The Dark Prince
Chapter 41 - And Why Is That?
The Dark Prince
Author :MishaK
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Chapter 41 - And Why Is That?

Ileus curled his fingers beneath her chin and tipped her head to look at him. 34;I agree. But Nyles had plenty of people to talk to, and you you just had her. 34;?
Anastasia 39;s eyes darted between his. A heavy breath left her. That was the truth. She heavily depended upon Nyles for everything, especially after Iskra died. She was her eyes and ears as far as Vilinski was concerned.?
34;So that brings me back to my doubt. Why did she attack me when I was doing nothing but trying to save you? 34;
Anastasia wanted to say that Nyles was probably acting like her guardian, but she became quiet. After all, it was Ileus who had helped her escape and he hadn 39;t harmed her. At this point of time she was confused. She couldn 39;t fathom who the hell poisoned her. Heck, at this point of time even Darla looked like a convincing candidate. 34;I really can 39;t understand... 34; she sighed. Now she was too sleepy.?
Suddenly she heard a movement behind her back. Afraid that Kaizan might chide her again, she looked behind her but found Aidan going to where the horses were tied. He leaned against the wall and opened his book. Seconds later, his eyes became wide and his hand went to open the flap of his pants.?
Her eyes became wide. Damn it, what was there in the book??
Ileus cupped her head from behind and forced her to look at him. He brought his forehead to touch hers and whispered, 34;Do you want to see what 39;s there in that book? 34;?
She nodded vehemently. Realizing what she had done, she rasped, 34;No! 34;?
He grinned and she thought she would die of embarrassment. In order to avoid showing her mortification, she buried her face in his chest after covering herself with fur. 34;I am too sleepy! 34;
34;I can see that, 34; he replied as the left side of his lips lifted up.?
She had closed her eyes too tight but unfortunately so close to him, she suddenly felt his hardness against her belly. It was so hot and hard like an iron rod that it branded her skin. She squirmed.?
34;Stay still Anastasia, else you will be blamed for what happens next. 34;?
And Anastasia became... still.?
34;Good girl, 34; he said and kissed her head over the fur. He loved the way she was pressed against his chest. It felt natural. He stifled a groan as his erection became painful.
Nyles was forgotten. Every damn question that occurred in her brain waned. She felt only his chest heaving against hers.?
Savoring that feeling, she closed her eyes. They both kept lying still till she drifted off to sleep.?
Anastasia woke up to an empty feeling. Ileus wasn 39;t there next to her. She removed the fur from her head only to find that everyone had woke up and were preparing to go ahead. She kicked her fur away and got up in a hurry to help others to pack when suddenly she realized that she was Ileus 39;s shirt and his breeches. She gathered her hair in a messy bun and rolled her furs.?
34;M 39;lady! 34; Nyles shouted. She was still tied to the column and was trying her best to get out of the grip. How come she wasn 39;t able to use her magic now??
Anastasia looked at her with narrowed eyes. She didn 39;t know why but anger burned in her chest. Even if she was being protective about her, she shouldn 39;t have attacked Ileus. Anastasia rolled her furs and stacked them properly. She took them to Carrick who was putting them in a saddlebag.?

34;M 39;lady! 34; Nyles shouted again. 34;You have to help me untie. These barbarians tied me for the whole night! 34;?
Carrick thanked her and then said, 34;If you have any personal needs to take care of, you must do that as soon as possible. We will be going ahead. There was a lot of disturbance in the air outside yesterday night and it was unusual. 34;?
Fear traversed through her mind. 34;You mean there are more rogues out there? 34; She scanned the surroundings to find Ileus. He was standing with Darla and they were talking while having a cup of hot herbal tea. She could see its vapors rising from the cups they were holding and wished she had the luxury to have a cup. He was all dressed in a black sleeveless tunic and black slacks. A blush rose on her cheeks when she found herself staring at him. She really needed to control her feelings when she was near him.?
Her reverie was broken. Carrick shrugged. 34;Can 39;t say. But get ready fast. We have to move. 34;?
She nodded. 34;Yes! 34; She walked straight away to Nyles and untied her.?
Nyles got up heaping a pile of curses at all of them in Fae language. She rubbed her wrists and ankles. 34;They tied me for the whole night! 34; she lamented.?
34;Jasto je saoil? 34; And why is that? Asked Anastasia. She turned to walk towards the stream and Nyles followed her.?
34;M 39;lady, I I only wanted to protect you. 34; She understood that Anastasia already knew about how she attacked and injured Ileus.?
Anastasia stopped and Nyles almost banged in her back. She turned to look at her and growled, 34;This is my last warning to you Nyles. You will not attack or injure any of them. Is that clear? 34; The annoyance she was feeling when she said that to Nyles manifested in her blue eyes that looked like an icy ocean.?
Nyles stilled. She didn 39;t nod or shook her head. 34;I will try... 34; she said.?
34;No! You heard me. No trying. You will simply not do it! 34;?
Nyles 39;? demeanor became rigid. 34;Yes, m 39;lady. 34;?
Anastasia became quiet and turned to walk. Nyles followed her silently. Just before she reached the stream, Ileus stopped her and gave her a glass of water.?
34;I would suggest that you don 39;t go there. 34; He looked at the pink and blue luminescence.?
She nodded as she took the glass.?
Nyles gave him a glass-shard like gaze and stomped to the stream murmuring curses.?
Anastasia washed her face with the water Ileus gave. He pointed her to a corner behind a boulder where she could take care of her personal needs.? When she came back, she found Ileus waiting for her. He pointed with his chin towards a large rocky outcrop on his left. 34;You can change there. 34;
Suddenly, a loud screech sounded. The hair on the back of her neck rose.?
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