The Dark Prince
Chapter 31 - Obsessed
The Dark Prince
Author :MishaK
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Chapter 31 - Obsessed

34;What do you need Anastasia? 34; Ileus asked as he pressed his hand over her nub. 34;Look at you. Why are you so wet? 34;?
34;I don 39;t know! 34; she actually didn 39;t know, but she wanted him to do something to her.?
34;I wish I could dip my hands inside your pants, 34; he said in her ears. He stroked her over the pants a little faster.?
Anastasia 39;s ears had never been so sensitive, and his dirty talk was only making her go mad. She rested against his chest, closing her eyes and biting her lip to the extent that they pained.?
34;Hold the reins of my horse, 34; he said and handed them to her. 34;And hold them steady. Don 39;t shake them left or right else the horse would go wayward, okay? 34;?
Now she was holding the reins while both his hands were free to do whatever he wanted. He took one hand to her breasts under her sweater and the other one was over her pants. Anastasia was moving, shifting on the saddle.?
34;Stay still princess, 34; he said. 34;Else the horse is going to get disturbed. 34;?
This was torture. How could she stay still? His bulge had swollen hard. Placed right on her waist, it was hot as iron. She pressed it and he hissed. He stroked her nipples with his thumb and she arched in his chest.?
He removed his hand and she whimpered. 34;I asked you to stay still, won 39;t you darling? 34; He nibbled her earlobe. 34;Otherwise you are not going to get it. 34;?
She became still. 34;I hate you, 34; she said.?
Immediately his hand came over her pants and he stroked her over there. 34;I think you like me. I think you 39;ve liked me ever since you 39;ve seen me. 34;
34;That 39;s not true, 34; she replied, getting crazier. His strokes were driving her mad. And the fact that she wasn 39;t allowed to move was driving her mad. She had to endure it.?
34;Gods, you are so wet, 34; he said. He rubbed her again. He dipped his head to his neck and sucked her skin.?
The sensation was so good, so wild... She looked at those who were rising in front of them. Did they know what they were doing??
Her panties were soaking and she closed her eyes.?
34;I am dying to take these fingers inside you, Anastasia. I want them to be covered with your wetness, 34; he hissed. 34;Do you want that? 34;?
She was so held up in the pleasure that her breath was caught in her throat.?
34;Turn your face to me, 34; he demanded, and as soon as she turned, he grabbed her mouth, delving his tongue in time with cupping her crotch. She could feel his taut and tense body rippling under his shirt. His chest rumbled with approval and he groaned in her mouth.?
She was dying to grind herself against his fingers. But she was staying still, as he had commanded. He might as well have tied her.?
He left her mouth and said, 34;Would you like that Anastasia? 34;
She didn 39;t know if she nodded or not, but she did want him, and she wanted him badly. Her lips quivered with every stroke on her nub. The sensation was beyond wild. She had never experienced this.?
34;I have waited long to touch you, to make you come on my fingers, on me. 34; His gravelly voice and his dirty words were making her go mad. He left her breasts and clasped her nape, his palm covering it. 34;Do you know all those days when I was at Vilinski, I jerked off to fantasies about you? 34;?
Her body was taut like the strings of a violin and he was playing it. Her core clenched and she was desperate to move. 34;Ah! 34;?

His shaft thickened against her.?
Tremors cruised deep inside her.?
34;I want to get in you Anastasia. Thrust inside you until you forget the world. I want to dip between your thighs and suck you until you come on my tongue. 34;?
34;Ileus... 34;?
34;You want that, don 39;t you Anastasia? 34;?
34;Yes! 34;?
34;You don 39;t know how many times I have imagined putting myself in that tightness of yours. Back in Vilinski I smelled your arousal around me. It was maddening! 34;?
She was on the verge of coming. Yes, she used to get aroused as hell when she watched him flexing his muscles while practicing sword fighting with Maple or fellow soldiers. She thought she was twisted. But now she realized, he was also thinking about her over there.?
34;I could not do a thing about your arousal, and so I practiced harder... to tire myself out. Do you know what it was to watch you and not be able to do anything? Why did you watch me like that Anastasia? 34; His fingers became aggressive.?
34;Why were you always shirtless when you practiced? 34; she asked. It wasn 39;t her fault.?
34;To show you what I had. 34;?
Oh dear gods. He was trying to attract her?
34;I wanted you to break the rules and come to me! 34; The arm that clutched her nape became tighter in possession. His nails dug in her flesh.?
Tension built in her body. 34;Please Ileus, relieve me of this tension, 34; she pleaded. 34;I can 39;t take it anymore. 34;?
34;You shouldn 39;t have stayed away from me in Vilinski, Anastasia. Why didn 39;t you come to me earlier? 34; His hand reached to her core and he circled her over there and then suddenly pressed it. Then he placed two fingers on her bud and rubbed her harder. He kissed her on her ear and then grazed his fangs on her neck.?
She moaned. She was obsessed with his fangs. She wished the cloak wasn 39;t there and those fangs were in her flesh. She was definitely twisted. And then he pinched her nub. Pleasure ripped through her body. Her body jerked as she shuddered and groaned as he forced her to continue climaxing.?
34;Yesss! Ana, come for me! 34; He said in a husky growl as he clutched her crotch to feel her muscles that were clenching. And at this point of time, he wanted to bite her, tear her flesh and mark her.?
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