Genius Summoner
Chapter 50 - What Exactly Was Meatball
Genius Summoner
Author :Like Snow 3000
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Chapter 50 - What Exactly Was Meatball

Chapter 50: What Exactly Was Meatball
Yun Feng was speechless. She put Meatball into the bracelet when she went to the Martial Arts Institute. This little guy certainly wasnt willing to, but bringing it into the Martial Arts Institute would cause some troubles. After all, having a Magic Beast was something too extravagant. Although the Yun family could still afford it, this would make people jealous after all. The less trouble the better. She hated trouble.

"Na! Nana!" Meatball made some roar-like sounds angrily, but that clearly couldnt achieve the effect. It didnt know how to say anything, apart from "na." Yun Fengs black eyes gazed at Meatball after all. After a while, she grabbed Meatballs neck and brought it in front of her. Those two pairs of eyes of a human and a beast looked at each other.

"Why cant I feel your elemental force?" Yun Feng finally asked after staring at it for a long time. She didnt care about this meatball at first, but now, it made her extremely confused. It was a Magic Beast, but why did it have any elemental force in its body?

Meatballs huge eyes spun and looked at Yun Feng with an innocent face, as if it didnt know as well. Yun Fengs mental strength surged out quietly to detect Meatball carefully. And yet, she found nothing.

What... exactly was it?

"Ancestor, is it possible that a Magic Beast doesnt have elemental forces?" Yun Feng, who couldnt get any answers, asked her ancestor for help. The ancestor was knowledgeable, especially in the area of Magic Beasts. His knowledge was like a vast number of stars and he was a living library to Yun Feng.

"Hm... Such a situation is very very rare, almost none at all... but that doesnt mean that these beasts dont exist." What the ancestor said made Yun Feng astonished. She glanced at Meatball she was holding in her hands with a weird look. Perhaps it was some impressive existence?

"Who... are they?"

The ancestor felt that Yun Fengs mood got better gradually and his heart was slightly moved. Looking at this beautiful little face, a smile of relief appeared on the ancestors handsome face. Perhaps this kid could truly fulfil the dream that nobody could.
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