Poison Genius Consort
Chapter 7: Whose beauty can cause the fall of a country?
Poison Genius Consort
Author :Jie Mo
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Chapter 7: Whose beauty can cause the fall of a country?

Chapter 7: Whose beauty can cause the fall of a country? Original and most updated translations are from volaretranslations.
The two rows of musicians dared not delay, and quickly fell into ranks to play their instruments. Gongs, drums, vertical flutes and suona rang out with boundless joy in celebration. Han Yunxi lifted her hand, and Nanny Wang hastily ran to her side. The bride had already left the sedan chair. With everyone watching, if she didnt support her, then shed be in the wrong.
Thus, before the gaping looks of hundreds, Han Yunxi straightened her back and climbed step-by-step onto the Duke of Qins doorsteps, every movement graceful. All the elegance and brilliance that day was taken by her as a honor that no one else could touch.
This led many people to forget that she was originally an ugly woman.
Who knew that after Han Yunxi alighted on the final step and came to a stop, a flying dart would whiz by her face, knocking her bridal veil to the ground?
"Ah...theres an assassin! An assassin!" Nanny Wang screamed shrilly, releasing Han Yunxi to flee. She accidentally tripped and tumbled down the stairs.
Immediately, guards appeared from two sides of the dukes residence, searching around without finding the culprit. A long while passed, but nothing else happened after the flying dart appeared. The crowd was all caught up in a fluster. Han Yunxi was frightened as well, her heart pounding in her chest. She could treat poisons but didnt know martial arts. Just then, that dart had missed her head by centimeters, how terrifying!
A guard led the way to pick up the bridal veil and examine the flying dart, before giving the weapon to someone else to take care of.
"Miss Han, here." the head of the guards personally returned her veil.
Han Yunxi patted her heart to calm down before turning to accept. "Thank you."
Who knew that as soon as she turned, the head guard would suddenly widen his eyes and yell Ah in surprise, terrified as he backed up a few steps?
The poison tumor was gone, but was she still very ugly? The head guards alarmed reaction hurt Han Yunxi slightly.
But if that was the case, then shed just stay ugly. Shed always relied on her hands to earn a living, not her face. With her back to the crowd, she mentally prepared herself before confidently turning around, holding out the bridal veil. "Nanny Wang, its all right now. You can come up."
Who knew that this single turn would cause the entire crowd to suck in a cold breath? Nanny Wangs sharp shriek was even louder than her last one. "You...you...how could you, ah..."
Han Yunxi had no idea that looking back had revealed a devastating beauty beneath the Heavens, endowed with elegance and intellectual brilliance. She only heard someone in the mob suddenly cry out, "Too beautiful! Are you really Han Yunxi?"
Beautiful? Before she could process the words, a sensation broke out.
"Wasnt it said that Han Yunxi was an ugly woman? What happened?"
"Rumors ruin a person, ah! Han Yunxi, youre even more beautiful than Tiannings top beauty!"
"Does his lordship the duke know? You cant believe groundless allegations!"

In a moment, all sorts of voices had spoken out. Even the members of the Han Family couldnt believe it and wondered whether someone had substituted their Han Yunxi. But just by blocking out half her face, they could tell this was the genuine girl. One could only say that Han Yunxis peerless beauty had been hidden too long by the poisonous tumor, so her sudden appearance today had stunned all the masses.

Chaos reigned before the front door until the noise carried into the main hall. Grand Concubine Yi and Murong Wanru were shocked after hearing the reports of the servants. Feeling as if they were on tenterhooks, the pair couldnt help but want to run out and see for themselves. By now, Granny Wang had replaced the wedding veil on Han Yunxis head and led her past and over the threshold. Even though the new bride had gone inside, the crowd was still exclaiming over their beauty. Theyd even forgotten the matter of their bets.
Within the crowd stood a beautiful woman dressed in bright, new clothing, using all her strength to drag away the man next to her.
"Big brother, theres definitely a problem with Han Yunxis face! Ive stolen a peek at her before and it was absolutely hideous. I almost wanted to throw up!"
This woman was none other than Tianning Countrys General Mus third young miss Mu Liuyue[1]. The man next to her was a young general with a huge reputation in Tianning named Mu Qingwu. He was a handsome young man with strong contours, his figure steady and profound. Though he wasnt wearing armor today, there was still the powerful aura of a commander in chief about him, and his bright, piercing eyes shone with an upright light. The dart from beforehand had been shot by Mu Liuyue. She was one of the Duke of Qins steadfast admirers, and like all his admirers, particularly disliked Han Yunxi. Her original intention was to humiliate the woman in public, but who knew shed end up helping her instead?
Irritated by his sisters complaints, Mu Qingwu grabbed Liuyues wrist and spoke in a stern voice. "Is this a place for you to act so wildly? Hurry up and go home!"
He hadnt been interested in the proceedings here, but the new brides courage had drew him into lingering for a look. Who knew that there was still someone with a spine in this capital of weak-willed sissiesand a woman, at that?
Mu Liuyue was long accustomed to her brothers rough manners and grabbed his hands, acting like a spoiled child. "Big brother! Theres definitely something wrong with that woman."
"Even if she has problems, its none of your business! Go home!" Mu Qingwu commanded.
"Theres no common language with you!" Mu Liuyue pursed her lips but was lazy to say any more. She decided that she needed to find some more helpers and investigate whether this Han Yunxi was a fake.
[1] Mu Liuyue () Mu is the surname meaning "solemn, reverent", liu is a character found in "" (liu li), or ceramic glass, and yue is "moon."
[2] Mu Qingwu () Qing refers to "clear, quiet, just and honest, pure", while wu means "military, martial, valiant, fierce."
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