The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
Author :Mine
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Chapter 8

Chapter 8
x201C;Guess I x2019;m not getting out of this easily! x201D;
There was nowhere to run, being pincered in by the two groups .
As Loren decided that the only way out was to cut through them, he heard Oxy finish chanting her spell .
x201C;Scatter the sands, bring upon slumber! x201D;
Based on Oxy x2019;s movements and line of sight, Loren saw that she was using on the goblins in front and was irritated at her decision .
He knew that she was trying to help Sarfe and Naron, but if they were to successfully retreat, it was better to use it on the goblins behind them .
But Oxy was too focused on them and didn x2019;t seem like she noticed the goblins behind them .
Loren changed his mind and thought that they still had a chance if they could at least get through the goblins in front, and waited for Oxy x2019;s spell to take effect . But he narrowed his eyes, seeing a strange light coming from the goblin mage x2019;s necklace .
At the same time for an unknown reason, Lapis, who Loren was still holding her by the collar, became limp .
As her knees buckled, Loren immediately let go of her and before her knees could hit the floor, he managed to catch her and lend her his shoulder .
x201C;Hey! What x2019;s wrong? x201D;
x201C;This is x2026; x201D;
He didn x2019;t have time to check what was wrong with Lapis, who looked dumbfounded, because he heard Oxy x2019;s panicked voice .
x201C;What? How!? x201D;
Loren soon found out why .
Although the spell had been used, there was no sign of any of the goblins going to sleep . The goblins then rushed at Sarfe and Naron at once .
x201C;You bastards! Get away from me! x201D;
x201C;S x2026;stop! Let go of me! x201D;
There was no way Sarfe could get up and fight with an injured shoulder and leg .
Naron, who injured her flank, was unable to go against them either and they pushed her to the ground .
x201C;Hey! Get away from her! x201D;
The goblins showed no mercy, bringing their weapons down on Sarfe .
As dull swords chipped away at his flesh and the clubs struck bone after bone, Sarfe screamed in pain .
Naron shrieked as the goblins started to rip her clothes off .
Oxy became pale at the sight and before she could do anything, the goblins tackled her from behind and covered her, not even letting her scream .
Loren knew that he couldn x2019;t save them .
He then started to take steps forward .
For a second,the thought of leaving Lapis here crossed his mind .
Lapis couldn x2019;t move her limbs, much less grab onto Loren x2019;s shoulder, and was getting carried by Loren . To him, she was dead weight .
If he left her, he would be able to move around quicker and the goblins would be focused on new prey, letting him run away with little to no problems .
The only problem was dealing with the guilt later, but considering the pros, he thought it wasn x2019;t a bad choice .
Lapis looked up at Loren, who was still trying to decide, and gave out a small sigh .
x201C;It can x2019;t be helped, just leave me . x201D;
It was a completely different tone than until now .
Loren was more surprised that she told him to leave her here than the change in the way she talked .
x201C;I x2019;m in the way, correct? They won x2019;t kill a woman that easily, but they will kill you for sure . Don x2019;t mind me and just go . x201D;
He sensed a feeling of defeat in her voice .

All the screaming from behind him and weird moaning sounds coming from Lapis didn x2019;t reach his ears anymore .
He swung his left arm in a wide arc right at the base of a goblin x2019;s neck .
The goblin x2019;s body tore into two pieces and Loren kicked them away, then bashed the forehead of another goblin who jumped at him .
The blade lodged into its head and broke off .
Loren, as soon as he felt it break, hurled the rest of the sword at another goblin, then picked up a club and continued to speed up .
He rushed past Sarfe, who was getting hacked to pieces in a pool of blood, and Naron, who was stripped naked and held down on the ground, and went straight toward the archers .
A few arrows were fired at close range .
No matter how bad they were at using bows, Loren was close enough that it was almost impossible to miss .
But to the goblins x2019; surprise, not even one of them managed to hit Loren, and before they could even act confused, they got a knee to the face and flew away .
Right before the arrows were launched, Loren immediately jumped to the side and as soon as the arrows flew past, he jumped and kicked off the wall, propelling himself towards the goblins and landed the attack .
He didn x2019;t even bother looking at his work as continued running, at a speed that seemed impossible to reach while holding a person .
He dashed toward the goblin mage, who was standing behind more archers .
But the goblin mage wasn x2019;t ready to back down without a fight .
It started muttering something and raised a finger and pointed it at Loren . A ball of fire appeared at the tip and started moving in Loren x2019;s direction .
It was the beginner level magic spell , and it flew at him faster than the arrows .
Loren couldn x2019;t dodge in time and it struck him on the left shoulder .
Loren grimaced at the impact and the pain of fire burning his flesh, but it wasn x2019;t enough to slow him at all .
The goblin mage, shocked that the spell didn x2019;t stop Loren, was readying another spell .
x201C;Too slow! x201D;
Of course, Loren wasn x2019;t about to give it time to use another spell .
Cutting off the pain in this left arm from his consciousness, he rammed into the goblin mage .
He took a wide swing at it and the hit immediately crushed its head open .
At the same time, he threw away the now broken club, and before the goblin mage could fall onto the ground, reached out and snatched the necklace that emitted the strange light when Oxy used her spell .
x201C;I wish you would just leave that . x201D;
Lapis muttered in a small voice, looking at the necklace with the corner of her eye, but Loren ignored her and jumped into the tunnel in front of them .
It was the other way they came from, but they didn x2019;t have a choice .
There was a chance that the tunnel led to a smaller space, but there were side tunnels and
Loren prayed that they could use them to dodge the goblins and escape .
x201C;How are you running so well without any light? x201D;

x201C;Can you see now? I won x2019;t ask you to carry me like a princess, but can you at least carry me on your back? x201D;
Lapis asked him with her limbs still dangling .
He could x2019;ve ignored her, but he felt an eerie tone from her voice and gently let her down from under her arm and proceeded to put her on his back .
x201C;Ah, that x2019;s better . Now that that x2019;s out of the way, Loren, thank you for saving me back there . x201D;
As soon as she got on his back, she started talking politely again .
Loren wondered what the change in her way of talking meant as he continued deeper into the tunnel, now illuminated by the light .
x201C;But why did you decide to save me? You left everyone else to die back there . x201D;
Loren didn x2019;t flinch at the fact that she said he left Sarfe and the rest to die .
He knew that she was simply just asking him what she was thinking, so he answered her in a daunting manner .
x201C;I just felt like it, you were lucky, I still owe you money . Just choose one . I x2019;m sure one of them is the answer . x201D;
x201C;Is it okay if I take it that Loren is a kind person? x201D;
x201C;If that were true I wouldn x2019;t have left the others . x201D;
He told Lapis with a wry smile and a teasing tone, but she didn x2019;t seem to be offended at all and quietly leaned onto his back .
x201C;But you still saved me so I x2019;ll think of it as that . x201D;
x201C;Think of it as you want to then . x201D;
It didn x2019;t matter to Loren about how Lapis thought about him .
When Loren told her to do as she liked, she told him she would with a smile on her face .
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