Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 36: Letting you have a good look
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 36: Letting you have a good look

Chapter 36: Letting you have a good look Original and most updated translations are from volare.
After taking care of everything, Han Yunxi rushed back to the Duke of Qins house in the nick of time. Within his rooms, Long Feiye had already changed his clothes and was reclining in a rocking chair in the study. His robes were embroidered with golden threads, enhancing his inherent aristocratic aura with vivid intensity. This was the first time Han Yunxi had seen any man wear gold so well. It was easy to feel inferior in his presence.
She adjusted her breathing before stepping forward. "Your Highness."
"The three ingredients you asked for are on the table. You can start making the antidote now," Long Feiye said simply, not even sparing her a glance.
Han Yunxi looked to the side and saw three giant piles of medicinal ingredients, divided up into summer zi, autumn zi, and winter zi. Goodness, these ingredients arent easy to find. I didnt expect this guy to bring back piles of them.
Han Yunxi was secretly delighted. In fact, she only needed to use a bit, but the rest could be put in reserve in the detox system storage space. Depending on the poison, these ingredients could be used in various prescriptions for treatment.
"Your Highness, please wait until chenqie creates the mixture," Han Yunxi said, preparing to store all the medicine in her pouch. Yet Long Feiyes cold eyes turned to look at her instead.
"Just make the antidote here, your lordship wants to have a good look, too."
This guy was still suspicious of her!
Han Yunxi secretly rolled her eyes. Be suspicious all you want. In any case, youll never guess the truth.
"Your Highness, chenqie doesnt have any other ingredients on hand. I need to go to the Leisurely Cloud Pavilion to get them. If youre interested, you might as well walk with me there," Han Yunxi said with a smile.
"Leisurely Cloud Pavilion?" Long Feiye grew curious. He didnt recall the Hibiscus Courtyard having a place like this.
"Chenqie fixed up the discarded building in the northwest corner of the courtyard and named it the Leisurely Cloud Pavilion. In the future, chenqie will be living there so as to not disturb Your Highness," Han Yunxi replied truthfully.
Actually, she was feeling a bit nervous, fearful that this guy would chase her out of the Hibiscus Courtyard to face Grand Concubine Yi and Murong Wanru. Unexpectedly, he didnt seem to have any complaints, but rose to his feet to follow her. She relaxed in response, nimbly storing the three piles of medicinal ingredients into her pouch. Long Feiye didnt pay much attention to her movements, but he couldnt have known that it was just a move to mislead him. Shed long stored the ingredients into her detox system dimension instead and had it mix with precise proportions of other medicines to make the antidote. There was even an automatic sensor to adjust cooking temperature for the medicine while it boiled.
In the time it took for Long Feiye to walk from his sleeping quarters to Han Yunxis Leisurely Cloud Pavilion, the detox system had already prepared the antidote decoction. Han Yunxi snuck it out and hid it inside her medical pouch. At the door to her rooms, Long Feiye paused to ask, "What is the meaning of this Leisurely Cloud?"
"A cloud naturally has no desires, just as the water is naturally leisurely," Han Yunxi said simply, turning to look at him. "Your Highness, after marrying into the Duke of Qins house, chenqies only wish is to be a leisurely cloud in a corner."

"All right! Your Highness take care!" Han Yunxi was incomparably happy as she sent him off all the way to the door. After seeing his figure walk off into the distance, she finally let loose a snort of laughter. Thatll teach him to suspect me again. If theres a next time, Ill make sure to bore you even more.
She shut the door. Of course Han Yunxi wasnt going to pound any more medicine, shed have the detox system take care of it instead. Two hours was more than enough time for a bath and a nap. The events at the generals house had made her suffer for multiple days. If she didnt rest, this weak and sickly body probably wouldnt be able to stand it.

Two hours later, a refreshed and energetic Han Yunxi appeared in front of Long Feiyes rooms. She discovered that he was reading while lying lazily on the bed. His frowning brows and hands holding the book made him look like some sort of handsome Immortal and somewhat unreal. Han Yunxi inadvertently recalled the scenes from that first night, when the lamp light made his chest glow with a bronze light. The texture of his skin had been very clear, assaulting her senses with a wild, unruly vision. It really had been a seductive and stirring sight.
Dammit. She was here to deliver medicine, but shed already wandered off into flights of fancy without taking a step. Biting her lip, Han Yunxi entered the rooms.
"Your Highness, the medicine is ready."
Long Feiye put aside his book and sat up. Only now did his eyes travel towards her, the dark pupils staring into her own. Inexplicably, Han Yunxis heart gave a thump as she unconsciously avoided his gaze. Why did her heart feel so timid? Not out of fear, but nervousness. Its just treating him with medicine. The procedures so simple that she can do it with her eyes closed, so whats there to be anxious about?
She mocked herself as she walked forward with head bowed, taking out various items and instruments from her medical pouch as she organized her thoughts. It wasnt long before she recovered enough to meet Long Feiyes depthless gaze. Her voice was serious and professional as she said, "Take off your outer robes."
The golden robes slipped off to reveal white ones. This guy looks noble and elegant even when hes undressing. Sturdy and refined, his skin exuded sensual appeal. There was a shocking scar across his chest that resembled a perching centipede, savage and wild. She didnt expect his wound to heal over within the span of a few days. Poisoned cuts recovered at a much slower rate than regular wounds. Han Yunxi stared in disbelief, the edges of her ears turning red. The sight of this greatly displeased Long Feiye.
"Seen enough yet? If you have, then apply the medicine." His tone was both cold and impatient. Han Yunxi raised her head to look at him, her expression somewhat incredulous. And yet she only managed to meet Long Feiyes abhorrent glare.
What did this guy mean? What did he think she was looking at?
Okay, so maybe she was a little smitten, but that was just because she was a normal woman who admired beautiful things! In an instant, her nervousness was replaced with indignation.
"Immediately!" she said, though she reached for a knife instead of the medicine, heating its edge over a flame.
"What are you doing?" Long Feiye asked icily.
"Preparing for incision. Your recovery rate is too high and healed the injury. Theres no way for you to absorb the medicine like this within a short time, so the only choice is to re-open the wound." Han Yunxi replied in a normal voice.

Actually, it was fine to treat him without resorting to this method too. As long as she increased the potency of the antidote by adding more medicine, drinking it would give the same effect. But Long Feiyes disgusted glare had made her very unhappy. In this world, there were two types of people you should never cross. One was the hairdresser, the other a doctor. The former could turn you so ugly you wanted to die, while the latter could make you so painful that you neither lived nor died.
"Youre certain?" Long Feiye gave her a suspicious look.
"Absolutely!" Han Yunxi said quickly, before explaining. "Your Highness, its fine if we dont make an incision, but this medicine might take half a month to absorb all the poison in your body instead. Its your choice."
He only had 10 days a most, and this was already the seventh day. Being forced in a corner like this made Long Feiye very uncomfortable, but he could only go to Han Yunxi to secretly treat his poison.
"Then make the cut," he agreed.
To cut open a wound was far more agonizing than any regular pain, so Han Yunxi paid special attention to his expression. She really was merciless, but her knife elicited no reaction from Long Feiye, who peered expressionlessly at his wound.
What a guy. What kind of pain would be enough to make him knit his eyebrows?
Han Yunxi discovered that her train of thought was growing outrageous. She banished the idea and quickly applied the medicine to the wound, though with much gentler motions to ease his pain. Very quickly, she covered the cut with the antidote and bandaged him securely to finish things up.
"All right, Ill remove the medical application tomorrow and dress the wound," Han Yunxi said earnestly.
"You dont need to change the medicine?" Long Feiye asked.
[1] When in Rome, do as the Romans do () ruxiangsuisu, literally wherever you are, follow local customs.
[2] A cloud naturally has no desires, just as the water is naturally leisurely (ˮ) yunziwuxin shuizixian, a literal translation of lines from the poem "White Cloud Springs" (Ȫ)
[3] Bai Juyi (׾) a Tang Dynasty (618-907AD) government official and Chinese poet who was known for the simplicity of his prose. Wiki article here.
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