Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 23: Suspicions without evidence
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 23: Suspicions without evidence

Ever since childhood, Mu Liuyue had been the precious treasure of General Mus house. She was also best friends with Princess Changping and was doted on by the empress and empress dowager. Although she was only a simple young Miss, the capital called her Princess Changping the Second. Even the imperial concubines had to make allowances for her.
What kind of person was this Han Yunxi?!
Just a Qin Wangfei with the title and no power to back it up. She couldnt even be compared with a servant of the Qin household, but she really thought something of herself. Would she stay put just because she was told to? Han Yunxi didnt seem to have heard at all. Mu Liuyues temper flared as she hurried to catch up, a hand grabbing Han Yunxi. There was no telling if she meant it, but her long nails dug painfully into the other womans flesh.
"Did you manage to wake my brother?" Mu Liuyue asked insufferably.
General Mu came out the door, voice cold as he saw the scene. "Liuyue, let her go. Your brother will wake up very soon."
"So youre saying he still hasnt woken up?" Mu Liuyue found it inconceivable. "Father, you really believe her?"
Han Yunxi really felt pained by the dragging fingernails and looked back with a ruthless pair of phoenix-shaped eyes. "Let me go!"
"No! She cant leave until my brother wakes up!" Mu Liuyue refused to release her. Instead, Han Yunxi reached out to pinch two acupoints on Mu Liuyues wrist, immediately causing her hand to go limp so she could ruthlessly shake her off.
"You dont have the right to restrict this wangfeis freedom!" She left as soon as she finished speaking. Mu Liuyue was thrown to the ground. Furious, she got up and prepared to give chase, but General Mu held her back.
"Enough! She wouldnt dare tell lies."
Mu Liuyue wasnt content at all. She wasnt satisfied that Han Yunxi had left before her brother had woken up, or that the woman had acted like the Qin Wangfei despite that she was. She ran forward a few steps to yell after her, "Han Yunxi, Im warning you! If my brother doesnt wake up, I definitely wont forgive you! Neither will Princess Changping!"
Princess Changping...
This princess was the pearl in the empress and empress dowagers palm. Her personality was a hundred times more spoiled that Mu Liuyue, and shed stuck to Mu Qingwus side ever since she was young. More or less, she and Mu Qingwu could be considered fresh green plums and horse under bamboo, a man and woman who had affections for each other since childhood[1]. Everyone in the royal family knew of her aspirations to marry Mu Qingwu one day. Too bad the empress and emperor objected to the match, so they hadnt moved to sanction the marriage.
If she found out that Mu Qingwu was in trouble, Heavens only knew what would happen next!
Han Yunxi heard Mu Liuyues warning, but she didnt take it to heart. Who cared about this Princess Changping or Duanping[2]? Shed never failed in the medical field before, and when it came to poisons, the detox system wouldnt make a mistake either. After expunging the poison, shed scanned him again to ascertain that Mu Qingwus poison had diminished to a point where it wouldnt hurt his health. His temperature had started to drop as well, so hed probably recover consciousness soon.
As long as Mu Qingwu woke up, itd prove that she had held no murderous intentions. Even the Jade Emperor and Lao Zi[3] wouldnt be able to do anything to her then! As she left the gates of the generals house, Han Yunxi gave a long sigh, finally free of this troublesome business. On the carriage ride home, she treated the whip injury again, minimizing its bindings while covering up the wound with a tied handkerchief to hide it from view. She still had to see Grand Concubine Yi and report on the proceedings at court. Yet as soon as she entered the gates, she was told that the grand imperial concubine had left for her western estate and wouldnt return for a few days.

"Is that so? Heheh, Im hoping for the day when youll marry a good husband and have children of your own. You care for me so much that Ill definitely take great pains to arrange your marriage well," Han Yunxi smiled, jabbing Murong Wanrus weak point with one sentence. Seeing the latters face turn rigid greatly improved her mood. "Dont worry. When your brother returns, Ill talk to him about it." An elder brother could hold the power of a father in a household, especially for a man like Long Feiye.
"Sister-in-law, I actually..." Murong Wanru began to explain, but Han Yunxi stopped her.
"Its fine. Im tired, so you go off and busy yourself." She walked off a long way before turning back to add, "Miss Murong, last night we...it was real! So dont worry about it!"
Murong Wanru came to a sudden stop, finally unable to control herself. Her pitiful little face suddenly turned savage and terrible as her hands curled into fists. Coldly she muttered, "Han Yunxi, therell finally come a day when youre chased out of the Duke of Qins gates!"

Han Yunxi originally thought that itd take Long Feiye a few days to find the antidote ingredients. Yet as soon as she bathed in the hot springs that night, Long Feiye came in.
"Ah...you, wait a second!"
Han Yunxis exclamation didnt deter Long Feiyes footsteps the slightest. He appeared out of a void before the hot spring, dressed completely in a black that set off his perfect body like the night. His form embodied the mysterious qualities of a cheetah: grave and stern, stately and majestic, radiating with inviolable aggression.
Compared to him, Han Yunxis picturesque scene of a beauty leaving the bath was completely eclipsed. The shocked Han Yunxi sank beneath the water until only her head was showing, feeling both irritated and cross. "Long Feiye, whats the meaning of this? You...you, get out!"
Although shed married this man, her heart hadnt married anyone. Men and women should keep their distance, didnt he understand that? In any case, if he wasnt going to treat her as his wife and take responsibility, couldnt he act better and avoid taboos?
Han Yunxi was already very nervous, but quickly found that her anxiety was only wishful thinking. Long Feiye wasnt interested in taking advantage of her. In fact, he didnt treat this as an issue at all. Aloof and indifferent, his voice was as cold as always.
"I brought a sample of a poison. Make me an antidote because I need it urgently."
An assassin had clearly taken advantage of him before, but his attitude was still so lofty and cold. Han Yunxi suddenly felt like a servant who had offended her master. Come on...Long Feiyes clearly the one in the wrong!
She finally calmed down enough to give a slight cough and reply. "Well speak when I get out. Can you leave for a moment?"
Long Feiyes face was expressionless, but he silently turned to leave. Han Yunxi finally relaxed, but then he unexpectedly turned back. Out of reflex, Han Yunxi sank beneath the water again, this time even hiding her head. Seeing this, Long Feiye wasnt startled, but a thread of doubt crept into his gaze. Wasnt this woman supposed to be daring?
A little thing like this could scare her?
"Han Yunxi!" he called out.
Han Yunxi resurfaced in the pool, wiping water off her face as she cried, "Are you leaving or not?!"
Long Feiye was slightly surprised. No one had ever dared to shout at him before, but she was the first. He didnt leave, but stood by the waters edge with his hands clasped behind his back. "Arent you the useless trash of the Han Family? Where did you learn to treat poisons?"

Last night, Long Feiye had sent men to investigate this woman. Unfortunately, the results of their search matched the rumors outside. She was the most useless scion in Han Family history. Moreover, none of the so-called medical geniuses in the Han Family were poison experts.
"Can you let me out first before asking questions?" Han Yunxi said word-by-word as she suppressed her temper.
"No," Long Feiye replied.
Fine. Han Yunxi could sense that this man was suspicious and was now trying to threaten her. If she didnt talk, he wouldnt let her get out. She pretended to have no choice and heaved a sigh. "My father felt that I was the one who killed my mother, so hes always hated me. Every time hed saw me, it was like meeting his sworn enemy. Add that to my ugly looks, and he gave me the cold shoulder." As she spoke, Han Yunxi lowered her head in distress.
"Actually, Im not useless trash. They just refused to teach me. When I was young, I discovered my mothers medical books and taught myself in secret. I only mastered my skills recently. The truth was, the tumor on my face was actually poison too but I treated it myself. I was afraid that my father would forbid me from learning medical arts if he discovered Id found my mothers book, so I never told anyone else."
Long Feiye half-doubted, half-believed her. Just as he was preparing to ask for details, Han Yunxi added, "Ive already burned all the medical books because Ive learned them all." When she was finished, she looked up to meet Long Feiyes eyes. By pushing everything onto the late Lady Tianxin, there was no way to validate her claims. Even if Long Feiye didnt believe her, he wouldnt be able to find any contrary clues.
Long Feiye didnt speak, but his ice-cold eyes seemed to see right through her...
[1] man and woman who had affections for each other since childhood (÷) qingmei zhuma, literally green plums with bamboo and horse, symbols to represent a woman and man in their youth.
[2] Princess Changping or Duanping (ƽƽ) changping gongzhu duanping gongzhu, a joke that works better in Chinese. Chang means long while Duan means short peace. In other words, Han Yunxi cares neither for the long nor short of it.
[3] Jade Emperor and Lao Zi () tianhuang laozi, two important figures in the pantheon of Chinese deities. The Jade Emperor rules over Heaven, while Lao Zi was the founder of Daoism that later ascended to the Heavens.
[4] white lotus () bai lian hua, colloquial for a two-faced woman.
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