probably a culprit behind this whole disturbance . And it x2019;s not Shutel herself, but the being she was talking about . I x2019;m not sure what he did, but he did something to Shayna and failed, then left this place . x201D;
x201C;Looks like it . x201D;
x201C;And this ma . s . s outbreak of undead . It is probably all his doing but he isn x2019;t here anymore, so even if we defeat Shutel, the undead will still remain the way they are . x201D;
Lapis said it easily, but the contents were showing an unbelievable reality .
It was unknown at that point how much of city state x2019;s population became undead, but if the whole population of its capital city became undead, the numbers would definitely be over ten thousand .
If that many undead were let loose without any sort of control, it was already past the control of a few individuals, and it was a situation where the government or the army would have to make a move .
x201C;Loren, two from the right . x201D;
Loren unconsciously almost stopped thinking, but Lapis gave him a warning against the zombies that popped up, and he was able to cut down both of them with a single swing of his great sword .
x201C;That x2019;s not funny at all . x201D;
x201C;No, it isn x2019;t . In fact, my prediction is only an a . s . sumption based on if the casualties are kept at a minimum . x201D;
Loren looked at Lapis, wondering if there was anything more, but she took no notice of his gaze, and shrugged her head as she ran .
x201C;I x2019;m more concerned about the treasure that was given to Shayna . A wight alone is quite bothersome, but if something greater than that decides to show up, these zombies and revenants will look cute compared to it . x201D;
x201C;I don x2019;t think these guys look cute at all, though . x201D;
Loren cut down another zombie as he said that .
As he heard liquid splattering onto the dark alley, Loren gave his great sword a light swing, worried that the same thing was all over the blade .
x201C;d . a . m . n, there x2019;s so many undead, it x2019;s kind of depressing . x201D;
x201C;We x2019;re lucky it x2019;s night time . If it was during the day it would be quite a mess . x201D;
Undead rarely came out during the day .
And night time was when undead could display their full potential .
If that is the case you usually wouldn x2019;t say that you were glad that it was night, but Lapis was thankful that it was night time .
She thought that because since the undead in the city haven x2019;t been that state for a long time yet, most of them weren x2019;t much different from when they were alive .

x201C;Let me rephrase . The only ones that are currently conscious and are aware of this situation is us and Klaus, isn x2019;t it? x201D;
x201C;If you don x2019;t count our opponent and Shayna . x201D;
x201C;Doesn x2019;t this mean that there aren x2019;t any witnesses in this situation? x201D;
Loren experienced an even worse feeling at the word witness .
But the only things that were around the area were undead, and indeed the only living beings were him and Lapis, and Klaus was trying very hard to be alive, but they were already very far away from him, and weren x2019;t within his view .
In the case of Broas and the girls, it was unknown whether or not they regained consciousness, so Lapis was right when she said no witnesses .
x201C;What about it? x201D;
x201C;I was thinking that it wouldn x2019;t be a problem if I went slightly serious . x201D;
Loren thought for a moment as Lapis asked for his opinion .
Of course, he didn x2019;t stop killing the undead that continued to pop up, but he thought about it the best he could while doing so, and after killing a few more undead, he finally got to a conclusion .
x201C;Uh, I don x2019;t really think you should . Doesn x2019;t seem like anything good will happen . x201D;
x201C;It x2019;s fine, right? x201D;
In the dark of the night, when it was almost impossible to see anything, Loren and Lapis crossed eyes .
In that moment, Loren seemed to realize that it was impossible to talk her out of it, but a feeling that he shouldn x2019;t give up drove him to continue the argument .
x201C;You shouldn x2019;t . My sword is enough to kill the undead for now, anyway . I don x2019;t think you need to force yourself to use your powers . It x2019;s a different story if something like a bone dragon appears, though . x201D;
As soon as Loren said that, a violent tremor ran beneath his feet .
As he tried to keep his footing on top of the shaking ground in disbelief, Lapis said to him in a very happy voice .
x201C;You said that it x2019;s okay if a bone dragon comes out, right? x201D;
x201C; x2026;I shouldn x2019;t have said that x2026; x201D;

Lapis told him as she stepped into the bare earth that the spell had hollowed out .
As Loren followed her, he was worried that the ground would be burning hot, but the only thing he felt was dirt, and nothing like burning soil .
As Loren wondered what the logic behind it was, Lapis continued .
x201C;Plus, I x2019;m a priestess, so it would be bad if people find out I could use magic . I wouldn x2019;t usually do this kind of thing . x201D;
Lapis stretched her arms, saying that it was a good stress relief .
As Loren followed Lapis towards the center of the city across the earth, he realized that she didn x2019;t answer anything about what would happen if she was in perfect condition . He didn x2019;t feel like pushing for an answer and swore to himself that he would try to stop Lapis whenever she says she wants to use magic .

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