Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 37: A call, the young general remembers a kindness
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 37: A call, the young general remembers a kindness

Chapter 37: A call, the young general remembers a kindness
"No, one day is enough. This medicine will draw out all the remaining poison from within your body. Dont let the wound get wet and when you sleep tonight, make sure you dont lie on top of it," Han Yunxi explained meticulously.
Actually, if this guy wasnt afraid of pain, cutting him open really was the fastest option. Long Feiye nodded before waving his hand, indicating that she was dismissed. At this moment, the Han Yunxi with her medical pouch really did resemble a servant.
Fine, shell endure it!
When Han Yunxi came to remove the medicine the next morning, everything had gone as she described. The poison was absorbed completely into the antidote, changing the fragrance of the herbs into a stinking mess. In the aftermath, she simply bandaged the wound. Now that she had completely sorted out Long Feiyes poison, she expected him to say something, but all he did was wave her away again when she was done.
What an arrogant and heartless man! That was her private opinion, but she didnt leave immediately. Instead, she gave a bow and said, "Your Highness, thank you for the matter at the generals estate."
Though she knew hed gotten involved with Mu Qingwus situation for the sake of the Duke of Qins namesake and his own antidote, hed still saved her life. Unexpectedly, Long Feiyes reply was like ice.
"You can treat poisons, but youre not a Bodhisattva. Remember your status and worry less about other peoples business. Dont go out so often, either. Can you remember this?"
Han Yunxi suppressed the resentment in her tone. "Yes, chenqie remembers. Chenqie will take her leave now." She couldnt help but think that shed still save a good person rather than let them die.
As for going out less often, heheh, Han Yunxi had a cold smile. Chenqie wont be able to do that! To live her entire life just sitting here overlooking household affairs was a fate worse than death. She touched the remaining three taels of silver in her sleeves and mused, A woman must have some sort of career, regardless of which time period she lives in.
Being husband and wife with Long Feiye in name only, where the well water didnt touch the river water[1], wasnt so bad either. Once shed stabilized her position in the Duke of Qins household, she should find something to do. Otherwise, where else would she go to get silver?
In the days that followed, Han Yunxi never saw Long Feiye during her strolls in the gardens. This guy comes and goes like a shadow, he probably left long ago.
But Long Feiye surprised her and actually gave her a servant girl named Chen Xiang[2]. She was a little younger than Han Yunxi, about fifteen to sixteen years old. Her build was small and delicate, she was clean and pretty; she had a cute and clever personality and a very shy smile. Han Yunxi took a liking to her at first glance.
"Do you know any martial arts?" Han Yunxi asked her curiously.
Chen Xiang shook her head. "I dont."
"Where did you serve before?" Han Yunxi asked next.
"My family lives in the western Brookwater Village, where I was just sold here yesterday. It was a big brother named Chu Xifeng who brought me here." Chen Xiang replied obediently.
"Then what did he task you with?" Han Yunxi asked again.

"This humble official pays respects to Qin Wangfei, may esteemed wangfei be prosperous and well."
"Youre excused, come have a seat," Han Yunxis mood was quite good.
Mu Qingwu didnt say any more but promptly knelt on one knee before Han Yunxi, his hands clasped together in a fist. "Esteemed wangfei, today this humble official came to thank you for saving my life."
"Hurry and rise. Didnt you thank me that day already?" Han Yunxi smiled.
"That was that day. Today this humble officials come to formally thank you. This humble official has nothing to repay with you except to pledge his assistance if esteemed wangfei should ever need me." Mu Qingwu was very earnest with his bright eyes and level gaze.
He was like a little boy, only much bigger, and his sincerity was very cute.
Han Yunxi nodded her head. "All right, Ill remember." As she spoke, she took out the life and death waiver to face Gu Beiyue. "Imperial Physician Gu, I think I should pay my respects and thank you too!"
Seeing the waiver, Imperial Physician Gu was surprised at first, before rushing to stop Han Yunxi from bowing. "Esteemed wangfei, you cannot!" Gu Beiyue was in earnest as well, his eyebrows scrunching together. At this, Han Yunxi almost wanted to use her hands to smooth them out. A warm man like him shouldnt have such frowning eyebrows.
"Really, thank you," Han Yunxi offered up the life and death waiver with both hands, completely sincere. In this matter, Gu Beiyue was the only one whod helped her without any motives.
Studying those black words on that white paper, Gu Beiyue only said lightly, "Esteemed wangfei can destroy this for me instead. Actually, I came becausehellip;"
Before he could finish, Han Yunxi could already guess his thoughts. "That poison was something I could tell by smell."
In the prisons, she had agreed to tell Gu Beiyue how she could figure out poisons with nothing on hand, if Mu Qingwu ever woke up. Han Yunxi didnt want to lie, but if she told Gu Beiyue about the existence of the detoxification system, hed probably never understand it in his life. This was her only recourse.
And yet these words were greeted by a familiar voice. "You sniffed it out? What a formidable nose you have, sister-in-law."
This voice...Murong Wanru.
Murong Wanru walked in with deliberate steps, wearing a light yellow robe on her delicate-looking body--especially that tiny waist that looked like it could be held with one arm. Her figure was rather riveting, her cheeks even more so.
Murong Wanru was born as a servant girl. Even though she was adopted by Grand Concubine Yi, she had no titles of her own. When she saw Gu Beiyue and the young general, she still had to bow, her movements as lithe as a swallow. It made people feel like wanting to help her back up.
And look, Mu Qingwu was already harboring protective feelings for the girl. "Murong Wanru is being overly courteous, hurry and rise."
Murong Wanru softly nodded her head before finally straightening to sit beside Han Yunxi. She kept her eyes lowered. "Sister-in-law, you still blame me, dont you? Ive already beseeched you three times, you should at least give me a chance to explain."
These unfathomable words left Han Yunxi at a loss.
"Could it be that Miss Murong had some hidden trouble that prevented her from seeking out Grand Concubine Yi that night?" Gu Beiyue opened his mouth.

Only then did Han Yunxi remember. Shed never relied on Murong Wanru to save her. It was already good enough if the girl didnt try to hit her while she was down, so if Murong Wanru hadnt brought this up, she really would have forgotten.
Besides, the three times Murong Wanru looked for her recently was to drink tea or window-shop. Shed never even brought up apologizing, all right?!
What was she doing now, apologizing to her in this place? Wasnt it just to put on a show for Gu Beiyue and Mu Qingwu? It was probably to protect her image. After all, if Gu Beiyue told this to anyone else, her reputation might be ruined.
Murong Wanru sucked in a breath, looking helpless. "Imperial Physician Gu, Wanru really didnt arrange things well. Wanru is ashamed! Dont you know, Ive been trying to explain myself to sister-in-law these few days, but she shut her doors against me as soon as she came back."
After she finished, Murong Wanru rose and personally poured a cup of tea, which she offered with both hands to Han Yunxi. "Sister-in-law, I know youre not a petty person. Its just that what happened was too serious. But I really didnt mean it. Drink some tea and give me a chance to explain, wont you?"
Why did it sound more and more like she was cursing her for being petty?
If youre going to explain, then just explain! Whats with this superfluous speech?
Han Yunxi didnt accept the tea, but spoke coldly. "The one who asked for your help was Imperial Physician Gu, not I. You should explain things to him."
What ferocious words!
Murong Wanru was stunned for a bit, but quickly recovered her composure to face Gu Beiyue. "Imperial Physician Gu, I was going to explain to you. But, sister-in-laws ignored me for so many days that I need to ask for her forgiveness first."
Han Yunxi was about to throw up. Does she really need to kick someone else down to recover her own image?
So youre that obsessed with your reputation, huh? Shed ruin it completely for her today.
"Then you should hurry up and explain," Han Yunxi was frosty.
"After Imperial Physician Gu left that night, I was so anxious. I ran out of the house immediately, but fainted before I reached the city gates." As she spoke, Murong Wanru kept her head pitifully lowered, her voice seemingly choked with sobs. "Sister-in-law, you know that my body isnt well. Whenever I get anxious, I tend to faint. I did come back, but I told Little Sixth[3] to ride a fast horse and report the news. Who knew that the wicked servant didnt go at all, but was hiding behind the door to sleep...sister-in-law, wouldnt you say...sister-in-law, its all my fault!"
A mocking lilt rose to Han Yunxis lips as she asked, "When did you find out Little Sixth never went to find mufei?"
[1] well water didnt touch the river water (ˮˮ) - jingshui bu fan heshui, also known as Ill mind my own business, you mind yours.
[2] Chen Xiang () - literally agalloch eaglewood (agarwood), but her name can also mean descending fragrance.
[3] Little Sixth (С) - xiao liuzi, a servant in the Duke of Qins household.
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