Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 35: Meting punishment, the fox exploits the tigers might
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 35: Meting punishment, the fox exploits the tigers might

Chapter 35: Meting punishment, the fox exploits the tigers might[1] Original and most updated translations are from volare.
Having her shortcomings exposed before the crowd left Mu Liuyue at a loss.
"You...I was worried about big brothers safety. In that situation, who knows if you had good intentions...a woman like you shouldnt hold onto small grudges!"
"Contrary girl, why havent you shut your mouth yet!"
A fierce pah! stuffed back the rest of Mu Liuyues words.
"Ah...father! You hit me!" A cut appeared on her arm where a whip had fell, the exposed flesh revealing a much deep wound than Han Yunxis.
General Mus rage reached to the skies. "Thats right, youre the one I hit! So young and already so vicious! The Qin Wangfei came with sincere intentions to help, but your guesses and presumptions blocked her at every turn! You almost lost your brothers life, shouldnt I hit a such an obstinate girl?"
So speaking, he lashed out with the whip again, adding another bloody welt to Mu Liuyues skin. The terrified girl covered her head with her hands as she wept bitter tears.
"Dont hit me! Father...I know my wrongs! Sob, sob...I wont dare do it again! I wont dare!"
General Mu threw his whip aside and went to kneel at Han Yunxis feet. "Esteemed wangfei, this old official thanks you for saving my son!" His head banged heavily against the ground as he kowtowed. "It was I who placed the blame on you, a crime that deserves punishment! I ask the Duke of Qin and Qin Wangfei to punish me accordingly."
This coarse old fellow was barbarous and simple, but had an open mind. He admitted his mistakes instead of offering a slew of excuses like the North Court Official and Mu Liuyue. But that didnt clear his guilt when he was the main reason for all this mess! Han Yunxi wasnt so compassionate.
Seeing that Long Feiye still didnt move to speak, Han Yunxi dared to speak in his place. "General Mu, youve gathered quite a few years beneath your belt. Youve eaten more salt than my younger generation has eaten rice, so why cant you see clearly the difference between right and wrong?"
This difference between right and wrong was a clear jab towards Princess Changping and Mu Liuyue. The angry princess clenched her fists and wanted to argue, but couldnt without Han Yunxi mentioning any names.
General Mu only nodded. "It was I who was muddle-headed, muddle-headed!"
"In the future, you have to keep your eyes clear when observing people and situations. Youre a person with high morals and strong standing, so this wangfei wont punish you. Id just like you to remember that Im not useless trash."
At these words, Long Feiyes eyes grew dark.
This woman was intelligent enough. General Mu was a different case than the North Court Official. He was the commander of the imperial army! Not only that, hed neither reported Han Yunxi to the courts or locked her up. For her to rebuke him to this point was already quite good. How could they really penalize him? In this way, Han Yunxi had saved a lot of face for the general.
The Mu Family would need to owe her a favor for this.
"Yes! This old official shall obey." Appreciation flashed past General Mus eyes as he readily agreed.
After that, Han Yunxi turned her gaze to Princess Changping. From the start, all the torments and persecution shed suffered came from the hands of this crafty princess. If she didnt teach her a lesson, she wouldnt be able to appease the indignation in her heart. But disciplining a princess wasnt something an imperial aunt like her could do. She glanced at Long Feiye and mused, This Giant Ice Cube, I wonder if hell say some words on my behalf.

General Mu felt his heart raging at her words. He wished he could lash Princess Changping just like he did with his daughter, but she was a princess and beyond his authority. In the end, all he could do was endure, but hed already come to a decision. The headstrong Princess Changping was crafty and unruly. With her here, thered be no good days in the house. No matter what, hed definitely forbid her from marrying into his family! He took a deep breath to calm himself down before speaking coldly.
"Your highness, for the time being Qingwus out of danger. I ask that you go back now."
Princess Changping immediately shook her head. "No, I want to watch over him. If he doesnt wake up, I wont leave, I want to take care of him!"
"Your highness, you are the golden branch and jade leaf[2]. One word from you is enough to claim our Qingwus life. He couldnt bear the weight of your care." General Mu was the type to pour out everything on his mind. Even if he couldnt hit the princess, he could at least say a few words.
Princess Changping was no fool and heard the sneer behind his sentences. She smoothed out her lip, feeling like she was about to cry. "Is General Mu blaming me? Its not like I did it on purpose!"
"The princess has misunderstood, this old official doesnt dare. I just feel that men and women should not touch hands when giving or receiving things[3]. If the princess stays, shell encourage people to gossip, so I ask again that you leave," General Mu said coldly.
On one side, Han Yunxi was about to laugh out loud. Even she could tell that Princess Changping adored Mu Qingwu. With her status, the wedding might have be a 90 percent certainty, but after this mess itd be strange if General Mu could even stand her. If the general didnt agree, even the emperor and empress dowager would be hard-pressed to force him. It looked like Changpings aspirations to marry into the Mu family would simply remain delusions.
Still, she was suffering from the results of her own actions, so Han Yunxi wouldnt pity her.
Princess Changping knew that General Mu hadnt approved of her marriage goals, but hed never talked like this to her before. She wanted to speak some more, but seeing General Mus icy expression made her sick at heart. Turning around, she spotted Han Yunxi looking at her with a smile and felt even more infuriated. "What are you smiling for? Youll have something to cry about sooner or later!"
After that bout of shouting, Princess Changping stomped her foot and turned to leave in a flash of tears. Han Yunxi didnt care in the slightest, but gave a cheerful grin at her retreating form.
Princess Changping, Id like to see how long youll stay stubborn. I think the poison from the prisons that day should show itself very soon. That ringworm is a modern-day toxin, so none of these ancient doctors will be able to cure you!
Well see whos crying then!
Han Yunxi didnt say much, but left a few packets of medicine and detailed instructions for General Mu to change the bandages to avoid complications. The general made sure to note down every single detail. At the door, Long Feiye didnt bat an eyelid as he watched everything, but finally spoke after all was done. As before, there was no trace of warmth in his tone.
"Han Yunxi, isnt it about time for you to go back?"
Thanks to all the excitement from before, shed left this respectable deity hanging by the door.

"Un, Ill go back right away," she eagerly ran out with a smile, sensing that this fellow seemed somehow unhappy. True enough, shed ended up in prison within a few days of their marriage so as a husband he probably had nothing to be happy about. General Mu and his men hurried out to send them off, but Long Feiye just turned and left without a word.
That was his personality: a frozen mountain wrapped in a riddle, feared by all even as he stirred their curiosity.
Han Yunxi obediently followed behind him as she recalled her warning to Princess Changping a few days before. Thinking of it now, it was rather funny that things had happened exactly as she said. This guy Long Feiye had really showed up to take her home. His legs were long and he kept a quick pace, forcing Han Yunxi to run to catch up. When they finally left the gates of the residence, she remembered something.
Gu Beiyue!
Gu Beiyue was still locked up in the justice court jailhouse. He was secretly imprisoned by the North Court Official so very little people knew. They wouldnt subject him to torture, right? Seeing Long Feiye climb onto the carriage, Han Yunxi nervously asked, "Your highness, I...I forgot something, can you wait for me?"
As soon as the words left her mouth, Han Yunxi regretted them. Long Feiye, this so-called immortal, why would he wait for her? So when she saw him opening his mouth, she hurriedly added, "Your highness, how about you go back first? Ill come very soon."
As it turned out, Long Feiye didnt even spare her a glance before lowering the curtains to his carriage. His voice intoned, "Ill hold you responsible if I dont see you in the Hibiscus Courtyard in an hour!"
He was so indifferent that he didnt even bother to ask her for details, but told the driver to leave as soon as he was finished. Han Yunxi was a little shocked. So cold! She shivered slightly before turning back to discuss Gu Beiyues life and death waiver with General Mu, then ask him to hurry to the prisons and release the doctor.
[1] the fox exploits the tigers might (ٻ) hujiahuwei, to use powerful connections to intimidate people
[2] golden branch and jade leaf (֦Ҷ) jinzhiyuye, description for people of imperial lineage, royalty.
[3] men and women should not touch hands when giving or receiving things (ŮܲH) nannshoushoubuqin, a quote from Mencius that discourages familiar relations between a man and a woman.
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