Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 21: The useless trash speaks for herself
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 21: The useless trash speaks for herself

Attempted murder?
"Hold it, what kind of eyes are you using to see me murder your young general?" Han Yunxi asked angrily. Even the ancients like to smear the motivations of people with good intentions?
Li Changfeng kicked the dagger on the ground into his hands, voice cold. "All of us saw with our own two eyes. Woman, I dont care who sent you, but prepare for death!"
Theyd already detained the anxious driver, who wanted to reveal his mistress identity but found the timing inappropriate. Instead he shouted, "Mistake, its a misunderstanding! We just passed by and saw the young general on the ground, so my mistress wanted to save him. She has no ill intentions, the real culprits run off long ago."
Li Changfeng raised his eyebrows at Han Yunxi and gave a snort. "If you were going to save him, why use a dagger? Who are you trying to fool? Someone grab her."
"I used the dagger to save him. A poison needles struck him deep inside. If it isnt recovered, the consequences wont be something a guard like you can bear." Han Yunxi said seriously, intimidating all those present.
Li Changfeng hesitated slightly. Four hours ago, the young general had chased an enemy spy into this area and disappeared. As to what happened exactly, nobody knew. He glanced at the dagger in his hand but dared not risk it. This was really something he couldnt handle.
"Stop with your nonsense. Take her to the house, well clear up any misunderstandings with the general himself!" Li Changfeng lifted Mu Qingwu in his arms and hastily walked away.
"Youll regret it!" Han Yunxi shouted. That damned man, how dare he move Mu Qingwu after hed been poisoned? Itd only speed up the circulation of toxins into his organs. Fine, shed go to the generals estate. It wouldnt do to fear them when shed done nothing wrong. Would an upright place like that make her confess to false charges under torture?
As it turned out, shed overestimated the the Mu House. All the members of the Mu family had joined the military. There were rough and blunt, more apt to use their hands than their mouths. When Mu Qingwu was delivered to his rooms, a summoned imperial physician hurried after him. Han Yunxi and the driver were left in the middle of the hall, where General Mu and his thick eyebrows, big eyes, and beard glared at them. He pointed a finger at Han Yunxi. "Speak, who sent you?!"
Who sent her?
Did she look like an assassin or enemy agent? She didnt even resist when they brought her here. This blockhead was going to drive Mu Qingwu to his death sooner or later. Han Yunxi kept calm without losing her temper. "Ill say this for the last time. I was just a passerby who wanted to save him. The young generals been poisoned and his situation is urgent. If hes not treated now, the effects will be too ghastly to imagine."
"What a joke. Ive seen plenty of women like you before. You dare argue against conclusive evidence?" As General Mu spoke, he walked closer and closer to Han Yunxi, noisily flicking his whip so that the people around them quaked with fear. Han Yunxi kept a serious, steady gaze and stood there fearlessly, cold eyes unyieldingly boring into General Mus own. It was the first time the general had met such a bold woman. But so what?
"Ill see if you keep up your lies!" He raised his whip and snapped it right at her.
Han Yunxi didnt dodge. She knew she couldnt avoid it, so she bore the brunt of a lash harsh enough to rip the skin off her arm. Yet her eyebrows didnt even twitch as she stared at him.

Han Yunxi didnt want to reveal her identity so abruptly. The status of a Wangfei gave her plenty of privileges, but plenty of restrictions as wellespecially an unrecognized Wangfei like herself. It was better to be subtle. But since the driver revealed everything, these people should behave themselves, right?
Who knew that General Mus whip would violently lash out as before? Though it didnt touch her body, it gave her a sizable scare.
"So what if its the Qin Wangfei? Deliberate murder of the young general is still a capital offense! Speak, who was it that sent you?" General Mus face was flushed with hate, making him look like a demon. If someone dared to hurt his precious son, hed explode at them regardless of Qin Wangfei or even the Duke of Qin himself. Moreover, this woman wasnt favored by the duke. He didnt even appear for his wedding day, so she had no real clout. With an empty title like that, who feared her?
Han Yunxi couldnt help such an unforeseen thing. But neither did she dwell on it. When she met General Mus furious gaze, her voice was cool. "I dont want to waste words with you. Ill say it one last time. Your son has been poisoned. If you dont treat the toxin within two hours, I can promise that even immortals wont be able to save his life!"
"Hahahah!" General Mu laughed loudly. "Listen to this! Did you all hear what she said? Even the useless trash of the Han Family knows how to diagnose illnesses now? More like the suns going to rise from the west!"
General Mu smiled as he glanced towards Gu Beiyue. "Imperial Physician Gu, you heard her talk. Her diagnosis is completely different from yours. A useless trash and the head physician, whose words should I heed?" These words were full of mockery that stirred the entire hall into laughter. Yet Gu Beiyue didnt laugh when he looked at Han Yunxi. His eyebrows knitted slightly as if thinking of something. Very quickly, General Mu stopped laughing.
"Someone take this woman away! When the young general wakes up, well let the courts of justice decide her punishment!"
Han Yunxi couldnt bear it anymore. She turned back with a fierce glare, enough to awe the approaching guards into backing away a few paces. These people were squandering Mu Qingwus life! She stared viciously at General Mu before simply taking a seat.
"Imperial Physician Gu, you should examine two cun up from the young generals navel, specifically the Profound Spirit and Obscure Serenity acupoints[2]. Use a needle to test for poison and youll see whether or not Im lying."
And yet a woman wearing light yellow robes walked in with pretty features and an arrogant gaze. She was the same woman who shot the dart that knocked off Han Yunxis veil on her wedding day, General Mus daughter Mu Liuyue. Like countless other females in the capital, shed hoped that no one would ever marry the Duke of Qin. Even if she couldnt marry him herself, she wouldnt allow another woman to do so in her place.
A useless trash like Han Yunxi not only stole him away, but was now here to plot against her elder brother. Shed never let her off! As soon as Mu Liuyue walked in, she grabbed General Mus hand and gave Han Yunxi a provoked glance.
"Father, hurry up and send her to the courts. Everyone saw her trying to hurt elder brother with a dagger! Why are you bothering to talk nonsense with her? What can a useless trash know about the medical arts?"

Han Yunxi couldnt remember how shed slighted this lady, but she felt her hostile enmity. Her head seemed on the verge of exploding as she mentally calculated the time. Mu Qingwus poison would reach his internal organs very soon. Naturally, General Mu didnt trust Han Yunxi, so he just yelled at the guards.
"Are you guys just rice buckets? Hurry and take her again!"
"Hold it!" At this point, Gu Beiyue suddenly called out.
He knew about the Profound Spirit and Obscure Serenity acupoints. They werent just ordinary acupressure points because no one beyond adepts in the field would have heard of such names, much less know their locations. Two cun above the navel, and yet Han Yunxi was the one who marked them out precisely. In addition, these two acupoints were extremely sensitive to poisons affecting the internal organs. It really was the best place to test for them.
If Han Yunxi knew this, then it meant she wasnt useless trash. Though her words might be doubtful, Gu Beiyue had been debating whether or not Mu Qingwu was poisoned. His skills at detoxifying poisons were weak so he couldnt make a wild diagnosis. Right now it wouldnt hurt to trust Han Yunxi once.
"General Mu, the esteemed Wangfei speaks reasonably. Ill go try it right now," Gu Beiyue said in a rush.
Mu Liuyue savagely blocked his way. "You cant go, Imperial Physician Gu! Who doesnt know shes the trash of the Han Family? What would she understand about acupoints or poisons? Its a joke!"
"Young Miss, with a persons life at stake time is of the essence, especially if theres poison. Please dont make trouble," Gu Beiyue replied seriously.
[1] Gu Beiyue (˱) Gu is a surname also meaning to turn around and look at, Beiyue means north moon.
[2] Profound Spirit and Obscure Serenity acupoints (, ڤ Ѩ) xuanling, mingyou mai, literal translations of acupoint names.
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