Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 46: Your lordship forbids you from being scared
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 46: Your lordship forbids you from being scared

Even Long Feiye didnt realize that his eyes were looking on in admiration as he took out a money pouch and threw it at Han Yunxi. Despite this, Han Yunxi tossed it back and said, "Its not too late if I take it after I see and treat the poison."
She was an avaricious woman, but not covetous.
Long Feiye said nothing as he turned and left, with Han Yunxi following afterwards. Gah! The wind was fierce outside. Long Feiye walked very fast, forcing her to run in order to keep up. She couldnt help but think that theyd get a carriage when they left the gates. And yet theyd only reached the doors of the Hibiscus Courtyard before Long Feiye stilled his steps. Han Yunxi ducked behind him to avoid the wind as she trembled. "What is it?"
Long Feiye turned around and opened an arm to lift up his spacious cloak. His voice was as cold as frost. "Come in."
The gale made his cloak shudder and dance in the wind. His features looked firm and staunch in the darkness, those eyebrows resting as knives across his brow. He was like some god of the shadows, looking down at her with in seeming disdain. Han Yunxi was dumbfounded. For a moment, she couldnt figure out what he meant. Long Feiye was impatient and used a hand to pull her into his embrace. His arms enveloped her until she was wrapped tightly in his cloak against the winter chill. In that moment, Han Yunxis heart started thumping wildly as she was left in a fluster...
Heavens! His body was so warm and exuded a sort of sleepy fragrance. Was this the so-called warmth of an angels wings? It was so cozy! Before Han Yunxi could recover her senses, Long Feiye held her close and took a few light steps before soaring into the northwestern skies...
Han Yunxi was covered by the cloak as she nestled snugly in Long Feiyes embrace, flying through the air with him faster than any horse! She couldnt see anything clearly in the dark beyond the occasional lantern and had no idea where he was taking her. Still, she felt at ease.

Though her body was warm, the wind was still fierce and cold like knives cutting against her skin. Very soon, Han Yunxi found herself unable to stand it. She tried to turn her face to the side, then lower her head, but couldnt find any way to hide. In the end, she had no choice but to try and carefully shift her body. When she saw that Long Feiye had no reaction, she boldly wrapped her arms around him and completely shifted sideways, burying her head against him.
Finally, she was completely warm.
It would be a lie to say that she wasnt nervous. She kept stiff for a long time before seeing that Long Feiye didnt seem to mind her being this close. Only then did she relax and enjoy the body heat. He kept his eyes forward as he sped along, although a slight curve crept onto his lip unawares. He might have disdained her cowardice, but he also puzzled over her courage. Still, those dark and depthless eyes remained elusive and enigmatic.
He held on to her as they leapt over walls and across rooftops into the wilds beyond. She only felt the wind whistling past her as she remained ignorant to it all, slowly growing sleepy in his arms. It was only after Long Feiye descended to the ground and stood her upright that she recovered her senses. Once she drew out her head, she realized that it was early morning and they were on a tall cliff.
Long Feiye looked down. "You can let go now."
Ehh...? She gave a start before realized hed already released her, but she was still hugging his waist! Her face red, Han Yunxi let go as if shed been electrocuted and struggled free of his cape. As soon as she left the shield of his cloak, the winter wind assailed her from four directions. Still, Han Yunxi felt that her face was very hot. She did her best to ignore the awkwardness and asked without looking his way, "What are we doing here?"

The current climate was incapable of creating poisonous miasmas, but the fog in the valley could very possibly harbor poisonous bugs.
"Poisonous mosquito swarm?" It was the first time Long Feiye had heard of such a thing.
"The white fog isnt poison. That black mass is actually a mosquito swarm, but looks like fog in bad lighting and tricked you all," Han Yunxi explained, before adding, "Take me down there, I need to get closer to that black mass to see what type of mosquito it is."
The modern era alone had countless strains of mosquitoes, much less ancient history. Many of them had become extinct, so even more varieties might have existed in the past. Han Yunxi had to verify whether she could identify the species before creating an effective mosquito repellant.
Since theyd confirmed that the white fog was harmless, things were simple for Long Feiye. He said nothing more and pulled Han Yunxi in by a hand on her waist before leaping into the abyss. As soon as they entered the mountain valley, her poison sensors started setting off alarms again. Very quickly, she determined it location.
"On the right."
Long Feiye held her tight as they approached the poison, before her sensors alerted her to more toxins on the left.
It couldnt be...that there was more than one swarm?
Han Yunxi was surprised. Who knew that right at this moment, another alarm went off to tell her of poisons in front and behind them. Heavens, with poisons approaching them from four ends, werent they being encircled?
"Weve been surrounded," she said in a low voice. Her words had hardly finished when Long Feiye saw a miasma-like mass of black flying towards them from four sides. He didnt expect there to be four swarms either, but remained calm. "How close do you need to be to guess the poison?"
"Hurry and go, its too dangerous! Theyre extremely fast," Han Yunxi said, deciding on escape.
But Long Feiyes voice remained cold. "Answer your lordships question."
"Ten steps, at least ten steps and Ill be able to identify the poison!" Han Yunxi said truthfully.
Ten steps. Judging by the speed of the poison swarms, itd take them a second to reach them from ten steps away. In addition, they were surrounded on all sides. Han Yunx didnt dare think about it. She didnt even know what kinds of poisons the swarms were carrying or whether it could be analyzed and resisted. If she was poisoned, what then? In the midst of her panic, Long Feiye only replied with two words.
"We wait."
"We cant!" Han Yunxi shouted, staring as the swarms drew closer and closer. She could almost hear their annoying, terrifying buzz.
"Prepare to examine them," Long Feiye commanded.
This wasnt an ordinary poison, but a poison swarm. Four of them on all sides closing in was much more horrifying than a single swarm. Theyd be swallowed up and torn to pieces.
Han Yunxi admitted that she was a coward. "We cant, Im scared!"
But Long Feiye suddenly drew her into his embrace with a cold tone. "Your lordship is here and forbids you from being scared!"
So strong and forceful!
Han Yunxi hated arrogant and conceited men who swaggered around without reason, but she didnt feel that way this time. Her heart thumped in her chest as she suddenly calmed down. The power of this man made her feel safe.
At this moment, the four swarms drew even nearer.
"Are you ready?" Long Feiye asked in a low voice.
Calmer now, Han Yunxi adopted a professional air and activated her scanner to continuously sweep the surrounding areas, before lowering her voice in turn.
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