Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
Author :Chuuni Suki
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Volume 5 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 : You did well

Dust drifted in their vicinity, and numerous cracks were carved on the ground. On the floating block that had crashed was a large crater, and on top of that laid a gigantic golem with a jet-black stake sprouting from its chest area.
On top of Miledi Golem, Shia let out, ldquo;zehaa zehaa,rdquo; gasping breaths while being supported by Doryukken. Hajime narrowed his eyes in admiration, while Yue looked at her with gentle eyes.
ldquo;You did it Shia. The ending was filled with great vigor. It made me think better of you, right?rdquo;
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Nn, yoursquo;ve worked hard.rdquo;
ldquo;Ehehe, thank you very much. But, Hajime-san, itrsquo;s okay if you put ldquo;Irsquo;ve fallen for yourdquo; instead, you know?rdquo;
ldquo;From the beginning, I would never fall for you.rdquo;
Even with her exhausted appearance, Hajime and Yuersquo;s praise made Shia feel shy. Actually, until just recently she didnrsquo;t think anything about battle. She only single-mindedly wanted to stand on the same stage as Hajime and Yue and to always be together with them. Those were Shiarsquo;s wishes. With those deep and strong wishes, Shia faced one of the Seven Great Dungeonsrsquo; trial with her potential, and it resulted in her delivering the finishing blow.
Even for Hajime, the last scene where Shia delivered the finishing blow was something he had predicted. Because he expected the pile bunkerrsquo;s power to be insufficient, he already had other means to drive it in. However, although the Rabbitman tribe was gentle and not good in combat, Shia never whined, saying ldquo;I want to go backrdquo;, while she fought, but surely she must have felt anxious and scared entering the depths of a Great Dungeon. Thatrsquo;s why he thought to leave the finishing blow to Shia.
The result was magnificent. She delivered the last attack with great vigor, it was so splendidly done that it even made Hajime praise her. Shiarsquo;s desire to become strong surely reached him. Even so, Hajimersquo;s feelings did not reach the level Shia wished for. But, her perseverance and will-power certainly made him feel their bonds. Thatrsquo;s why Hajime gazed at Shia with gentle eyes.
ldquo;Fue? So-somehowhellip; hellip; Hajime-san is looking at me with such gentle eyeshellip; hellip; I-is it a dream?rdquo;
ldquo;You knowhellip; hellip; No, well, although it canrsquo;t be helped when I think about how you were usually treatedhellip;rdquo;
Because the way Hajime gazed at her was unbelievable, Shia pinched her own cheek. Although Hajime wanted to complain about her reaction, once he thought of how she was treated until now, he could only think it was the natural reaction.
Yue tokotoko, approached Shia who was still pinching her cheek. Then, Shiarsquo;s clothes were pulled to make her bend down and her head was patted slowly. Her disordered hair was fixed, slowly and gently.
ldquo;U-umm, Yue-san?rdquo;
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Because Hajime wonrsquo;t pat you, although itrsquo;s regrettable, Irsquo;ll do it instead. You did well.rdquo;
ldquo;Y-Yue-sa~n. Uu, huh, I wonder why? Somehow I canrsquo;t stop crying, fueee.rdquo;
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Good girl, good girl.rdquo;
At first, Shia was confused by Yuersquo;s sudden actions, but when she understood she was being praised, as if the string of tension was cut, Shia began to weep and immediately hugged Yue. As expected, she was trying to endure herself with her first journey suddenly becoming against the Seven Great Dungeons. Thatrsquo;s because she was determined to go together with Hajime and Yue. To be praised and acknowledged, she couldnrsquo;t stop her tears because of the relief.

Gradually, Miledi Golem started to lose the power in her voice. Toward her voice that somehow contained sentimentality, Yue and Shia wore serious expressions. After a long time, for her duty, rather for the sake of her wish. To have put her soul inside a vessel was an act that made them stare at her with respect.
Miledi slowly talked about the whereabouts of the remaining Seven Great Dungeons. Inside her words was a place that seemed to surprise them.
ldquo;Thatrsquo;s allhellip; hellip; Good luck.rdquo;
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Yoursquo;ve become completely modest. What happened to those annoying lines and that infuriating tone?rdquo;
Just as Hajime said, the current Miledi gave out an atmosphere as if she had no relation to the Miledi that prepared those annoying sentences inside this dungeon, with a completely different tone, filled with sincerity and seriousness. She had also displayed it before the fight when she wanted to hear Hajimersquo;s objectives. This was probably her real self. It was as if there was no more need to hide it before she completely disappeared.
ldquo;Ahaha, I am sorry~. Buthellip; hellip; those shitty bastardshellip; hellip; were truly unpleasant fellowshellip; hellip; they only say unpleasant thingshellip; hellip; thatrsquo;s why, even just a littlehellip; hellip; I want you to get accustomed to ithellip;rdquo;
ldquo;Oi, you. I already said I wonrsquo;t defeat the Gods. Thatrsquo;s why, donrsquo;t say it as if Irsquo;ll fight against those guys.rdquo;
Toward Hajimersquo;s unpleased voice, Miledi replied with unexpected conviction and seriousness.
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Yoursquo;ll surely fight them. As long as you are youhellip; hellip; For surehellip; hellip; Yoursquo;ll, kill those gods.rdquo;
ldquo;hellip; hellip; I donrsquo;t understand what you mean. Well, if they try to obstruct my path then it canrsquo;t be helpedhellip;rdquo;
Hajime was somewhat perplexed. Miledi who had seen his appearance let out a joyful laugh.
ldquo;Fufuhellip; hellip; thatrsquo;s goodhellip; hellip; itrsquo;s okay as long as you live like thathellip; hellip; your choicehellip; hellip; will surelyhellip; hellip; be the besthellip; hellip; for this worldhellip;rdquo;
Afterwards, Miledi Golemrsquo;s body was wrapped in a pale light and glowed. As if it became fireflies, the light separated into smaller lights and ascended towards heaven. It was similar to how a dead soul ascends to heaven. A very, very mysterious scene.
During that time, Yue slowly approached Miledi Golem. Then, she stared at those lights.
ldquo;What is it?rdquo;
Came Miledirsquo;s whispery voice. Similarly, Yue whispered words, a present for a great ldquo;Liberatorrdquo; that was about to disappear.
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Thanks for your hard work. You did well.rdquo;
ldquo;hellip; hellip;rdquo;
Those were words of appreciation. For her alone, a great existence that kept waiting for hope at the bottom of darkness, a small present from the one still alive. Normally, they might be improper words that came from a younger person. But, as expected, those unexpected words were the only ones that came to Yuersquo;s mind.
Those words might also be unexpected for Miledi. Without saying anything, her blank surprise could be felt. Before long, Miledi muttered in a soft voice.
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Thanks.rdquo;
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Nn.rdquo;

Slipping through from the wall on the other side washellip;
ldquo;Yahhoo, short time no see! Itrsquo;s Miledi-chan!rdquo;
A small Miledi Golem.
ldquo;rdquo;hellip; hellip;rdquo;rdquo;
ldquo;Come on, look. I already knew this might happen.rdquo;
Yue and Shia were speechless. Hajime who already expected this showed a fed up expression. Hajime was able to expect this because he saw through that both the frivolous Miledi and the serious Miledi were the real her. Those annoying sentences and unpleasant traps were not at a level a truly serious person could conceive. Also, Miledi chose to leave her own soul to test the challengers herself. Thatrsquo;s why it was impossible for her to pass on after being defeated just once by a challenger. If that truly happened, the last trial would be gone after just one clearing.
Because of that, Hajime expected that Miledi herself wouldnrsquo;t disappear even after Miledi Golem was destroyed. His expectations became conviction when the floating block started to move to guide Hajime and his party. After all, Miledi was the only one that could move the floating block.
Toward Yue and Shia who were looking down silently, Miledi talked to them with a very casual tone.
ldquo;Aree? Aree? Isnrsquo;t the tension too low~? Itrsquo;s okay to be more surprised, you know~? Ah, is it that you are so surprised that you canrsquo;t say anything? If thatrsquo;s so, then my surprise is a bi~g success ?rdquo;
The small Miledi Golem was designed to be more human-like compared to the gigantic one. It had a slender body clad in a milk-white, long robe while wearing a white mask. Its Niko-chan mark was slightly irritating. Along with Miledirsquo;s words that ended with kira!, a twinkling star, she came in front of Hajime and his party. Even now, Yue and Shia looked down, their expressions hidden behind their bangs. Because he could read the development that might happen next, Hajime took a step back.
It wasnrsquo;t known if it came from Yue or Shia, but a question was muttered.
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Before?rdquo;
ldquo;Nn~? A while ago? Aa, did you really think I was gone? No way, no~ way! Thatrsquo;s impossible~!rdquo;
ldquo;But, didnrsquo;t you disappear into the light?rdquo;
ldquo;Fufufu, isnrsquo;t that well prepared? That ldquo;production (of play)rdquo;! Oh my, Miledi-chan truly has talent as an actress! What a frightening woman!rdquo;
Mini Miledirsquo;s tension rolled up. It shot up in proportion with their annoyance. In front of that Mini Miledi, Yue thrust out her hand while Shia prepared Doryukken. As expected Mini Miledi stopped moving while thinking, ldquo;Are? Did I overdo it?rdquo;
Towards Yue and Shia who were swaying as they approached her, Mini Miledi moved her head kakukaku, in hesitation then said the words she had decided in her mind.
ldquo;Tehe, pero?rdquo;
[T/N: Head bonk with tongue sticking out to the side, really annoying Japanese gesture.]
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Die.rdquo;
ldquo;Please die.rdquo;
ldquo;Wa-wait! Please wait! This body is weak! Itrsquo;ll be truly bad if you destroy it! Please calm down! I will apologize!rdquo;
For a while, dotabata, dokanbakih, sounds of destruction and ldquo;Iyaamdash;rdquo;, a scream could be heard, Hajime who ignored those sounds was observing the room. The room was white all-over, there was nothing except a magic circle that was carved on the floor in the center of the room. The other one was a door-like thing on one part of the wall, Hajime guessed that Miledirsquo;s dwelling was on the other side of it.

Having cast a skeptical gaze toward the depressed Shia, Hajime immediately made further demands. There was no need to be reserved at all.

For a moment, Hajime and his party let out expressions wondering what she was doing. But, an unpleasant sound theyrsquo;ve already heard before could be heard by their ears.
Thatrsquo;s right, it was the sound of an activated trap. At the moment the sound rang out, accompanied with a roar, water gushed out of the four walls with tremendous velocity. A large amount of water gushed out like a flash flood, not from the front but diagonally above, and the room was filled in no time with a rapid current. At the same time, the magic circle in the center of the room sunk like an antlionrsquo;s nest, there was a hole in the center of it. The rapid current rushed toward the hole.
ldquo;You! This ismdash;!rdquo;
Hajime who had noticed something stiffened for a moment, he instantly wore a distorted expression filled with humiliation.
A white room with a hole in the middle of it, also a large amount of water whirled and flowed into ithellip; hellip; Thatrsquo;s right, this was just like a ldquo;toiletrdquo;!
ldquo;Unpleasant things should be flushed?rdquo;
Mini Miledi gave out a wink. Yue immediately tried using magic to jump up. Because there was an age of gods magic circle, there was no magic power disintegration. Thatrsquo;s why, even with only a little amount of magic power left, Yue could use magic to help everyone escape the rapid current.
ldquo;I wonrsquo;t let you~!rdquo;
However, the moment before Yue said ldquo;Soarrdquo; to activate the magic, Mini Miledi thrust out her right hand, at the same time an extraordinary pressure attacked Hajime and his party. They sunk inside the rapid current as if being pressed by something gigantic. She was probably using gravity magic to multiply the gravity several times.
ldquo;See ya~, good luck on conquering the other dungeons~.rdquo;
ldquo;Gopohhellip; hellip; you, did you think we are filth!? Someday, Irsquo;ll surely destroy you!rdquo;
ldquo;Kehohhellip; hellip; Unforgivable.rdquo;
ldquo;Now yoursquo;ve done it! Fugah.rdquo;
Hajime and his party let out sharp parting remarks, then were swept by the rapid current into the hole. A moment before they entered the hole, only Hajime tried to retaliate by throwing something. Along with Hajime and his party that were flushed into the hole, the water flowed out at the same speed, then the floor returned and the room regained its former form.
ldquo;Fuu~, what strong fellows~. Even so, a synergist master just like O-chan huh. Fufu, somehow it feels like destiny. Keep struggling for your wishhellip; hellip; well then, Irsquo;ll be busy for a while to repair the dungeon and the golemshellip; hellip; nn? What was, that.rdquo;
Even without the ability to sweat, Mini Miledi made a gesture of wiping her forehead. After that, she discovered an object that she was not used to seeing at the edge of her field of vision. A knife was pierced into the wall and a black object hanging from it. ldquo;What is it?rdquo;, as she approached, having recalled it she finally realized.
ldquo;Heh!? This is, donrsquo;t tell memdash;!?rdquo;
A black object, it was Hajimersquo;s handmade grenade. It was the only form of retaliation that he could have done; throwing a knife with a grenade attached, just before being flushed into the hole. Because he had used it many times inside the dungeon, Miledi already judged that it was an explosive, she immediately floated to take refuge in a hurry. Actually, the current Mini Miledi had bad magic power consumption when using gravity magic, she already spent most of it bringing them down. Thatrsquo;s why she was unable to hold down the explosion.

These two were currently returning to Brook town from a neighboring town escorted by adventurers. Because it could be understood that Crystabel was as strong as an oni, it harvests a lot of clothing materials by itself. To get all of the materials at the same time, it left the town. Souna was taking advantage of it hearing that a relative in the neighboring town was injured, she represented her parents who were unable to leave the inn to deliver a get-well gift. The adventurers originally came from Brook town, having finished their job, they incidentally became their escorts.
There was only one day of travelling left until they returned to Brook town. Crystabel and the others decided to rest at the spring on the side of the highway, at noon.
Crystabel and the others who had arrived at the spring were preparing to have lunch on the springrsquo;s levee after letting the horses drink the water. Souna who wanted to get some water approached the side of the spring. Then, the moment she scooped the water by dipping the container in the spring,
Those sounds suddenly rang out, then bubbles suddenly started spouting from the center of the spring.
Souna raised a scream and fell on her butt, Crystabel immediately carried her in one arm and returned to where the adventurers were. Even at that time, the bubbles that spouted out became more intense, until finally a water column with a height more than ten meters appeared.
This spring was commonly known as a resting place along the highway, and this kind of phenomenon had never once been reported. Therefore, Crystabel, Souna, and the adventurers could only open their mouths in surprise while blankly staring at that, without being affected by the rain-like drops of water, they only looked at the huge water column.
Following that,
ldquo;hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip;rdquo;
From the water that spouted out without losing momentum, three peoplehellip; hellip; the screams of two people could be heard as they came out. Spontaneously ldquo;What the-!rdquo;, said Crystabel and the others with their eyes popping out. The trio of humans that came out were blown off ten meters above while screaming, and just as it is, they were thrown to the opposite side of Crystabel and the others and DOBONh!, fell while making that sound.
ldquo;rdquo;rdquo;rdquo;rdquo;rdquo;hellip; hellip;rdquo;rdquo;rdquo;rdquo;rdquo;rdquo;
ldquo;Wh-what on earth happen-hellip;rdquo;
The adventurers and Crystabel were speechless. Sounarsquo;s mutters represented everyonersquo;s feelings.
* * *
ldquo;Gehoh, gahoh, ~~kh, that was awful. I will surely destroy that guy next time. Yue, Shia. Are you okay?rdquo;
ldquo;Kehoh kehohhellip; hellip; nn, I am okayrdquo;
Having somehow managed to get into the waterrsquo;s surface, Hajime confirmed Yuersquo;s and Shiarsquo;s safety after cursing. However, only Yue replied to him.
ldquo;Shia? Oi, Shia! Answer me!rdquo; ldquo;Shiahellip; hellip; where are you?rdquo;
Even as they called out to her, there was no sign of her in the surroundings. Hajime hurriedly dived underwater to search for her. Then, as he thought, Shia had sunk to the bottom. Having lost her consciousness, she was unable to float because of Doryukkenrsquo;s weight.
Hajime took out a compressed super-heavy mineral from ldquo;Treasure Boxrdquo; and used it as a weight replacement to immediately dive, then he carried Shia up.

That was the conclusion that came from the excessive delusions of Souna-chan; the inn girl. Following that, ldquo;Ara? Certainly you arehellip;rdquo;, Crystabel tried to remember Yue and Shia while wriggling its body. Then, with flames of envy inside their eyes, the male adventurers desperately tried to control themselves from drawing their swords, while the female adventurer looked at them with cold eyes.
Now, with Shia stuck to him, Hajime lift his body up. Then, he intensely grasped Shiarsquo;s plump butt.
Shia unintentionally let out a gasp. In the next moment, without loosening his grasp, Hajime PEIH!, pulled and peeled Shia off then threw her into the spring just like that.
Looking at Shia being dropped into the spring while screaming with a skeptical gaze, Hajime fixed his hair while breathing roughly.
ldquo;Th-there is no time to be careless at all. Attacking right after resuscitationhellip; hellip; even I canrsquo;t read that move.rdquo;
Towards Shia who was immediately crawling out from the spring like Sadako, Hajime displayed an expression as if he was shivering.
[T/N: Sadako is Japanrsquo;s female ghost equivalent of the grudge.]
ldquo;Uu~ that was cruel~ even though Hajime-san also did that~.rdquo;
ldquo;Haa? That was just a life-saving actionhellip; hellip; rather, you, were you already conscious that time?rdquo;
ldquo;U~n, although I could only feel ithellip; hellip; I somehow knew what happened. For me to be kissed by Hajime-san, uhehe.rdquo;
ldquo;Stop that laughhellip; hellip; listen, in the end that was a life-saving action, there is no other meaning, you know? Donrsquo;t expect anything weird, okay?rdquo;
ldquo;Is that so? But, a kiss is a kiss. The time for dere will come faster if this keeps up.rdquo;
ldquo;Never. Rather, Yue. Help me stop her.rdquo;
ldquo;hellip; hellip; Only this timehellip; hellip; but, because Shia had worked hardhellip; hellip; No, buthellip;rdquo;
ldquo;Yue~? Yue-san Ya~yrdquo;
Toward Yue who kept looking at an empty space while continuing her murmurs, Hajime was only able to let out a sigh while thinking, ldquo;This one is also hopeless.rdquo; Then, he looked toward Crystabel and the others that had come near to check on Hajime and his party.
His gaze moved from the adventurers, it stopped for a moment toward Souna. Then when he saw Crystabel, he returned his gaze toward Souna. It seemed he preferred to not see that.
Having been gazed at by Hajime, Sounarsquo;s body twitched then shook, and her face immediately blushed.
ldquo;So-sorry for the interruption! P-please donrsquo;t worry about us and continue!rdquo;
Crystabel picked Souna up by the scruff of her neck, who tried to turn her heels after saying those words. Then, they came straight toward Hajime and his party as it is. Because of the monster approaching them, Hajime tried to pull out Donner, but Shia next to him said, ldquo;Ah, manager-sanrdquo;, with a tone as if they were acquaintances and they continued talking.
As a result, their current location turned out to be one day away from Brook town, Hajime and his party decided to revisit the town. Taking advantage of Crystabelrsquo;s carriage, they were spoiled by it. Their wet clothes were changed on the way. While talking about various things, they advanced under the warm sunlight with the horsersquo;s footsteps as the BGM.
Together with a new companion, Hajime conquered the second dungeon. While laying down inside the wagon and watching the sun shining brilliantly, Hajime thought about what might happen on his journey from now on and a smile floated on his face.
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