The Dark Prince
Chapter 26 - Loud Crash
The Dark Prince
Author :MishaK
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Chapter 26 - Loud Crash

34;No! 34; Anastasia replied sharply, immediately cutting off the topic. 34;I would like to sleep for now. 34; She hadn 39;t realized but for a long time Ileus had managed to take her mind off from the humming sound. She turned her back to him and he maintained her grip on her waist.
34;I always thought that you were just a boring girl who wanted to get out. But you are... spicy. 34;
34;Is that a complement? 34;
34;You can take it the way you like. 34; His finger stroked her stomach and then they went further down, naturally, as if this was something they had done in the past.
34;What are you doing? 34; she asked, clenching her thighs again. She was already so soaking wet that it was embarrassing.
34;Nothing much, 34; he said casually. Then over her pants, he stroked her there a little just over her little bud and a shudder passed through her body.
She caught his hand. 34;Don 39;t do that. 34;
He removed his hand and then pressed a kiss in her hair. He made her turn towards him and then pressed a kiss on the corner of her mouth. 34;Don 39;t do what Anastasia? 34;
She was burning with desire. 34;Don 39;t do anything. 34;
34;I am not doing anything. 34;
Even in that darkness she could feel his golden eyes boring into her. 34;I I just want to sleep. 34;
34;Then sleep Anastasia. 34; He stroked her hair.
The way he spoke her name, it rolled off his tongue sexily making her feel... crazy. She closed her eyes and they became silent. However, now she was once again acutely aware of his shaft. And it was huge and hot. He brushed his fingers along the length of her body as if he was studying her every part of her contours. Moments later, he removed her hair from her neck and pressed a kiss there. A shudder passed through his body. 34;You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen, Anastasia. Sometimes just seeing you was... painful... 34;
39;Painful? 39; Her heart skipped a beat.
Neither spoke a word for the next few minutes. Her eyes became heavy lidded in his warmth and she closed them. 34;Good night Ileus. 34;
34;Good night Ana. 34;
Wait. Did he call her in an endearing way? She smiled. She wanted to find a nickname for him too. On those sweet thoughts, Anastasia slipped into deep slumber. She didn 39;t want to analyze the relationship that was developing with him. She just let it flow.
Ileus fluttered his eyes open to a loud crash. It was like someone had been thrown against the wall. He took his hands to where Anastasia was and found the place empty. Alarmed and panicked he got up. The water was producing noise as though it was splashing against the walls of the cave and threatening to break it down. He rushed to the interior from where the noise was coming. He followed the trail and after walking for about five minutes, he noticed hues of soft lights streaming through the entrance of what looked like a cavern. His heartbeat raced at the notion that Anastasia had crossed the portal. Within a split second he ran inside the cavern. His breath hitched at what he saw.
Anastasia was standing in the center of a stream of water that had lifted from the ground and was circling her with strong current. Pink and blue lights had mingled with the water. It was splashing and spraying around her as if it was protecting her, as if it was trying to swallow her. Her arms were outstretched and her head was towards the ceiling. Her eyes were closed as if she was in a deep trance. His gaze traversed to the right side where Nyles was slumped against the wall, unconscious. Her hands were in her lap and the legs were flailed with one knee twisted beneath her. Whenever water would reach to where she was, it would stretch a little and rumble.

Anastasia was standing inside a portal. But the portal that should have been in a vertical plane was now horizontal and circling her. The sight was frightening. The stream had pulled off the surface from its path and instead of flowing down its path, it was flowing around her.
34;Anastasia! 34; Ileus shouted. He tried to go near her but a strong current of water slapped him and he was thrown to the side.
Others rushed inside and were stunned at what was happening. Zlu went to Nyles and dragged her outside.
34;When did this occur? 34; asked Kaizan.
A muscle feathered in his jaw. 34;I don 39;t know, 34; Ileus replied, his muscles tensed. He closed his fists until his knuckles were white. 34;The force is too powerful around her and if I am not wrong, only she can break it! 34; He looked at her and then shouted again, 34;Anastasia! 34;
Anastasia slowly moved her head down and when she opened her eyes, they were violet. She was staring at him but not seeing.
34;Oh my God! 34; Carrick rasped.
There was fear and shock. Ileus was rooted to the spot. His breath was bursting in and out. Others came behind him and formed a defensive V.
Anastasia opened her mouth and in a guttural, animalistic voice said, 34;Let her go. She belongs to us. 34; It was as if she was speaking for someone.
Ileus was too shocked and disturbed. He had to break her spell. He had to pull her out. 34;Anastasia, you have to break the spell. Come out! 34;
34;No m 39;lady! 34; Nyles limped back to the tavern. 34;You must put the portal back in its place! 34;
34;Shut up! 34; Ileus barked at her.
34;You can 39;t do a thing Ileus. Those are the Gods of Sgiath Bi! They are calling her. She belongs to them. She is a Faethe most powerful being of the Lore. And remember she is the daughter of the highest species. She is akin to a God! 34; She started laughing insanely. 34;This is her call to her lands. 34; She looked back at Ileus and sneered. 34;You thought you could take her away. You can 39;t! 34; She limped forward. 34;Her soul, her body and her mind are tethered to Sgiath Bi. 34; She pointed at her. 34;These portals were made by the royal ancestors to call, to suck in what belonged to them. You can 39;t steal her. Her destiny awaits her. She has to marry Aed Ruad. 34;
Ileus walked to Nyles and growled ferociously, 34;If you speak one more word, I will peel that neck off you. 34;
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