The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
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Chapter 9

Chapter 9
x201C;Oh yeah, about what happened earlier . x201D;
Loren was jogging through the tunnel with Lapis on his back .
The sword pressed onto Lapis x2019; body must have been uncomfortable, as she squirmed around on Loren x2019;s back . But she still couldn x2019;t move her limbs to help herself .
x201C;Earlier? x201D;
She neared her face toward Loren x2019;s shoulder .
Naturally their bodies got closer, but the only thing Loren felt on his back was his sword that was lodged between the two of them .
x201C;The way you talk changed . Is that how you talk naturally? x201D;
Lapis stopped squirming .
Loren got the feeling that she didn x2019;t want to talk about it, but he continued on, deciding that it was better to know as much as he could about her, especially because he was going to be with her for a while .
x201C;Your body as well . Is there a reason why it stopped moving? x201D;
x201C;Do I x2026;do you have to know why? x201D;
After hearing Lapis x2019; reluctant voice, obvious that it was something she didn x2019;t want to talk about, Loren started to have second thoughts about digging deeper into this matter .
It wasn x2019;t information that he needed, but there was always a chance that information that may not be needed contained something important . Judging from the situation that they were in, he wanted every piece of detail he could find .
But at the same time, he didn x2019;t want to push too hard and ruin his relationship with Lapis either .
Since Sarfe and the others were gone, the only ally he had left right now was Lapis .
x201C;I won x2019;t force you to, but it would be easier to think around it if you told me . x201D;
He made it so that Lapis would make the decision .
He decided to tell her what was on his mind, then see how she would react .
x201C;Well, let x2019;s see x2026;since you already saw everything, I guess I can tell you . x201D;
After taking a moment to collect her thoughts, she whispered into his ear .
While thinking that a woman whispering into his ear was something that ran down his spine, he focused on Lapis x2019; voice, not slowing down and continuing to scan his surroundings .
x201C;Loren, how much do you know about demon kind (demon kin?) . x201D; *
Loren almost stopped in his tracks at Lapis x2019; question, but remembered that they weren x2019;t in a situation to be stopping .
He slowed down to a jog while trying to recall what he knew about demon kind .
They generally didn x2019;t have much interactions with humans .
In this world, there exists races other than humans such as demi-humans and beast kin who lived in their own societies along with humans .
Demon kind was one of them but didn x2019;t have a good reputation among the other races .
They had little to no interaction with humans, much less other races, and were generally thought of as the name of the race suggested .
But in fact, there were only a handful that lived up to that reputation and it wasn x2019;t that they were impossible to interact with .
Although they had higher physical abilities and higher affinity to magic, they weren x2019;t interested in other races, and their tendency to use anything however they could to benefit them was the root of their bad reputation .
But people like that existed among humans as well and it all depended on the personality of the individual, so the mercenary that told him all of this warned Loren not to think x2018;just because they x2019;re demon kind x2019; .

Beings called demon lords popped up every now and then and brought fear upon the world, but they were just rulers of demon kind and rarely tried to control monsters and take over the world .
Loren told Lapis all he could recall about demon kind .
After he was done, Lapis nodded and said
x201C;I x2019;m one of the demon kind . x201D;
x201C;You x2019;re kidding, right? x201D;
Based off Loren x2019;s knowledge, demon kind didn x2019;t believe in gods .
Gods didn x2019;t share their powers with those who weren x2019;t believers, and if Lapis was indeed demon kind as she said, it would contradict the fact that she was a priest .
Because Lapis was on his back, he saw her face more clearly and saw that her eyes were pitch black just like her hair .
Her physical characteristics were different to those of the demon kind as well .
x201C;We definitely don x2019;t believe in the supreme god or the earth goddess and such, but the knowledge god has similar tastes as we do so x2026; x201D; **
Although gods oversaw different things, ideals such as love and peace were a part of their teachings .
But Lapis told Loren that the teachings of the knowledge god didn x2019;t include any of them, and that the only thing taught was to gain knowledge, then search for further knowledge .
This teaching wasn x2019;t well known by demon kind, but there was a small number of followers among them .
x201C;Since the Knowledge god considers magic a form of knowledge, priests of the Knowledge god can use magic as well as divine arts . However, the priests of other gods cannot use magic, only the divine arts their god bestows them . x201D; ***
This is why Loren was surprised when Lapis conjured light using a magic spell .
Priests usually only used the divine arts of their god, and Loren never heard of a priest who used magic on top of that .
x201C;Does that mean a human priest of the Knowledge god can use magic too? x201D;
If this was true, it meant that priests of the Knowledge god could fill two roles at the same time, and would be high in demand from both adventurers as well as mercenaries .
Even if it were to be expensive, having one person fill the roles of two was too good of a deal .
x201C;There may be some that can, but no one should be as good as I am . I x2019;m demon kind . It x2019;s only natural for me to have higher specs . x201D;
Lapis sounded slightly proud of herself .
Loren thought that she wasn x2019;t wrong .
He had no idea how much strength Lapis possessed, but if she had enough to cover one person x2019;s worth for both magic and divine arts at the same time, it wasn x2019;t something not to be proud of .
x201C;So, why is a demon kind like you an adventurer? Don x2019;t you guys usually stay inside the mountain range in the middle of the continent? x201D;
The reason why demon kind didn x2019;t interact much with other races .
Although their bad reputation and their personalities played a big part, the biggest reason was where they lived .
They were surrounded by a high stone mountain range in the center of the continent, and it was physically very difficult for people to go in, much less go out .

She raised her right hand, which was around Loren x2019;s neck, slightly .
Her movement was sluggish, and it seemed like she couldn x2019;t move how she wanted to .
x201C;This is artificial . x201D;
x201C;What? x201D;
x201C;Currently all four of my limbs as well as my eyes are artificial ones with some magical tampering on it . I can only move them by using my mana, and it uses quite a bit as well . x201D;
Loren then looked closely at Lapis x2019; right hand, and even though Lapis had explained just now, he couldn x2019;t tell the difference between that and a real hand just by looking at it .
x201C;Did you notice that Oxy x2019;s magic didn x2019;t work earlier? x201D;
Loren had noticed that .
The spell she had used against the goblins had no effect, and that was one of the reasons that the party collapsed .
x201C;That was probably because the goblin mage activated something that had the effect . It x2019;s not a spell that goblins could use, so I x2019;m guessing that it had some sort of magic item . x201D;
Lapis explained that the spell diffused mana using mana itself, making it impossible to use any kind of magic within an area . It took a lot of mana and control to use, which made it very unlikely that the goblin used it .
x201C;It x2019;s not something the mana capacity of a goblin can handle, so it probably used a storage-type magic item to use it . x201D;
x201C;You mean this? x201D;
Loren then showed her the necklace that he ripped from the goblin mage x2019;s neck .
Lapis looked at the golden necklace for a while and eventually nodded .
x201C;This is probably it . But what I find troubling is how a goblin got a hold of a magic item like this, with a spell that even humans have trouble using . x201D;
When Loren took the necklace earlier, Lapis told him that she preferred that he leave that .
It was most likely because she realized that it was the reason she couldn x2019;t move her limbs .
However, Loren judged that it wasn x2019;t a spell that activated continuously, as Lapis was able to move her limbs little by little .

Lapis said that it was a storage-type, so Loren guessed that as time passed, mana would be stored into the necklace, so he decided to keep it in his pocket .
x201C;My eyes managed to keep functioning, though . x201D;
x201C;I see . What about the way you talk? x201D;
x201C;That x2019;s x2026;it x2019;s not that that way of talking is more natural . The way I x2019;m talking right now is natural as well . Actually, the way I talk right now is the natural me . x201D;
Lapis talked as if she were trying to make excuses .
x201C;It x2019;s not like that x2019;s natural for demon kind either . Well x2026;how should I put it x2026;It x2019;s like I switch consciousness during battle . x201D;
x201C;Hmm? x201D;
x201C;Since my arms and legs stopped working because of and it became a dangerous situation, my consciousness naturally switched, and I started talking like that . x201D;
Her explanation made sense to Loren .
Loren himself changed his consciousness in and out of battle .
He believed that the result of it going too far and changing the way a person talked or changing personality wasn x2019;t that weird of an explanation as well .
x201C;I see . I got you . x201D;
x201C;I told you to leave me because at the time I believed that it was the most optimal decision . Thank you, Loren, for ignoring me and carrying me all the way here . x201D;
Loren couldn x2019;t see Lapis x2019; face directly because she was on his back, so when he looked over his shoulder, his eyes met hers, and judging from her serious face, he knew that she meant that from the bottom of her heart .
x201C;Although demon kind like me have quite the bad reputation, we aren x2019;t ones to forget a debt . x201D;
x201C;Ah, okay . You can repay me however you want to . But that x2019;s only if we x2019;re able to get out of this cave . x201D;
Loren was jogging the whole time, but the tunnel continued into the distance .
Although they passed crossroads and caverns, it felt as if the end of the tunnel would never come, and Loren replied to Lapis bluntly, trying to hide his embarrassment .
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