Worlds Best Martial Artist
Chapter 50 - Departure
Worlds Best Martial Artist
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Chapter 50 - Departure

Chapter 50: Departure
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At night, in Lakeview Gardens.
Li Yuying helped her son pack up for the trip. She asked, worried, "Pingping, do you really not want Mom to go with you?"
"Mom, the school has already taken care of our food and lodging. Theres no need to trouble yourself over this."
If one had passed the assessment, he would have to stay in Auspicious Sun City and prepare for the practical test, which would be held on the 7th, and the general sciences test on the 10th.
The longer one stayed in Auspicious Sun City, the more tests he had passed.
The longer he stayed, the higher was the possibility of getting accepted into a martial arts university.
Under her mother and brothers glares, Fang Yuan muttered sheepishly, "Im only riling Fang Ping up deliberately so that he can stay in Auspicious Sun City longer..."
After that, Fang Yuan cheered up a little. She suggested experimentally, "Fang Ping, what if I accompany you there and take care of you?"
"You, take care of me?"
At last, this girl volunteered to do his laundry for him charging a fee for every item she washed, of course.
Now, this girl had the nerve to take the credit!
Fang Yuan was again sheepish after subjected to her mothers glare. She said, "Im helping you to save your money! Whos charging a fee..."
Fang Ping did not know what to say to that. He did not call out her lie.
After everything was packed up, Li Yuying handed him a pile of notes that obviously totaled over a thousand yuan.
Fang Ping did not take it. He said with a smile, "Mom, I have some with me now. Plus, the school will pay for food and lodging. All of it is included in the registration fee."

Some sold their homes, while others borrowed loans from banks or their relatives.
They had been the exception; they had merely spent some thirty to forty thousand yuan since the day Fang Ping decided to pursue martial sciences.
This was a considerable amount to the Fangs, but it did not even measure up to the amount others had spent on buying pills before the physical assessment.
Fang Mingrong had wanted to purchase a pill for Fang Ping a few days before the physical assessment. If he could not afford a Vitality Pill, a Blood and Qi-replenishing Pill would do too.
Fang Ping refused adamantly, though, with a confident declaration. Fang Mingrong could only put that thought aside.
Their son understood their situation and did not want to burden the family.
The couple was sad, though, feeling that they had let Fang Ping down.
Li Yuying ended up pressing the money to Fang Ping forcefully. She gave him some advice before going out to clean.
Fang Ping fished out the pile of money that she had stuffed in his pocket. He did not even need to count them to know that she had given him 2000 yuan.
He would be going on a trip to Auspicious Sun City, which would last at least three days and more than two weeks at most.
This amount of money was an exorbitant expense to the Fang family.
Fang Ping thought for a while before taking it with grace.
Their financial situation was not that dire yet, and the martial sciences exams were coming soon.
After he had finished taking the tests, everything plaguing the family would be resolved on their own.
His mother had left, but Fang Yuan had not.
The girl was interested in going to Auspicious Sun City. She perched her chin on her hands and looked at Fang Ping. "Fang Ping, are you really not going to bring me along?
"I can do your laundry for you... no fees charged!
"I can carry your bags and clothes for you when youre taking an exam...
"If you dont pass, Ill be there to support you...
"Focus on your studies! There are lots of opportunities for you to travel in the future. Dont cause me trouble this time!"
Fang Ping refused immediately.
Saying that Fang Yuan would cause him trouble was going a little overboard, but he would definitely not bring any deadweight along.
Fang Yuan said, slightly disappointed, "After you leave, Ill be so bored during the 1st of May holiday..."
Quarrels and spats aside, the siblings had not been separated for so long since they were little.
Now that Fang Ping was out alone, Fang Yuan knew without second thought how bored she would be.

While the two of them were chatting, the man behind Tan Hao shrugged off the schools higher-ups and stepped forward with a smile. "Hao, is he Fang Ping, the classmate you were talking about?"
Tan Hao said quickly, "Mm. Dad, hes Fang Ping."
"Fang Ping, this is my dad..."
Tan Hao explained to Fang Ping, while he had actually guessed the mans identity.
His being around Tan Hao, the uncharacteristically fawning smiles on the higher-ups faces, and the higher-than-average Vitality.
Fang Ping knew who he was, after a moments thought.
He did not expect Tan Haos father to tag along.
Tan Zhenping gave Fang Ping a scrutinizing look but smiled after he heard Fang Pings greeting. Tan Zhenping nodded and said with a laugh, "Fang Ping, Im in charge of coordinating the physical assessment of the candidates from Sun City as a representative from the city and liaising with the relevant parties.
"You can come to me for help anytime if there is anything you dont understand.
"When you arrive in Auspicious Sun City, Tao and Hao will be with the candidates from No.1 High School. You can seek them out if you cant find me."
Tan Hao was slightly surprised by his words, but then he did not think any more about it when he remembered that Fang Ping had Wang Jinyangs support.
All the higher-ups in No.1 High School were taken aback. What in the world was happening?
These higher-ups tasked to lead the excursion did not know Fang Ping.
Tan Zhenping, as the only representative from the city government among the leaders, was in a much higher standing than them. He was also the only martial artist among them.
His words confused them.
Fang Ping was also surprised, not by Tan Zhenpings courtesy but because of his assuming the role of leader of this excursion.
The martial sciences exams were crucial. They were going to take them in Auspicious Sun City, too, so the accompaniment of Sun Citys higher-ups was not unexpected.
When they arrived at Auspicious Sun City, there were lots of emergency situations that could prove hard to diffuse without a martial artist.
That was why a martial artist from the government would be tasked to lead the excursion every year.
Fang Ping had not expected this representative to be Tan Zhenping.
He had heard Wu Zhihao say that Tan Haos father worked for the government, but he did not ask for details.
Fang Ping hurriedly thanked Tan Zhenping for his courtesy. "Thank you, Uncle Tan."
"Youre welcome. Go on and chat. Well leave together when the coaches from other schools arrive."
Tan Zhenping explained further. Even Tan Hao thought that his father had gone overboard with the genial reminders.
Although Fang Ping had Wang Jinyangs support, he was not even present at this moment. Was there really a need to inform Fang Ping of everything in the finest detail?
Those questions stayed questions. Tan Hao, being the straightforward person he was, did not dwell on it.
Tan Tao, who had not uttered a word since then, eyed his father. Tan Zhenping did not say anything to that, turning back instead to continue his conversation with the school higher-ups.
Through the conversation, Tan Zhenping did not concentrate on it. He was still glancing at Fang Ping from the corner of his eye.
He had heard about Fang Ping from his sons. He had also heard rumors that Wang Jinyang had put his hopes on him.
Tan Zhenping did not put too much basis on them. Fang Ping and Wang Jinyang were not related at all. It would not be wrong if Wang Jinyang had seen the others potential and gave him some advice.
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