Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 32: Rescue effort, racing against time
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 32: Rescue effort, racing against time

Han Yunxis cowardly expression abruptly vanished, to be replaced with indescribable wrath. She stepped viciously on the assassins face with her foot. "What do you mean, you? Go ahead and die! Go back and tell He Ze of the Northern Court that the wangfei will remember this slight!"
She was a doctor, a doctor of poisons, but that was only something that sounded nice. To put it frankly, she was poisons master. She understood how to treat toxins but could use them even more efficiently. While the black-robed assassin was dragging her here, he hadnt taken any personal precautions. If she hadnt taken advantage of that chance to poison him, then she wouldnt be upholding the ethics of her profession.
Han Yunxi knew that shed be branded a fugitive once she escaped the justice court prisons, regardless of whether or not she was dead. But with the time so tight, she risked everything to leave anyways. If her enemies wanted to help her this way, then she might as well go all the way to act like a criminal! An hours worth of time had already been wasted, and she had less than that remaining. Leaving the alley, Han Yunxi ran for her life towards General Mus estate, her thin speeding body resembling a young deer in the early morning mists.

"Master, that...that seems to be the esteemed wangfei," Chu Xifeng said hesitantly.
He and the Duke of Qin had just returned to the city after searching for antidote ingredients, but the first thing they saw was Qin Wangfei running like mad through the streets. Thankfully, they dodged in time before being knocked out of the way. Master and subordinate were now perched on the roof of a streetside house. Long Feiye was dressed in the white brocade robes of a commoner but still looked extraordinarily handsome with a certain chilly respectability. His eyebrows crinkled slightly before the two followed after her without a word.
What was this woman doing running so quickly this early in the morning? Was she fleeing for her life?

Han Yunxi ran and ran. This was for the sake of saving a life, but she ran faster than fleeing for her own. Why is the dratted justice court so far away from the generals house?!
She didnt know how hard she had ran, but she was out of breath by the time she reached the generals gates. Her hands grabbed the door rings and clanged them incessantly since she couldnt breathe enough to talk. Very quickly, the gatekeeper opened the door, frightened by her sudden appearance.
"Qin Wangfei...why is it you? Wheres Imperial Physician Gu?"
"Hurry...I..." Han Yunxi was still gasping for breath. Since she couldnt speak, she gave up trying at all and pushed open the door to rush inside. Right then, a shrill cry sounded from behind her.
"Han Yunxi, why are you here?! Stop right there!"
Wasnt this voice none other than Princess Changping?
Han Yunxi paused in her steps but didnt look back. Instead, she ran further inside, stirring up Princess Changping. "Someone, chase after her! Han Yunxis broken out from prison!"
A few of her attendants hastily rushed forward, followed by Princess Changping herself. She just received news from the North Court Official that Gu Beiyue had been locked up and went to look for Divine Doctor Han. He said they had to wait for news from the medical academys directors and recommended an imperial physician in the meantime.
Once again, Han Yunxi fought for her life to run towards Mu Qingwus rooms with multiple guards in pursuit. Very quickly, chaos and disorder descended upon the generals estate. She was convinced that this was the fastest shed ran in years. When she reached Mu Qingwus door, she couldnt even stop herself from crashing into the door. Luckily, her hand hit it first and stopped the rest of her.

"Princess, you saw wrongly. Qin Wangfeis locked up in the jails of the justice courts, how could she be here?" General Mu was quite bold and self-assured when he lied. For the sake of his son, he was willing to risk everything and speak blatant falsehoods. As long as his son woke up, then he would do anything.
"You!" Princess Changping fell into a gloom. "I know what I saw! Youre lying!"
"Yes, General Mu is a first rank high official, you cant just open your eyes and speak lies!" her guards chimed in.
General Mu gave them a stormy glare. "So you all know that this generals a first rank high official. What right do you have to talk to me? Dismissed!"
Ashen faced and pale, the attendants could only retreat until they were standing behind Princess Changping. Her mouth stuck up into a sneer. "Hmph, I dont care! I saw her so I want to go in!"
As she spoke, she prepared to rush inside, but General Mu braced himself against the door and spread open his arms. "Qingwus severely ill and needs his rest. Who dares to charge in today? Without the emperors orders, I wont open this door even if I die!"
Inside the room, Han Yunxi was currently racing against time to scan for poison, verifying the the strength and location of the toxins. Hearing General Mus words made her relax a bit. At least this old fellow had finally stopped being muddle-headed. She only had 30 minutes left and no time to look for ingredients or boil the medicine. Since she was here, shed use acupuncture to expel the poison. The detox system scanners swept back and forth as it quickly determined its location.
By the door, Princess Changping was pulling at General Mus hand with all her strength without success. "General Mu, youll end up killing Qingwu gege!"
"No matter what, you cant just leave Han Yunxi by herself in there. Ive brought an imperial physician, so you should let him take a look!"
"Han Yunxi treated him twice without effect. She said hed wake up but he still hasnt! You really cant believe her! General Mu, Im begging you, let the imperial physician in!"
"The imperial physician? Sent by the empress dowager, is he?" General Mu had a cold smile in his heart, his body unmoving like a mountain. Princess Changping could neither move nor persuade him. Just when she was getting desperate, Mu Liuyue arrived with a group of men in tow, the North Court Official He Ze at the head. Shed given the North Court Official a marvelous plan: arranging an assassin to break Han Yunxi out of jail. Then theyd chase after him, find her body, and brand her as an escaped fugitive after her unfortunate murder. Nobody expected such a weak woman to escape from the assassin herself. If Mu Liuyue hadnt tipped him off, the North Court Official wouldnt know where to start looking for her. Seeing them arrive delighted Princess Changping.
"North Court Official, Han Yunxis inside that room! Hurry up and arrest her!"
General Mu felt uneasy as soon as he saw the North Court Official. He was ready to hang Mu Liuyue up and hit her right there and then! Soldiers had dominion over turbulent times, officials ruled over peaceful days. A soldier couldnt fight with an official, or else hed be accused of conspiring against the state!
Within the room, Han Yunxi had already approximated the acupoint leading to the Ten-Thousand Snake Poison. Much of it had amassed in his chest, originating from a point deep down. This acupoint was very, very close to the heart and needed immediate action without delay. Han Yunxi rejoiced over the fact that shed actually arrived a bit early. She tried her best to block out the noise outside, stilling her senses to concentrate. The necessary needles were retrieved and placed in rows by her side as she undid Mu Qingwus robes to search for the acupoint.

"General Mu, I have a duty to apprehend fugitives. Please make things easier for me," He Ze of the Northern Court was still very polite in this situation.
"The fugitive isnt here. Please take your leave, North Court Official," General Mu didnt give him any face as he blocked the door.
"Princess Changping clearly witnessed the fugitive go inside. Unless General Mu thinks Princess Changping was telling a lie?" the North Court Official asked.
General Mu didnt reply, but turned his head to look away.
"Since General Mu refused to cooperate, then dont blame this official for his lack of manners!" When his peaceful means failed, He Ze of the Northern Court decided to use force and commanded, "Men, move General Mu aside and enter the chambers!"
In a flash, various officers surrounded General Mu and prepared to take him away. The North Court Official was different from Princess Changping because he had the authority to arrest escaped fugitives. His command and use of officers to fight was well-known.
"You all dare!" General Mu roared, scaring everyone so much that they could hardly move. He was a great general who could command tens of thousands of men under his hand!
"The empress dowager ordered the arrest of the fugitive. Why are you all still hesitating?" the North Court Official said angrily.
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