Chapter 50 - Exposed (1)
Author :Shutin En
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Chapter 50 - Exposed (1)

Chapter 50: Exposed (1)
8220;What do you mean? 8221; Gu Xin was confused.
8220;What I mean is that I can 8217;t get married to Wen Yun. Just wait for my wedding with Mo Yuanxiu. 8221;
8220;What? 8221; Gu Xin was even more confused now.

8220;Silly girl, sleep early tonight. Good night. 8221; With that, Lu Manman was ready to hang up.
8220;Lu Manman, don 8217;t you f*cking tell me that this was all your scheme! You f*cking knew that Wen Yun is such a person and deliberately made it known to everyone else. That night, you got me to get the other families to have a drink with us and then got me to arrange for Jiang Yiyao to send Wen Yun back. That was all so that you could have something against Wen Yun and take revenge on him for his unfaithfulness?! Can you be any more two-faced?! 8221; Gu Xin suddenly screamed.
Lu Manman laughed. 8220;This world is too treacherous. I 8217;m just protecting myself. 8221;
8220;What the hell! 8221; Gu Xin cursed.
8220;Don 8217;t think about it. Sleep early. 8221;
8220;But... 8221; Gu Xin suddenly stopped her. 8220;You love Wen Yun so much. Don 8217;t you feel any pain at all? Don 8217;t tell me that you were just pretending to love Wen Yun in the past. I don 8217;t f*cking believe it! 8221;
She had already reached the point no other man would!
8220;My heartache is already gone, and I 8217;m alright now. 8221; Lu Manman confessed.
8220;Really? You don 8217;t need me to come over and accompany you? Or should we grab a drink? 8221;
8220;No need. 8221;
8220;You 8217;re so stubborn! I 8217;m hanging up! 8221; She hung up the phone abruptly. Always so rash and hasty!
The two of them had different personalities, but they were really the best friends on earth. Other than her parents, Gu Xin was the only woman she did not need to be wary of. There were no secrets between them, and they would keep that secret for each other. No one was allowed to come into contact with it, be it Wen Yun or Di Yi.
Lu Manman looked at the full moon outside the window, feeling a little tired.
But she did not intend to sleep, thinking that Wen Yun would still give her a call. No matter how unimportant she was to him, he would still give her a call for his own gains.

She smiled sarcastically.
She waited patiently for Wen Yun 8217;s decision.
The night deepened.
She was still standing on the balcony, enjoying the summer breeze as she looked out.
The cell phone finally rang.
Looking down at the time, it was already one in the morning.
Thankfully, it was not too late.
She picked up. 8220;Yun. 8221;
8220;Manman, I 8217;m sorry. 8221; Wen Yun 8217;s dispirited voice could be heard from the other end.
8220;Mm-hm. 8221;
Then, they fell silent.
Wen Yun was gathering his emotions, and Lu Manman was just being sarcastic.
A long time passed.
Wen Yun finally said, 8220;I only dared to call you now. I really don 8217;t know what to say. I 8217;ve been suffering. 8221;
His voice sounded really sad.
Lu Manman found it all very laughable. What took him so long to call her? Obviously, he had been discussing it with his critical public relations group! The entire Internet was now devoid of the video from before, and all comments along with related information had been blocked. Was Wen Yun not the one behind all of this?!
8220;I was drunk that night. I really don 8217;t know... why I became like that. I know you wouldn 8217;t believe me if I explained too much, but... Manman, I only love you. 8221; Wen Yun went on without hearing out Lu Manman.
8220;I know. 8221; Lu Manman nodded.
8220;Will you forgive me? 8221; Wen Yun asked her shamelessly.
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