Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 44: Vent your anger to your hearts content
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 44: Vent your anger to your hearts content

The empresss eyes were dark and gloomy with indignation. But since this was a matter of saving someones life, there simply was no other way. She hid her anger and spoke gently. "Yunxi, how about this? You can say that Changping is ill but not what kind of illness it is. Since its not a good thing, its better not to spread it around."
"Empress, my mufei isnt an outsider. Naturally, she wont just tell anyone," Han Yunxi was a good daughter-in-law who immediately rose to defend her mother-in-law.
The empress nodded as she coaxed, "Of course. But...since Princess Changpings illness might be contagious, and since its on her face, this unmarried girl needs to keep some of her pride, doesnt she?"
Han Yunxi looked completely understanding as she nodded. "Chenqie understands. Then Ill say that Changpings contracted an acute disease accompanied by fever, and needs the ten-seasons cicada slough to clear her internal heat and treat the poison."
"Mhmm, just like that. Youll...make the trip yourself, right?" the empress probed. Shed already yielded to this extent, so there was no way shed sacrifice her face to beg Grand Concubine Yi. Things were bad enough!
If Han Yunxi went, then everything she did would be pointless. Of course she wouldnt, and she spoke with an earnest tone. "I need to watch over the princess here in case the poison turns contagious. Esteemed empress, its not advisable to delay. I think you should send someone in my place." Mentioning contagious made the empress anxious again. With no other choice, she handed over the matter to Gu Beiyue. He didnt express his opinion, but respectfully retreated to ask for the item from the Duke of Qins residence. All afternoon, the situation there was unclear, especially when Gu Beiyue didnt return. The empress sat anxiously in the guest hall as a nervous wreck while Han Yunxi took refuge in the stove room to make her so-called antidote. She didnt allow anyone to disturb her, but shed long stolen those valuable medicinal ingredients for herself.
All the precious items and ingredients shed ran out of in her reserves were hidden in her detoxification systems storage space, while she replaced them with some plain and common ingredients to mix together and boil in their place. Right now she was warming herself by the stove fire while pondering over the situation at the Duke of Qins.
Grand Concubine Yi was convinced that shed lost face for them when thrown into the prisons. Well then, now shed give her a chance to recover her pride, so she should be happy, right? Since Princess Changping was the one who was sick, Grand Concubine Yi wouldnt be able to explain herself if she refused to help. Han Yunxi was convinced that the grand imperial concubine would give it up. Murong Wanru would probably be frustrated to see her precious dowry being taken away, right? Han Yunxi couldnt help but laugh at the thought.
But even she hadnt expected that Gu Beiyue would return with Grand Concubine Yi to court at sunset!
This was a surprise even to the empress, who had to force herself to smile. Without asking any questions, she gained the initiative by speaking first. "Grand Concubine Yi, its just a medicinal ingredient. Changping cant shoulder the responsibility of troubling you to come in person!"
Before she could explain any further, Grand Concubine Yi shot a glance at Han Yunxi sitting on one side and replied, "If I knew it was for treating an illness, I wouldnt have let her come. What kind of medical skills does she have? Isnt she just doing whatever she thinks and writing nonsense prescriptions? Wouldnt she harm Changping?"

"Yunxi, you must take good care with Princess Changping in your hands."
Han Yunxi rose to accept it. "Mufei can set her worries at rest, chenqie understands. Chenqie will go boil the medicine right away."
"Esteemed wangfei, this official will be your assistant," Gu Beiyue rushed to say. He knew that Han Yunxis prescription was a sham and was curious to find out more about the true antidote.
The head imperial physician wants to be Han Yunxis assistant? Grand Concubine Yi was even happier as she smiled. "Then go, Imperial Physician Gu, and hurry."
And yet halfway there, Han Yunxi dismissed Gu Beiyue. "Imperial Physician Gu, you should check on Princess Changping." Gu Beiyue knew she didnt want him to follow. He hesitated, wanting to say something else, but ultimately decided to keep quiet with a smile.
"This official shall obey your command."
And yet as soon as he was about to leave, Han Yunxi turned around with a smile as fresh as a flower. "Gu Beiyue, thanks!" Then she turned back and left, leaving him a little stunned. After a while, he helplessly shook his head, the pupils of his eyes were as warm as an April breeze.
Han Yunxi entered the stove room and got rid of the brew she was boiling before, before replacing it with the packet of antidote she retrieved from her medical pouch. She made it into a decoction before personally carrying it out. The empress and Grand Concubine Yi were both waiting by Princess Changpings door. Seeing Han Yunxi carry over the bowl by herself, the empress was delighted. "This is it, right?"
"Exactly so," Han Yunxi nodded.
The empress personally opened the doors but didnt go inside. She even barred the way for Grand Concubine Yi. "Grand Imperial Concubine, the inside smells like medicine. Changpings afraid of the wind so we havent opened the windows these past days. Why dont we wait outside?"
Grand Concubine Yi had an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness. Once she caught the whiff of something unpleasant, she drew back in fear. "That might be better."
Gu Beiyue naturally went inside, leaving the empress and Grand Concubine Yi waiting in the rooms beyond. Though the princess could be cured, the empress was still nervous about the final results. Even the rampaging Grand Concubine Yi who invited herself inside was a bit perturbed. Unexpectedly, they ended up waiting for an hour before the empress couldnt sit any longer.
"Someone, go inside and see whats the matter."
Grand Concubine Yi frowned slightly, thinking to herself, Han Yunxi, ah, Han Yunxi. I came here to boost my pride today. If you make me lose face in the palace, I wont just starve you for a few days and nights!
The court lady dreaded the risk of catching an infection, but had to go inside. And yet the doors opened before she even took a step. It was Gu Beiyue who came out, followed by Han Yunxi. Very quickly, the windows on both sides were opened as well. The empress and Grand Concubine Yi practically rose at the same time to ask, "How is it?"
"Weve treated the source of the illness. Its just that the princess has tired herself out these few days, so her body is very weak. She needs be properly nursed back to health, " Han Yunxi said calmly.
"Really!" the empress looked disbelieving. "So its true that...everythings all right?"
What she really wanted to ask was whether there were any scars left. These words were just Han Yunxi being mischievous in her acting. She nodded and replied, "Esteemed empress, Changping has been waiting to see you. You should hurry inside."

With Han Yunxis words, the empresss heart finally settled in her chest as she went in wordlessly. Grand Concubine Yi kept thinking that something felt off, but couldnt describe what it was. She followed inside as well.
Within the chambers, Princess Changping had been untied. Although she didnt have much energy, her mind was filled with excitement. She commanded a servant to bring her a mirror for a look. Although her skin looked coarser than before, with a slight wound on her left and right sides, it was still better than a face full of rashes! Gu Beiyue and Han Yunxi had both said that her scars would take a few months to completely disappear, but at this moment, she was too thrilled to fuss over details.
Her face was fine! Her looks werent ruined, and she wouldnt infect other people!
Princess Changping didnt want to admit it, but she had to say that Han Yunxi saved her entire life by recovering her face. The empress rushed in and covered her mouth as soon as she saw Changping.
Heavens, it was true!
All the imperial doctors and famous poison specialists had no way to cure this poison like Han Yunxi did with a single bowl of medicine! And it was done with amazing speed! She sat down and stared at her daughters fair and clear face, too moved for words.
But Grand Concubine Yi remained bewildered. "Changping, you caught an illness with fever, but how did you hurt your face?"
"Of course its because she couldnt take the sickness and scratched herself," the empress hastily offered an excuse. Princess Changping was too wrapped up in her own joy, staring at the mirror while ignoring everyone else.
"What, so Han Yunxi didnt treat that in the meantime as well?" Grand Concubine Yi asked doubtfully.
A mama by the side spoke up. "To reply the grand imperial concubine, Qin Wangfei prescribed a medicine for external application. She says the marks will heal in a few more months."
Grand Concubine Yi was very satisfied and laughed. "Then thats good. Heheh, Changping, its your fortune to have such an imperial aunt."
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