The Dark Prince
Chapter 23 - Vexed
The Dark Prince
Author :MishaK
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Chapter 23 - Vexed

34;Why did you come to Vilinski? 34; she asked because she could never believe that he came to save her. Who would have known outside the Fae kingdom about the atrocities that happened to her?
He tilted his head and traced a blush with his fingers that had inadvertently formed on her cheeks. 34;Is it necessary to tell you why? 34;
Anastasia immediately backed. 34;No! 34; She felt bad for asking him. The man only helped her to escape. 34;But I hope your purpose was fulfilled. 34;
Ileus turned to remove his boots and then pulled the thick fur over him while lying right next to her. Sleeping next to him had become a ritual ever since they had started on this journey. 34;Come closer to me, 34; he said.
34;What? 34; Her head jerked. 34;I I am fine. 34; The way he said 39;closer 39;, she felt heated up... somewhere between her thighs.
He pulled her closer to him.
She was bewildered. 34;What the 34; He was so close to her that except for the lining of fur between them, there was no barrier.
34;Shh. I will make sure that you stay safe with me. So you sleep as I watch you. 34;
His gesture was really sweet but Anastasia knew that she wouldn 39;t be able to defeat the pull. She took in a deep breath and in order to not get affected by his closeness, she turned her face away.
34;If you turn your face away, you are going to think about the portal, 34; Ileus whispered in her ear.
Her lips parted when his warm breath fell on her ears. She didn 39;t know that her ears were so sensitive. With a sigh, she turned towards him. 34;Thanks for helping me out with this, 34; she said even as she felt heated up in his company. 34;But won 39;t others mind this closeness? 34; she meant about Darla.
34;I don 39;t think so, 34; he said with nonchalance. 34;No one is interested. 34;
Anastasia became silent for a moment. Did he not know about Darla 39;s intentions? And why didn 39;t he refute her that this was getting close?
34;Besides this is just a protection. I am guarding you against the lure of the portal. 34;
Why did it sound like he was luring her?
Sensing her awkwardness he said, 34;Just stay with me Anastasia. 34;
She exhaled heavily. 34;I don 39;t intend to go anywhere else, Ileus. 34; Saying that she closed her eyes and her mind went on the warmth in between their bodies.
As the quietness of the cave shrouded them, sound emanating from the portal increased. Restless, she turned to the other side. However, as soon as she did that, a heavy, muscular arm came over her and draped her like armor. It was like if she even moved a muscle, he would know and prevent her from going to explore the portal. She remained quiet because she knew his intentions. She needed that protection.
But what she wasn 39;t prepared for was that through the fur barrier she could also feel his shaft, which was now slowly swelling until it poked her. Anastasia sucked her breath in sharply and her ears heated. Her cheeks singed. Feeling as if the time had stopped, her attention went to the hardness that was resting against her hips. Now she had two things to deal withhis erection and the humming sound.
Her gaze went to Aidan who was sitting on a gray rock near the cave 39;s mouth, reading a book in the dim light of the fire. All of a sudden, his eyes flew wide open and she wondered what he was reading. Her curiosity rose. She could make out a lewd expression in his eyes as if he was looking at a thrilling picture. Perhaps she had mistaken his expression. Perhaps her mind was getting dirty. She closed her eyes and willed herself to sleep, but she couldn 39;t ignore the growing erection, which wasn 39;t waning at all. It was so hot, branding her. So she concentrated on the sound of water gurgling inside the cave. She looked up and was intrigued by the fact that how come if it was a portal, no light showed up. Why was it so dark? The urge to explore it multiplied ten times more.

She looked towards her feet where Guarhal and Zlu were sleeping and then up where Carrick and Darla were. Her mind started making plans on how to cross them and go to see inside.
34;Whatever you are thinking, don 39;t, 34; he said in a gruff voice, understanding her intentions.
She snorted, 34;How do you know what I am thinking of? 34;
34;Surely you can 39;t be thinking of something hard against you, 34; he chuckled.
Her mind froze and she gritted her teeth. This man was turning out to be shameless.
34;Or are you thinking about what Aidan is reading about? 34;
34;Ucuti! 34; she snapped in a low voice, mortified at the thought as to what would Aidan think of her. Though she couldn 39;t deny the fact that now she really wanted to see the book in his hand.
But he didn 39;t shut up. 34;Don 39;t tell me that is what you were thinking? 34; he teased. 34;Oh my! How could Anastasia, Princess of the Fae kingdom Vilinski, have such naughty intentions in her mind?
To say that she was chagrined was an understatement. She was mortified. And the fact that he had shifted closer to her only added to her being vexed as hell. 34;I think you are mistaken. I don 39;t know what is in the book to have any thoughts! 34;
34;But you do want to know. 34; His hand was now near the lower swell of her breasts and his fingers brushed over there casually. She smacked his hand.
34;Ah. Why did you do that? 34; he said, sounding pained, even as he didn 39;t remove his fingers from there. 34;I was planning to show you Aidan 39;s book. 34;
34;Don 39;t try to come close to me, 34; she flared keeping her voice low.
He took his hand to her belly and drew a lazy circle over there. 34;You mean if I touch your breasts over your sweater, it is coming close? 34;
34;Yes it is! 34; She said with annoyance. Oh god, this man!
34;Hmm.. But you have been sitting in front of me, nearly cradling those pert little hips in between my thighs all day long. Isn 39;t that coming close? 34; His voice was husky. 34;Besides in my definition coming close is something that I am experiencing. By the way it is called cum. 34;
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