Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 39: Mother-in-law and daughter-in-laws big quarrel
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 39: Mother-in-law and daughter-in-laws big quarrel

"Han Yunxi, you, you scourge! Ever since the day the empress dowager promised you to the Duke of Qin, Ive been losing face! On the wedding day, you even..."
Listening to Grand Concubine Yi talk about old debts, Han Yunxi really couldnt bear anymore. She wasnt the type of person to submit to humiliation. Instead of conforming to the situation, she fought for the dignity and rights she deserved.
Han Yunxi loudly cut off Grand Concubine Yis curses. "Mufei, I dont think this things lost us face at all. I in fact feel that I brought more face to the Duke of Qins household. First, I let everyone know that I wasnt useless trash, ignorant of medicine, or any less capable than my father. Secondly, Princess Changping and the judicial officer both received penalties so that the empress dowager has nothing else to say. She didnt save the judicial officer either, so it was them that lost face. All they can do is grind their teeth into pieces and swallow blood!"
"Thats right, mufei. Although it was wrong for sister-in-law to backtalk you, though quite a few people knew she was locked up, she didnt say anything wrong. The empress dowagers side didnt look into the matter after all," Murong Wanru urged on hypocritically.
Grand Concubine Yi only heard two and a half sentences before glaring at Han Yunxi and shook her head. "Han Yunxi, youre really treating yourself like a head of onion! As if being locked up is anything to be proud of! Hahaha, today Ive finally seen you for the shameless person you are! You even dare to smart talk me!"
Grand Concubine Yi backed up until she sat heavily in her chair to give orders. "Gui mama, hit her! Today Ill make sure to teach her a good lesson between gaining face and losing face! And what it means to have your face slapped!"
When she finished, Gui mama pulled up her sleeves, preparing to slap Han Yunxis cheeks. She immediately backed away. Grand Concubine Yi was being completely unreasonable. There was no way to make her case clear. As she retreated, she made preparations against Gui mama, speaking coldly. "Mufei, these events were settled by the Duke of Qin. If mufei thinks weve still lost face, then you can go look for him."
Gui mama was shocked and dared not advance, but Grand Concubine Yi suddenly slammed the table with her palms as she leapt up in incomprehension. "Han Yunxi, you dare to use the Duke of Qin to threaten me?"
"Chenqie is only speaking the truth. Chenqie will say it once more, this time we didnt lose face. The Duke of Qin handed the judicial officer over to the Ministry of Appointments to handle things and had Princess Changping apologize to chenqie in front of everyone. Just then, the young general came in person to give his thanks. If mother doesnt believe it, you can ask for details from the generals estate! Moreover, for the Duke of Qin to appear means telling the empress dowager and everyone else that no one can bully you with your son here!"
Although she knew it was useless to argue, Han Yunxi couldnt help but try. Since the Grand Concubine Yi was so preoccupied with appearances, the problem could only be dissolved by setting ones hand to this point. To these words, Grand Concubine Yi didnt reply immediately, but paused to think. But then Murong Wanru spoke again.
"Mufei, I heard this whole business was because Princess Changping complained to the empress dowager. In any case, sister-in-law is the Duke of Qins official wife so Princess Changping shouldve called her imperial aunt on behalf of his face. Just look at this princess, she doesnt hold the Duke of Qin in esteem at all. Of course its natural for the Duke of Qin to penalize her."

Before she could finish, Grand Concubine Yi grew huffy. "So what? She dared raise her hand against me. If I dont punish her this time, Ill be the one shes pushing around next time! Would the Duke of Qin insist on protecting her? If he tries, Ill punish him as well! Send orders that no ones allowed to release Han Yunxi without my say!"
"Ah...daughter understands," Murong Wanru gave a fake sigh as a proud sense of joy flickered past her eyes.
Han Yunxi, the woodhouse is nothing like the Hibiscus Courtyard. As your little sister, Ill make sure to take good care of you.

Nighttime. Han Yunxi huddled in the woodhouse, eating large mouthfuls of rice. Since this was her situation now, she might as well take it easy. Actually, this was much better than what she expected from before. If the handkerchief hadnt held that spot of red, she might have been put to death long ago. Now, even if she contradicted Grand Concubine Yi, the punishment still wouldnt kill her.
As long as it wasnt a death sentence, she still had many ways to face off against Grand Concubine Yi.
Except, would that fellow Long Feiye choose to interfere? Even then, which side would he choose? Why was she thinking about him again? Oh right, an ice-cold guy like him wouldnt even speak to her unless he wanted a favor.
Come morning, three meals arrived with the ensuring dishes to pass by peacefully. But by the third day, all the food they gave her was spoiled. Han Yunxi knew her difficulties were just beginning. She didnt say anything, but returned the items untouched. The fourth and fifth days were the same: three meals of rancid food. After starving for three days, Han Yunxi was completely out of energy. She lay against a pile of firewood, her bright eyes staring up at the skies. Her lips were pale white, but she still looked beautiful when she quirked them up in a smile.
Sometimes, admitting to your wrongs and begging for forgiveness could get you a meal in exchange, but not here. If she forced herself to eat the spoiled food, shed only meet with more cruelty and suffering. She wasnt even the one at fault, so she refused to admit it even if they beat her to death. Han Yunxi wasnt a masochist. She cherished her life and dared to challenge Grand Concubine Yi because shed prepared an excellent way out beforehand.
Spoiled food was spoiled food. She raised her fingers to tick off the time, calculating the days. Tomorrow, Princess Changping would definitely arrive to seek her help in treating her poison. Otherwise, her face would be ruined for good. As long as Princess Changping came, Grand Concubine Yi would be forced to retrieve her from the woodhouse.
Early morning on the sixth day, Murong Wanru and Gui mama watched from the trees as another rancid meal was delivered.
"Shes been starved for three days by now, but shes still keeping quiet. This girls temper is something tough," Gui mama sighed, deeply moved. Grand Concubine Yi hadnt intended to starve Han Yunxi to death this time, especially without a good enough reason. She couldnt just kill off her daughter-in-law for being too pushy with others, right? How would she explain things to her son? Not to mention, she still couldnt figure out why the Duke of Qin would admit to the drop of red on the handkerchief.
The Duke of Qin was a very busy man who was gone for days at a time. Grand Concubine waited on one side for Han Yunxi to beg for forgiveness, and on the other side for her son to return so she could complain to him.

"How is it? Does she want to beg for forgiveness yet? Mufei wont be able to hear it." Murong Wanrus usual touching face wore an uncharacteristically dark and hateful expression. Perhaps thered be better chances in the future, but she wasnt the type that liked waiting. From a distance, Murong Wanru stared at the woodhouse before lowering her voice. "Gui mama, sister-in-law isnt in the mood to eat, but she should at least drink some water. Otherwise, how could things stand as they are?"
As she spoke, she turned to walk away, speaking faintly, "I heard that Red Crown Crane[1] is one of the most effective fast-acting poisons."
Gui mama jerked slightly and chased after her a few steps before stopping. Over the years, many of Grand Concubine Yis people had been bought off by Murong Wanru. It wouldnt be long before she was arranged as one of Long Feiyes secondary wives. The official wife was just a decoration. Whoever held Grand Concubine Yis affections was the real master of the Duke of Qins estate. Taking this into consideration, Gui mama made a prompt decision to go out and buy the poison herself...

At noon, a single plate of vegetables was delivered to the woodhouse, along with a cup of water. If it wasnt for drinking water, Han Yunxi might have fainted from hunger long ago. Her body now paled in comparison to the one she had before time-traveling. It was so sickly that she herself disdained it. And yet, as soon as the meal was set down, her poison alarms went off in her head. Han Yunxi picked up the cup of water and took a careful sniff. She recognized the presence of Red Crown Crane instantly.
This poison was particularly vicious and very commonplace. It was simple to pick out with a single sniff. Han Yunxi guessed that Grand Concubine Yi wouldnt kill her so easily, so this was definitely Murong Wanrus doing. She had no food and now not even any water. Murong Wanru, if this really was your poison, Ill definitely pay back this enmity!
She endured until the afternoon, feeling cold, thirsty, and hungry as she wavered on the edge of collapse. Looking at the four walls sealing her in, she still kept a faint smile filled with hope for the future on her lips. It wouldnt be long before she could get out of this place.

In the evening, Grand Concubine Yi finally came to the woodhouse with Murong Wanru.
"How many days has she been starved? She hasnt fallen into a coma, right?" Grand Concubine Yi asked lazily. She was convinced that Han Yunxi had starved herself into a faint, and thats why she didnt beg for forgiveness.
"Perhaps so, mufei. Sister-in-laws body is weak, this punishment is enough for her," Murong Wanru said, apparently with good intentions.
"How many times have I told you? As a person, especially as a woman, you cant be softhearted. Would someone as wicked as her feel grateful for your pity?" Grand Concubine Yi asked helplessly.
Murong Wanru lowered her head without a word, heart filled to the brim with anticipation. Very soon they would see not the wicked Han Yunxi, but her corpse!
[1] Red Crown Crane (???) yan ding hong, an ancient poison name, possibly an euphemism for arsenic.
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