Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 50: Emperors decree, a frightful thing
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 50: Emperors decree, a frightful thing

Han Yunxi had thought that Long Feiye wouldnt return so quickly, but it turned out that hed never left. He was in the Hibiscus Courtyard when the message reached him and came to answer the summons. As soon as that proud and tall form appeared in the doorway, not only Murong Wanru, but the surrounding servant girls all grew red-faced and nervous, their hearts all aflutter. Though they wanted to look at him more, they didnt dare try.
He was wearing loose white robes, and his ink-black hair was coiled up and held in place with a dark jade clasp. He really resembled one of the emotionless high immortals from the Ninth Heaven[1], remarkably handsome and leisurely, cold and withdrawn from mortal cares. Even Grand Concubine Yi couldnt shift her eyes away. For her to have a son like this was the greatest joy of her life.
Meanwhile, Han Yunxi was secretly rolling her eyes. This fellows getup made it obvious that he was staying at home. For a master of the house to completely ignore the chaos outside his own door was something she could applaud inside.
Grand Concubine Yi happily pulled Long Feiye over to sit on the seat, adding oil to vinegar[2] as she explained the situation. The way she put it, it seemed like everything was Han Yunxis fault. Han Yunxi kept to herself and mused, Long Feiye, if you cant explain things, this auntie wont help you next time even for 3,000 taels. And yet as soon as she thought this, Long Feiye turned to ask, "Han Yunxi, how do you think we should handle this?"
"Chenqie is stupid and slow-witted, please have your highness make the decision," Han Yunxi was very humble.
"If youre stupid and slow-witted, then take the time to think it over," Long Feiye retorted.
Han Yunxis heart hardened. "As chenqie sees it, a clear explanation is necessary. The crucial points lie to how to explain and who will speak up."
Grand Concubine Yi and Murong Wanru didnt take her words to heart at all, but Long Feiye nodded for her to continue. Seeing this, the mother and daughter pair couldnt help but peer over in disbelief.
Han Yunxi only said, "In chenqies humble opinion, itll be most persuasive if mufei appears in person to explain. After all, shed be the one taking all their rebuffs, and she has standing. Moreover, there are no lack of nobles asking for treatment. If mufei goes out, they wont dare to raise objections. As for the common people, chenqie suggests that mufei give them each a donation to treat their illnesses with other famous doctors. On the one hand, itll show off mufeis benevolence; on the other, itll prevent idle gossip."
She wanted Grand Concubine Yi to personally dispel the rumors?
Murong Wanru covered her mouth in disbelief. She thought, Han Yunxi, youre indulging in wild fantasies. Just wait until you admit defeat.
"Have me go out?" Grand Concubine Yi was a little unhappy.
Han Yunxi added, "Mufei, youre the perfect representative for his highness." She looked towards Long Feiye. "Your highness, wouldnt you say so?" She wanted this person here to be her support, so of course he had to speak up!
Long Feiyes eyes flashed with a hint of admiration that no one could see before he magnanimously nodded his head. "Un."
Grand Concubine Yi might have doted on her son, but since childhood, hed never been close with her. When he grew up, it was even less so, especially in recent years. It was hard enough to speak to him about her feelings, much less sit and eat with him at the same table. Seeing her son nod his head, Grand Concubine Yi felt as if she was eating sweet honey and forgot about arguing with Han Yunxi.

When she entered, all eyes turned to her. This made the uneasy Han Yunxi grow nervous for no reason. For the emperors own eunuch to come knocking at their doors meant it had to be an issue related to the emperor himself. Seeing Long Feiye and Grand Concubine Yis expressions, Han Yunxis heart was perturbed. She had a feeling this wasnt good news.
"Servant Xue Guiping[6] greets esteemed wangfei," Eunuch Xue smiled ambiguously.
"Eunuch Xue doesnt need to mind, please rise," Han Yunxi said politely. This was no ordinary servant.
"Eunuch Xue, please take a seat," Grand Concubine Yi spoke, and the eunuch sat on one side. In response, Han Yunxi found a seat next to Long Feiye.
"Yunxi, why dont you explain to Eunuch Xue how you dont know any medical skills, only how to treat poisons? Otherwise, itll be hard for Eunuch Xue to explain things," Grand Concubine Yi said once she had collected herself.
These words made Han Yunxis heart stop. This...this, it couldnt be that the rumors reached the emperors ears as well, so he wanted her to treat an illness?
Her heart was flurried, but her expression remained composed. "Eunuch Xue, what exactly is the matter?"
"To reply esteemed wangfei, the emperor heard of your prowess in the medical arts. You can treat dubious cases that stumped even Imperial Physician Gu and Divine Doctor Han, so this old servant would like to invite you into the palace and examine the pulse of the crown prince," Eunuch Xue explained politely.
Han Yunxis lips twitched. These three words, Examine the pulse, were spoken so deftly!
The crown prince was the empress and empress dowagers treasure, cultivated by the emperor himself. But seven years ago, he fell sick with a strange illness. Han Congan was requested to treat him but still couldnt diagnose him after all this time. Han Congan spent much of his energy and sacrificed quite a few relations to arrange for a discussion panel with the other directors of the medical academy, but he still couldnt cure this disease.
There were all sorts of incurable diseases in the world, but somehow Han Congan managed to diagnose the crown prince with a pregnancy pulse[7].
How could a man get pregnant?
Everyone assumed this was a misdiagnosis, yet the directors of the medical academy all verified that it was indeed a pregnancy pulse. This angered the empress dowager and created her hate towards the Han family. She forgot all about how Lady Tianxin had saved her life and threatened to kill Han Congan multiple times. Of course this was all a big secret. The only people who knew were the emperor, empress dowager, empress, the Duke of Qin and Han Congan, as well as Imperial Physician Gu and a few medical academy directors. As for everyone else, all they knew was that the crown prince had a strange illness of which rumors abounded.
After the medical academy directors left, tragedy befell Han Congan. His consultation with those doctors yielded no results, so the empress dowager and emperor invited others in for a look. They too, showed no results, so Han Congan had to continue treating him in case they revealed too much. From then on, all of the resentment and hate fell on his shoulders.
Han Yunxi was aware of this only because of the original bodys memories. The old Han Yunxi had a chance to hear this all by accident. Now the emperor wanted her to take a pulse? Perhaps he wanted her to take her fathers place?

"Eunuch Xue, theres been a big misunderstanding!" Han Yunxi suddenly stood up, face worried. "Eunuch Xue, although the Han is a medical family, I was born slow-witted and stupid. Everyone knows I dont understand anything about medical arts. Perhaps the emperor listened to those rumors outside and misunderstood me?"
Eunuch Xue smiled. "Esteemed wangfei is really modest. There are no waves without wind, no smoke without fire. Esteemed wangfei must have such abilities for outsiders to spread such rumors."
"Its a mistake, a misunderstanding. My mufei just went out to set things straight," Han Yunxi wanted to cry, but she had no tears.
Yet Eunuch Xue just said, "Esteemed wangfei, even if the news outside are mistakes, we can believe in the truth, yes? The young generals incident and Princess Changpings situation, the emperor has heard of them both. Both their illnesses confounded Imperial Physician Gu and Divine Doctor Han, but your medicine cured them within half a day. After hearing this, the emperor rejoiced and praised you as blue that is made of indigo, but is more vivid than indigo[8]. There is much of your mother Lady Tianxins bearing about you."
Eunuch Xue spoke with boundless joy, but Han Yunxi was deeply grieved to hear such words.
"Esteemed wangfei, this time it was the empress who gave her personal recommendation. Esteemed wangfei really has hidden depths! If youre any more modest, be careful of angering the imperial countenance," Eunuch Xue joked.
The empress!
What did you call causing someone to fall from excessive praise? This was truly it! What were the rumors outside compared to this?
Han Yunxi sat back as she finally understood. She glanced towards Grand Concubine Yis face but only saw a ridiculing curve to her lips, as if she was watching a good show. Next to her, Murong Wanru seemed to be showing sympathy, but her eyes intentionally betrayed a sliver of self-satisfaction.
[1] Ninth Heaven (??) jiutian, the highest of the heavens. Chinese mythology believed in nine levels of heaven.
[2] adding oil to vinegar (????) tianyou jiacu, to add details while telling a story to make it more interesting.
[3] let loose...doves (?...??) fang...gezi, idiom likely meaning to let someones hopes fly away.
[4] Emperor Tianhui (????) name of Tiannings reigning emperor. Tian can mean sky, heaven, Hui can mean emblem, fine, glorious.
[5] Eunuch Xue (???) xue gong gong, Xue is the surname, gong gong is a respectful term of address for an elderly man or a court eunuch.
[6] Xue Guiping (???) Eunuch Xues full name. Gui is cassia or sweet-scented osmanthus, Ping can mean calm, peaceful, level.
[7] pregnancy pulse (??) ximai, a measure of the pulse that indicates the patient is pregnant. Ancient Chinese doctors used pulses to determine various illness just by the patients heartbeat rhythm or similar.
[8] blue that is made of indigo, but is more vivid than indigo (????????) qinchu yulan ersheng yulan, idiom meaning that the student surpasses the master.
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