Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 20: Urgent rescue
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 20: Urgent rescue

As the carriage turned into an alley, it soon drew to a stop. The driver spoke in surprise. "Esteemed Wangfei, theres trouble ahead. A persons lying on the ground. I say...we should take a detour."
Han Yunxi lifted the curtains and saw a young man in blue robes sprawled on the ground. She couldnt see his face, but noticed that he was trying to reach a hand towards them as if asking for help. Her natural instincts as a doctor, combined with her sensitive nature, had her immediately jumping out of the carriage. As a physician, she knew the difference between life and death might depend on one thought. Though the driver tried to stop her, he failed and ended up following after her instead.
"Esteemed Wangfei, dont bother with matters that dont concern you. What if hes a criminal?" the driver shouted. "Esteemed Wangfei, todays the second day of your marriage! Grand Concubine Yis waiting for you! Lets just..." Helpless, the driver stopped pleading. As she drew closer to the blue-robed youth, an alarm went off in Han Yunxis head. There was poison hereand it was hypertoxic. She immediately flipped the person over, revealing a clean and pretty face with the cultivated aura of a young lord.
"S...save..." His face was ashen white and his lips were turning purple. It was hard for him to even speak before he finally fainted. The driver hurried over and recognized the man in alarm. "Esteemed Wangfei, t-this...this is General Mus young son, General Mu Qingwu!"
Mu Qingwu?
Han Yunxis memories knew this man. He was Tianning Countrys bravest and most skilled young general and General Mus only heir. Within the country, he was a man of blunt speech who openly admonished others. Courageous and prudent, he was also serious and cool-headed, immune to flattery with his righteousness. Rumors had it that he went out to battle in place of his father three times to defeat Northern Li Country, spreading dread and admiration amongst their military officials.
Why had such an outstanding figure fainted from poison in this alley?
Han Yunxi didnt have time to worry about details. She immediately activated her detoxification system and set about to help him. Very soon, she turned sober upon realizing this toxin was similar to Long Feiyes snake poison. Its records existed in her detox system, but she lacked the ingredients to cure it. She lamented the fact that no one was around to give her a system upgrade.
All right, that was asking for too much...
After the dextox system completed a thorough scan, it determined the site of the injury as a highly poisoned area on his abdomen. Immediate action was required if she wanted to fully expunge the toxins; otherwise, delays would only make things more difficult. Han Yunxi didnt think much before undoing Mu Qingwus clothes. When the driver saw, he was shocked. "Esteemed Wangfei, y-you, what are you doing?!"
"Shut up! Turn and stand watch, dont let anyone get close," Han Yunxi said coldly, a fiendish temper in her eyes. She wouldnt tolerate any insubordination. After prying apart the robes, Han Yunxi found no wound on his stomach. However, the detoxification system wouldnt make a mistake. She initiated another scan that confirmed the location again.
Her careful eyes looked over the area while pressing down on the stomach as her expression quickly turned into amazement. It was a poisoned needle that had buried itself deep into the flesh, perhaps even penetrating the internal organs. Someone who could use needles to this extent wasnt just ruthless, but most likely a poisons expert! It was viable that there was a plot against Mu Qingwu.

Poison that reached the internal organs would spread within the body with each passing day. At first, the victim would only show high fevers but no sign of illness. When the organs began to fester, even an immortal would be hard pressed to keep their lives on this earth. The poison needle had to be extracted before toxins seeped into the organs!
Han Yunxi intentionally made pressing motions against Mu Qingwus stomach with no success. Deciding quickly, she withdrew a small dagger and precisely made a cut along his side. But right at this moment, a group of soldiers rushed down the alley to surround her. At their head was Mu Qingwus personal guard Li Changfeng[1], who saw the dagger in Han Yunxis hand and rushed to kick it aside.
"Attempted murder of the young general! Men, seize her!"
[1] Li Changfeng () Li is the surname, also meaning plum, Changfeng could mean "long peak, long summit."
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